“Wynonna Earp” Episode 208 Recap: Oh, Take Me Back to the Start

Settle down class, get out your notebooks, we learned a lot during this week’s Wynonna Earp and it’s time to review. “No Future In the Past” was Orphan Blacklevel complex, and it took me three times watching it to feel like I got all the important stuff, so hopefully I can do it justice.

We open on little Waverly chasing after her stuffed bunny that Willa threw onto the frozen lake — this is the first thing we learn; we knew Willa was always a little shit but apparently she was actively trying to kill her little sister from the word go. I thought the beam in the barn thing was just a mean sister prank but this is next level.

We cut back to Waverly telling Wynonna this story, and that maybe it should have been a clue that she wasn’t part of the family. Wynonna can’t wrap her head around this; she remembers Waverly coming home from the hospital. Hell, she named her when her parents tried to name her Welcome. (Of note, she says she remembers Waverly coming home, not their mother being pregnant, and based on Willa’s diary entry, it’s possible they just brought her home, not from the hospital. Then again I don’t remember my mother being pregnant with my brother either so WHO KNOWS.)

Anyway, Waverly says now that no one ever celebrated her birthday or bought her school photos and Wynonna looks frankly a little horrified; she’s digging through her memory for evidence of this but all she remembers is Mama Earp calling Waverly her angel. (This will be important later.)

Waverly and Wynonna look pensive and sad

“One sister was a monster and one was in constant trouble and yet still I wasn’t the favorite.”

Waverly says that Mama left and after that her dad wouldn’t look at her, which she attributes now to her not being his. Wynonna remains unconvinced. Oh and by the way, who did pull her out of the ice if Willa didn’t? Waverly looks at her like she could know the answer, then says it was Wynonna who pulled her out.

Waverly half-smiles at Wynonna

“Who’d you think? My imaginary friend?”

But from the look on her face, Wynonna doesn’t remember that. And saving your sister from almost dying after falling through the ice sounds like a thing you’d remember.

Not too far away, Juan Carlos pulls over to help out a broken down car and is rewarded by getting a hickey from Widow Beth because he won’t tell Widow Mercedes where the last seal is.

At Shorty’s, Rosita comes downstairs and flirts with Doc and invites him back upstairs, but he has to run to the salt flats real quick. He suggests perhaps while he’s gone, she tries to get to know the Earp girls a little better, since they’re all part of his life now. He calls Wynonna fun and says the truest thing: Everybody loves Waverly.

Rosita beams at Doc

“I guess it WOULD be nice to have more screentime. And maybe get out of Shorty’s someday.”

They kiss and it’s cute and I’m mostly into it, I just don’t know if we can trust Rosita yet, because we don’t know much about her. Though something tells me we have to worry less about her and more about whatever baggage from her past might follow her right to our friends.

Okay here’s a scene that I’m going to need you all to describe to me. It starts out well and good with Wynonna being about as mature as you’d think she’d be when at a doctor’s appointment that makes her uncomfortable. She’s making jokes (naps are my bitch) and the doctor tries to stress the importance of the situation.

Wynonna starts to ask if a test could determine what “kind” of baby it is, probably thinking of the potential rev-ness of hers, but covers it up by saying she has a friend who thinks she might be adopted. The doctor asks if Wynonna is thinking of adopting, and says she has options, but only has a few weeks left. And I’m not sure exactly how far along Wynonna is, but the phrasing sounded like abortion lingo. And maybe I only think this because next the doctor shows Wynonna her sonogram before Wynonna says she wants to see it, and says Wynonna should remember she’s “deciding for two.” Which is definitely taken right from the anti-abortion handbook. But it’s possible she was just using similar language to be anti-adoption? Or maybe I’m reading too much into it and she just wanted Wynonna to take her pregnancy more seriously? Either way, Wynonna freaked out, and I felt uncomfortable, but Wynonna didn’t seem to be too upset about it because as she storms out, she says, “See you next week.”

Wynonna looks a little miffed at her doctor but her hair is on point

Just give me a ‘scrip for my magic hair tonic and I’ll be on my way.

The doctor chases her out and hands Dolls a confidential envelope which seems unprofessional but Dolls doesn’t care because he’s off to follow Wynonna. When he gets outside he sees a truck peel away, leaving behind a pool of blood and some pregnancy pamphlets. This sends him tearing to Nedley’s office, where they determine the truck belonged to Juan Carlos and their best lead is to ask the firehouse fellas.

Meanwhile at Shorty’s, Waverly and Nicole are playing the official game of queer women.

Waverly and Nicole play pool at Shorty's

Like Maggie and Alex before them.

Waverly is distracted though, because she sent in a DNA sample and the results should come back any day now. She had it sent to the police station so Wynonna wouldn’t see it, though that doesn’t matter now. Nicole says, too quickly, that of course it matters, and that she hasn’t seen anything, and it’s a little weird but lucky Waverly’s mind is elsewhere. Nicole asks if Waverly is sure she wants to know, and she isn’t, but she has to know where she came from. Waverly thinks the best course of action right now though is Nicole help her take her mind off things for a while.

