42.0 Flower Related Recipes for a “Flower” Related “Holiday”

Flowers are so beautiful. You can smell them, you can eat them; you can wait until they dry up and smoke them, even. Anyway, here’s some recipes all about flowers in preparation for a high holy day that’s all about flowers. As the kids say, “Blaze it!”

Edible Flower Lollipops

clear lollipops with flowers in them

Asparagus with Saffron Sauce and Edible Flower Garnish

asparagus with flowers

Lilac and Blackberry Pavlovas


Cannabis Caramels

Dandelion Jelly

Caramel Pot Popcorn

Champagne Popsicles Recipe with Edible Flowers & St. Germain

Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flowers

Cream Cheese and Chive Sandwiches with Edible Flowers

Dandelion Pesto

Detoxifying Cauliflower & Dandelion Soup

How To Cook Dandelion Greens

Edible Floral Marshmallows

Edible Flower and Elderflower Popsicles

Edible Flower Canapés

Edible Flower Cookies

Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Edible Flower Spring Salad

Floral Donuts with Blood Orange Lemon Ginger Glaze

Floral Drink Garnishes

Flower Garden Dessert

Fresh Herb and Edible Flower Salad with Hibiscus Champagne Vinaigrette

Gluten-Free Cucumber Sandwiches with Edible Flowers

Goat Cheese with Edible Flowers

Granola with Lemon Yogurt and Edible Flowers

Green Salad with Edible Flowers

Homemade Citrus Spiced Dandelion Bitters

Lavender Rose Ice Cream

Lavender Shortbread with Fruits, Flowers, and Herbs

Naked Floral Cake

Organic Cannabis Infused Lollipops and Marijuana Hard Candy

Dandelion and Violet Lemonade

Simple Lilac Ice Cream

Pansy Cake With Edible Dirt

Pansy Petal Pancakes

Rose Grapefruit Mocktail

Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Rosy Rocky Road

Sautéed Dandelion Greens with Eggs

Smoked Salmon Salad

Spring Flower Lollipops

Sugared Elderflower Bundt Cake

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  1. Sure, on the one hand, you get encouraged to eat all those dandelions. But then you do it, and all of a sudden you’re “trespassing” and “those are my wife’s award-winning petunias”.

  2. Thanks for the “Organic Cannabis Infused Lollipops and Marijuana Hard Candy” recipe. I just spent about an hour on her website, so thank you for new weed stuff to look at. This is my first 4/20 as someone who actually uses marijuana, so now I feel like I’m in the secret club now.

  3. Thank you for this. There is always the simple option of putting the flowers(not cannabis) in a spherical strain and put it i boiling water for some tea. Could go well with the cake, donuts or shortbread.

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