8 Of the Hottest Fat Fashion Trends for This Summer

It’s summer! Or at least in my opinion it is. According to me, summer starts the first day it’s over fifty degrees, otherwise known as shorts weather. Shopping for fashionable clothes can be especially tough if you’re fat; a lot of designers and stores don’t carry any clothes that fit us, and if they do, they aren’t exactly up to date on the trends. At A-Camp, El Sanchez and I run a workshop called Destigmatize Your Size where we talk about body issues, being fat in queer spaces, and some fashion tips. Here I’m gonna focus on that fashion tip part. Other great trends for this fat queers this summer include aliens, tweed, Bodysuits and beachwear as formal wear.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are timeless, like a sunny day, and more and more fashionable fat people have been wearing them the last few years. That’s definitely a trend I want to see continue, but I’d especially love to see it on fat masc of center people. This Autostraddle Soft Butch Grey Tri-Blend tee comes in sizes up to 4x and can easily be altered into a crop top. I personally own and love the Asos Curve Crop Top with Off Shoulder Tab and I think you should too. Later I’m going to talk about oxblood, my favorite color for this summer, but the two other best colors are blush and marigold, which is essentially what color this Lace Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top is. For a more racy look that’s perfect for a summer picnic, I’d go with this Floral Lace Crop Bralette.


Maybe you live somewhere where a light jacket is still needed, in case you do, windbreakers are a super great look for masc, femme and all other queers. For a few modern options, I’d go with the ASOS Zip Through Windbreaker with Cloud Print and Overhead Windbreaker in Palm Print, both come in sizes up to 4XL in Men’s. There’s also this great Overhead Windbreaker with Cut and Sew Panels in Blue that goes up to men’s 2XL. You can also look at Etsy for plenty of super great vintage windbreakers. Those are the ones that are really pushing this look forward.

Basketball Jerseys

Just like most fashion, this comes from Black and Brown people and from hip-hop fashion, so make sure to be respectful. These vintage Denver Nuggets jerseys are, in my opinion, the best-looking basketball jerseys ever. I’m personally a Memphis Grizzlies gal, I know some people who prefer Lebron James and the Cavs, though. Maybe you’re more of a college basketball fan, and you’d like this Custom UConn jersey, or maybe you’re a Tune Squad fan and want this Lola Bunny #10 jersey.

Short Shorts

Like I said, summer is defined by shorts weather, and true summer is defined by short shorts weather. These ASOS CURVE Shredded Denim Shorts in Black are exactly the kind of shorts I’d wear. Look at these Runner Shorts in Beige Velour — let’s say that again, VELOUR RUNNER SHORTS. If that’s a little too bold for you, these Navy/Gray Marl Jersey Runner Shorts are a great look too. If you’re a floral type of gal, I’d go with these Floral High Waist Shorts.

Food Prints

Now we’re getting away from specific pieces of clothing and into styles. Food prints are super in right now, and they should be especially in for fat people, as we’re often the ones who eat the most food. This Fried Egg Boob shirt is really cute, and so is this Strawberry Beefcake Tee. For a simpler look, this shop has cute tees with foods like Pizza, French Fries and Donuts. For something that’s the opposite of simple, this shop has Full Printed Sweatshirts with fruit patterns like Bananas, Kiwis and Berries.


Oxblood is The Hottest Color this year. Dress-wearers can go with this Oxblood Floral T-Shirt Scuba Bodycon Dress or Deep Bardot Mini Skater Dress with 3/4 Length Sleeve. This Plus Size Velvet Caged-Front Bodysuit is absolutely gorgeous, and these Plus Size Refuge Hi-Waist Shortie Denim Shorts are super great and would go great with this Lover + Fighter Bomber from Wildfang.


This is a trend I’m totally loving right now. I own this Red Plaid Print Pleated Mini Skirt and Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt in Black. This Column Pinafore Dress is also super cute. For Outerwear, I’d suggest the Wild Feminist Essence Bomber, or Lend Me Your Yesteryear Jacket. To finish off the look, you can’t go wrong with these Ribbed Knee-High Socks.


