A+ Podcast Episode Four: The Baby Queer Years

Hey sweet ice teas! I hope you're enjoying your summer, the most glorious time of the year to frolic in the sun! While you're hanging by the pool, chilling at the park or traveling to a really rad place, you should totally listen to the A+ Podcast!

This episode is all about our baby queer years — those years when you were just realizing you were queer or just coming out. Up first is Mey who shares a Facebook thread of when she was coming out as trans to her friend and then Laura Mandanas and her girlfriend M give a dramatic reading of an AIM conversation of when they were first trying to figure each other out. Gabby and Laura Wooley hold a hilarious conversation about what they did when they were baby queers and Nikki tells you an embarrassing story that involves a girl in a bar. Then Yvonne reads some excerpts from her diary when she was a baby gay in high school and early college and Maddie tells you about her first girlfriend set to the tune of Goo Goo Dolls' "Slide."

This epi...

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