3 Cheap and Approachable Starter Packers

So you’re curious about packing! Packing can be super affirming and hot and fun, and intimidating and confusing, so I want to give you many tools so you can start experimenting with it if your heart so desires.

Packing is basically wearing padding or a phallic-looking prosthetic or other object in your underwear or in front of pants to give you the appearance of a bulge. A lot of people pack! It’s most commonly talked about and practiced in trans men’s circles, but packing is actually something very accessible for absolutely everyone that feels like doing it. Before I identified as a guy and waaaay before I transitioned I felt interested in packing, but didn’t really feel like I could try it since I didn’t identify as a guy. I really wish someone would have told me I could experiment with it freely without all these connotations around it so I would have felt safer to do it way earlier. So if you just feel like it, why not! Packing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, I promise; it can just be fun and affirming!

How to pack

A lot of people will recommend packing underwear, and while I’ve tried and enjoyed packing underwear very much, I find it a bit unsustainable if you’re trying to do it cheaply particularly because you either don’t have a lot of money to spend on this, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on washing these weekly if you don’t own a washer and dryer, or you don’t have a lot of time to do laundry to begin with.

And while packing underwear is really cool and works very well, it can be difficult to buy and own seven of those if you find out you enjoy packing and want to do it every day. If you only want to pack every now and then, packing underwear might just be the option for you — Rodeoh has great options. I personally owned a pair of their fly boxer packing underwear back in the day and they were super soft and comfy, so if that’s your thing I definitely recommend them.

Because you’ll likely want to try it a few days in a row to see how you like it (or don’t), I want to focus on cheaper, more sustainable options than underwear that you’ll need a fresh pair of every day. I’ll refer to these objects as “handlers” since their whole purpose is to literally hold and handle the packer.

Packing with regular underwear

For handlers, people usually go three ways. They either free pack, meaning they stick the packer right in their underwear and go about their day; they use packing pouches (or make them), and or they use some sort of packing strap/harness.

If you want to pack for a few hours and aren’t planning on moving around too much, free packing is a great option. I personally free pack when I go to bed; If I’m not packing I usually feel horribly dysphoric, but sleeping with medical adhesive or a harness or even a pouch can feel uncomfortable, so free packing is always the way to go for me when it comes to just being around my house alone or sleeping. If you’re planning on running a marathon, going to the gym or even walking a lot, that might be a bit more of a challenge. Regardless of activity, if you’re planning to free pack I recommend you get tight underwear!

Packing pouches are a great option for a lot of people; you can wash them easily, you can wash them by hand if you don’t want to toss them in your laundry, and if there’s a thousand fabrics and motifs you can pick from to feel super cute! They hold your prosthetic in place so the anxiety of it moving too much or falling out isn’t there, and are a great option if you plan to pack all day long and want to go to the bathroom with the least amount of work around securing and handling your packer. Packing pouches are also great because if you’re feeling inclined toward have a bulge that seems “natural” or “passes” they move with your body when you walk.

For your final option, packing harnesses or straps are also a great option if you wanna secure the packer without thinking too much about having something down there. Before I got my most recent prosthetic, which I pack with the GenderCat self adhesive sheets, the FTM Essentials SlingShot Harness was my to go-to. It made packing super natural for me, and also extremely easy to keep up in terms of cleaning etc. I still use it to go to the gym because it makes me feel the most secure and it just keeps everything in place.

Below I’ve linked some great affordable options for both pouches and harnesses.

1. NYTC Packer Pouch with Magnetic Closure $19
2. FTM Essentials Joey Packer Pouch $12
3. FTM Essentials Joey Packer Pouch Classic $20
4. FTM Essentials Packing Strap: Classic $20
5. FTM Essentials SlingShot Harness $22


Packer Gear, $11.55

This packer is super cheap and realistic for the price. Pros are that in my experience it doesn’t get a smell if you wash it regularly, and I like that the head of the phallus was defined, though I know some people don’t. The scrotum of it is a bit more square than other packers but the texture of the balls is pretty cool if that’s your kind of feel. Cons is that it tends to sit up pretty straight rather than down, so wearing it with loose underwear is probably a no-go. If all your underwear is pretty tight to your body it can pack well down and up, whichever way you prefer. It can get a bit sticky so you might have to powder it too. Another con is that it only comes in a “caramel” and the standard white tone.

Mr Limpy, $13.95

Oh Mr. Limpy, the cheapest and best packer you can get. This is still my go-to cheap packer, it lasts forever, and in my opinion it gives you the most ‘realistic’ bulge. I pack with this to go to the gym because I wear athletic shorts and get super conscious of not having a boner out of nowhere in the middle of exercise. It has never failed me. Mr. Limpy comes in a few sizes, but literally don’t get anything but an XS; everything else is just too big. Even the small. I’ve gotten every size and I promise XS is just the way to go. Cons of this product is that it does seem to develop an odor even if you wash it every day, which is annoying, however it’s not the kind of smell that’s necessarily super strong or “unnatural.” I never powder this thing and it’s still great. Just like the Packer Gear, it also just comes in “caramel,” a white tone, and… a pink?

Sailor Soft Pack, $24

I haven’t tried this but general reviews are also pretty good, and Chase Ross reviewed it; seems like you definitely need to powder it. It goes in and out of stock on Amazon and FTM Essentials as well, and it does come in a dark chocolate tone!

You’re ready to go!

After you’ve secured your “handler” and your packer go have fun! Go experiment. Maybe pack before you go dancing, or while you’re alone at home cooking dinner. No matter where or how you pack just remember you’re dope and you look great today and always. Don’t forget to take care of your packers! And maybe if y’all feel into this how-to guide I can cover STPS, binders and pack-and-plays in the future. Happy Pride!

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Mika is a venezuelan art director, designer, stylist, and recognized funny friend. He has previously worked at the Walker Art Center (MPLS), 2x4 (NYC) and Rumors (PDX). You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram or check his website.

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  1. If it’s not super hot out, you can also just wear two pairs of briefs and put the packer in between then!

  2. Exploring gender and would love more how-to guides. Already used previous AS articles to get me to gc2b binders. More please!!

  3. Oh this is cool. I want to play around with this and I’m excited I can get started fairly cheaply!

    • “And maybe if y’all feel into this how-to guide I can cover STPS, binders and pack-and-plays in the future.”

      Yes, please. 😊

  4. And another comment in favor of more of these articles! And fwiw this isn’t something I’m pursuing myself, but I’m always interested in learning more about how other people explore gender. Knowledge is power? Or maybe helps one be more inclusive, at least?

  5. Hey Mika! Thanks so much for this. I am a cos woman and needed this encouragement to buy a starter packet pack from roledo. I got one for my non binary partner too! Yo u rock and happy pride!

  6. Moooooore! I have one and packing undies (that longer fit, I’m sure!) that I used briefly a long time ago and stopped because it felt weird after realizing I don’t actually identify as a dude. Long before I ever heard terms like ‘genderqueer’ and ‘non-binary’ and that they are ok and valid and Gender Feels™ can be very confusing and exciting and I still haven’t figured it out yet and that’s ok! WHEW. I appreciate this, is what I’m saying.

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