I asked my great friend Maddi for a summer fashion trend she loves and she said “Big fancy European hand fans” and then followed up with “or carrying around a big leaf to fan yourself with.” I love it. Buy some hand fans and fan yourself all summer.

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Mey Rude is a fat, trans, Latina lesbian living in LA. She's a writer, journalist, and a trans consultant and sensitivity reader. You can follow her on twitter, or go to her website if you want to hire her.

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  1. One thing that annoys me about some of the plus size fashion sites is that there are a lot of outfits where a bra would/should show and magically it doesn’t. I know strapless bras exist, but they are super uncomfortable for someone with really big boobs (in my experience) if you can even get them in your size (which I can’t anymore anyway). I love the look of off the shoulder tops but how are those models boobs magically perky with no bra straps showing??? It is one of the realities of being a fat, boob-having person, yet the very sites that are meant to cater to us ignore the reality of having huge tits.
    Not annoyed at Mey’s sartorial choices or this article! There are some awesome links. Just bitching about a pet peeve of mine in a safe space here <3

    • As a chubby/fat femme with very large, heavy breasts- I feel this comment so much.

      So, so, so, so much.

    • I have big boobs. I once went to a fancy specialty bra shop to be measured and my official size was 40K. I bought an ugly bra from like, Europe for $75 and never wore it because it was ugly and uncomfortable and showed under most tops, somehow. What I DID do was order a half dozen convertible lace bralettes from Torrid in a 3x. They’re stretchy and comfy and I will literally never go back to underwires. The straps are skinny, so it’s okay if they peek out from under tank tops. And the straps come right off when I want to go without. They don’t make my boobs perfectly round perky Victoria’s Secret boobs, but I’ve still gotten numerous boob compliments in them. :) Besides… fuck the patriarchy. Boobs don’t have to be perky and pushed up under your chin to still be sexy. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

  2. CW: I still buy into a standard of beauty that calls for me to augment my skinniest parts.

    How do (hard)femmes in the middle (us sizes 12-16) do crop tops? Do you wear them with high waist pants? Do you wear regular waist pants and let your soft underbelly hang out there as a commentary in feminine strength through emotional vulnerability? If you have huge boobs and a narrow waist, how do you work the crop top so you don’t look like you’re wearing a circus tent? Also, is it possible to wear a crop top with high waisted wide leg pants and not look like you escaped from my mom’s 1976 yearbook?

    These are important questions.

    • I’m in that vague middle ground of 14-16. I wouldn’t say I wear tops that specifically ‘cropped’ but I do have a few that are shorter(?) and with my large boobs they easily turn into a crop top. I always opt for a high waisted pant to with. Right now I’m obsessed with some high waisted, wide-leg crop jeans which I’ve been dressing up and down and everything in between. And I’ve totally been embracing that 70s throwback style–but that is just me.

    • I personally often pair crop tops with high waisted jeans/shorts or, a burgeoning favourite of mine is to go with A-line skirts. I’m afraid I have small boobs, so I don’t know what to do about your circus tent conundrum. And no, you can’t wear a crop top with high waisted wide leg trousers without looking like you’re from the 70s but that’s not necessarily bad.

      • Should I look for bellbottoms while I’m at it? Because my wife gives me shit for my turtlenecks already.

    • I’m big-boobed for my frame; I can’t wear any of those ruffly things or strapless without looking like a potato. I’d say experiment with a million different combos; what works for someone else might not feel like “you” on you. Play around with a more voluminous bottom with a croptop, tighter bottoms with a crop top, a tighter crop top, a high-low croptop, different fabrics, different colors. You’ll hit on a combination that feels right.

    • I wear a US 10-14 (bc what is sizing even), and have proportionally bigger boobs and thighs, and always wear crop tops with high waisted pants/shorts/skirts.
      Also sometimes I wear a see-through lace bralette over a normal bra and call it a crop top.

