22 Most Lesbosexiest Music Videos of 2016

 12. Mary Lambert – Hang Out With You

Audrey: “Hang Out With You” is a music video about how sometimes all we can possibly do is hang out with our perfect dog and our hot, awkward girlfriend, and how it’s ok to lean into that desire.

13. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Boy Problems”

Mey: This year queer girl aesthetics really crossed over and that was never more clear than in True Gay Icon Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Boy Problems” video. She’s surrounded by millennials and queer and trans people, she has s gay mullet, she looks lovingly into her gal pals eyes and everything is covered in bright colors and glitter. This is the gayest looking video I’ve ever seen. Plus, we all know that the easiest way to cure your boy problems is to just be gay.

14. Tegan & Sara – Stop Desire


15. Peaches – Vaginoplasty

Okay Peaches, okay.

16. SEE – Potions

Riese: This is such a time to be alive because See is 20 years old and she’s just now releasing her EP and already her girlfriend is not a secret and also her first music video is basically two girls making out in a red-lit room. A.a. your mid-twenties. Or mine, I guess.

17. Holly Miranda – Come On

Riese: If you’ve ever wanted to see Holly Miranda make out with Holly Miranda, I have some VERY good news for you.

18. Ria Mae – Gold

Riese: Butch hottie with hard femme girlfriend make out and fight and make up, and then there’s a story that twists your heart around and then lands like a bird.

19. Kygo – Stay ft. Maty Noyes

Riese: On the beach, in the forest, at a casino, in a hotel room, these facts remain: lesbian relationships are full of ups and downs and also very danceable beats and also colorful leggings.

20. Dodie – Sick of Losing Soulmates

Riese: You know how you fall in love with a girl and everything’s great and you’re flying high and then it all falls apart and you’ve lost your soulmate and you’ve lost your best friend, too? Dodie knows.

21. Princess Nokia – TOMBOY

Mey: Princess Nokia has been killing it this year and her ode to all the tomboys out there is proof of that. This video is so full of terrific tomboys and masc of center cuties just being themselves and celebrating their gender and personality. Whether you’re a tomboy looking for some representation or a fan of tomboys, like me, this video has something for you.


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  1. This is a good list. I particularly like how in the past couple of years we’ve started to see more narrative arcs in lesbian music videos so that the kind of stereotypical storylines that used to warrant a three hour Nicole Conn cringe-fest can now get played out in two minutes to a pleasant synthpop soundtrack. Like, that Zolita video is just a raptor short of Lost and Delirious.

    Overall, I think is a boon for efficiency in this time-starved age of mass lesbian media consumption.

  2. It doesn’t quite fit into this list, being uploaded to YouTube on Dec 24 2015, but.. if anyone hasn’t seen Studio Killers’ “Jenny” yet, I’ll happily put forward a recommendation for it:

    (The entire album’s superb work, too)

    As for the list, well.. Make Out remains one of my daily plays – such a wonderful track, let alone that video. If I’m ever feeling a bit lacking in sparkle, I just need to watch that, and I’m reminded of just what life /can/ be like.

    I’ve also downloaded the vids from Carly Way Jepsen, Tancred, Peaches, and Kygo. ^_^ (And the recommendation above for Tove Lo’s short looks well worth coming back to)

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