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VIDEO: Queer Mama Episode One — Meet Haley!


“But no matter what, I’ve always, always, always known that I would be a parent. I’ve always wanted to have a baby. Actually babies, plural. Lots of them. One miscarriage, four embryos, dozens of pee sticks, 18 months, and approximately 132 injections later, I’m 18 weeks pregnant!”


Also.Also.Also: Matriarchal Feminism, Defining Authenticity, and Other Stories You’ll Fcking Love


Shonda Rhimes, Joan Didion, Button & Bly, ANIMAL MATRIARCHS, Rihanna is the voice of Dream Works’ first heroine of color, teenage girl hysteria, Internet Explorer is donezo, Race Together is so fucked, being a parent is sometimes also fucked but in different ways but they all stem from the same place isn’t that the weirdest shit ever?? And so much more!