  3. Love these options! I’ve recently been shopping the Who What Wear plus line at Target and really love the cuts and quality. Lots of very fashion-forward pieces for under $50.


  5. Other great trends for this fat queers this summer include aliens, tweed, Bodysuits and beachwear as formal wear.

    This is my kind of fashion advice txs

  6. Inspired by that gorgeous pic set of clothes in one of my most favoured colors I tried to go back and find if my oxblood socks were still in stock cause I remember they were well rated by plus sized Dreamers but I couldn’t find them.

    However plus is a tagged category on Sockdreams with 118 items with ratings done by real people yaking about how pinchy or not something was on their 30 inch thighs.


    Plus like what’s schoolgirl aesthetic without socks?

  7. Does anyone else with big thighs struggle with shorts? I try short shorts on and they look good and then I take two steps and they’re up my crotch and ass… not comfortable and I hate fidgeting with clothes. if I wear a bigger size they fall off my butt.. maybe it’s the shape of my body or something because I never hear other people complain about this? Or does it happen but you just embrace it? Plus then my thighs chafe. I have yet to find long shorts that I like the look of.

    • I will never not hate shorts. Chub rub, wedgies, muffin tops, camel toes, beer belly, and plumber’s crack–all without the silhouette of a skirt! And no functional pockets! Long pants forever no matter the weather. I’ve made it entire calendar years without wearing shorts out of the house and it’s honestly so nice.

    • I have the same problem with shorts. But I love shorts. I’ve considered rubbing vaseline againsts the inside of my thighs on hot days to avoid chaffing, but also gross. I’ve just accepted that shorts will look unique on me, and that leggings are my friends. Still, I have picked up a few weird tips along the way, here are some:

      Get loose, low cut jeans and cut them up into shorts. The leg should be wide enough, and chosing the length you need helps avoid chaffing. If you cut them long enough they won’t ride up and will protect your legs from chaffing, also since there’s no stitch at the end of the leg it’ll be more likely to remain flat and not ride up.

      High waist shorts usually have a wider leg and a smaller waist because they’re meant to be worn high on the stomach. Get a pair that’s one size too big for you and wear them low on your hips. Make sure they are fabric short, with a loose fit, not tight denim ones. Forever 21 has a good selection. Watch for delicate fabrics though as it might get worn down where your tights rub against each other if you walk a lot with them.

      Paint shorts on your legs.

      • Good advice. I grease my thighs up and wear either longer shorts or baggier shorts. Elastic waisted baggy shorts are everywhere now and they don’t look baggy when you have thunder thighs. Remember: thick thighs save lives!

        • I have huge issues with thigh chafing and body glide is actually amazing. I didn’t believe people who said it would work that well, but I had to wear a dress for a job that involved chasing kindergarteners around for a couple hours outdoors, and it held up for a couple hours without reapplying. It makes the wedgies from my short shorts bearable (can’t win ’em all). I carry it around in my purse now.

  8. In the Oxblood collage image, which is visible from the front page, the two most prominent pictures are of models who wear plus sizes, but are not fat (the one who has statistics listed is just tall with a sturdy build, and based on her listed size could wear straight sizes at ASOS too). Labelling those models as “plus size” would be accurate and not particularly harmful to anyone, but using “fat” in the title of the article implies that the models are fat – and that’s going to make a lot of readers feel bad about their bodies because anyone who is actually fat is fatter than these models. Obviously it’s not bad to be fatter, but a lot of people feel like it is, and not everyone who feels bad will go click through several links to see that the models of those dresses are not really very fat at all.

    • Isn’t regarding “fat” as a pejorative, inherently fat shaming? If someone is “plus size” but identifies as fat, isn’t that their choice and wouldn’t criticizing it be fat shaming?

      I’m asking here, so anyone feel free to weigh in.

  9. I carry a fan around cause I live in Japan and that is normal here, I can’t recommend it enough. Saves public transport from being complete hell in summer.

  10. I’ve never considered wearing a crop top. I might have to think about it the next time I’m shopping.

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