Waverly pulls Nicole toward her with a flirty smile

Mind off, hands on.

But this week it’s Rositas Interruptus, because Rosita wants to take Doc’s advice and bond with the gals by throwing Wynonna a baby shower. One cute little thing I liked about this scene is that Waverly and Nicole didn’t jump away from each other or act all embarrassed for being busted almost kissing. I just wanted to point it out because I feel like I don’t talk enough about how refreshing it is to have a show with two women in a relationship and having it not be scandalized. But don’t think for a second I’m ever taking it for granted that they act like and are treated like a any other couple at every turn.

Anyway, the girls are down for a baby shower, even though Waverly is surprised by Rosita’s seemingly sudden interest in being part of the gang.

Nicole and Waverly look like they like the idea of a baby shower, sorta

“It will be more like a baby drizzle because there are only three of us but we’ll make it work.”

While Dolls is interrogating Ewan the fire chief, but he is arrogant, unaffected, and entirely unhelpful. Luckily Wynonna calls Dolls then and says she’s safe. She tries to tell him where she is exactly using clues like she’s playing Taboo but Juan Carlos takes the phone from her then. Luckily Dolls speaks fluent Wynonna so he knows they’re at a church. He’s afraid Juan Carlos wants to “creepy Vegas marry her” (a line that made me snort) but Ewan says that doesn’t sound like good ol’ JC. The Order isn’t interested in the Black Badge business, but Ewan gives Dolls the location of a church Juan Carlos might take her to anyway.

Juan Carlos tells Wynonna that his curse is similar to Docs in that he has longevity, but his also has an added caveat that he can’t interfere. So he has things to show Wynonna, but she has to choose it for herself. She says it doesn’t feel much like choice but she takes Wyatt’s badge from him and do as he says, going into the chapel to recite some words while standing on a pentagram, especially since he promised her, “The Earp sisters will be reunited before sundown.” Which is very interesting, because she only asked if she’d be back for the nachos Waverly had promised her (the cover for the baby shower).

Wynonna points importantly at Juan Carlos

“Standing between me and food is nacho best plan.”

So Wynonna does the spell and there’s a woosh but she doesn’t feel any different. She must be different though, because she leaves Peacemaker behind as she wanders back to Shorty’s. In all of my dreams, no doorways ever lead to where they’re supposed to lead – I’d walk out of my bedroom and end up in my elementary school, leave a classroom and be in a castle somewhere…and yet it never seems weird. This seems to happen to Wynonna, because she walks out of the chapel and into Shorty’s, and doesn’t really start to question things until she realizes that Doc isn’t answering her or looking at her or seeing her at all. She looks around and realizes everyone is dressed in old fashioned garb, so she runs out side to make sure it’s not just a costume party and realizes she’s on the set of Westworld. She looks around, panic spreading across her face, and asks the important question: WHEN am I?

Wynonna looks perplexed

And why is everything in a soft cool blur? Are we in Ravenswood?

Inside, she tries to get someone’s attention, anyone’s, but it’s clear she’s invisible to them. She starts to worry she’s a ghost. Before she can figure it out though, a meek little man approaches Doc, who is not very kind upon seeing him. Wynonna realizes with surprise that the man is none other than Bobo del Ray. Though not quite yet. Right now he’s just Robert Svain.

The rest of the saloon freezes so all Wynonna can see and hear is Robert telling Doc he has a message from Wyatt Earp. Doc is brash and mean and growls at him that if he had a message from Wyatt, to tell him in private next time. It’s a totally flipped script and it’s unsettling to watch in the very best way.

But Robert’s message is important. There is a “padre” in Purgatory who wrote to Wyatt, saying their sheriff is a demon, terrorizing the town, and Wyatt wants Doc to go with him to sort it out. But Doc declares Purgatory a lost cause and refuses.

Doc coughs and says he’s made his peace with Wyatt, and tells Robert to go to hell. Robert says something that means more knowing what we know now than it did when I watched it the first time, “I would go to hell and back for Wyatt.” And he will.

Robert says Doc felt the same once and leaves Doc standing there, so angry his mustache is trembling.

There are gunshots and Wynonna is scared and isn’t sure what to do or how an injury would even affect her but decides to make a choice and follows Doc and Robert outside, yelling “tacos are tasty” a few times for good measure, in case that’s the way to get extracted from this chaos.

Wynonna is in the street and stressed

Doesn’t look like anything to me.

Two strangers walk by and give Wynonna a lot of answers in not a lot of sentences. Here’s what we learned:

  • The aforementioned evil Sheriff of Purgatory was called Sheriff Clootie
  • Wyatt Earp shot the Sheriff (but he did not shoot the deputy)
  • Sheriff Clootie had three wives
  • Also aforementioned Padre has a drinking problem

Wynonna is overwhelmed with all this new information but follows a blood trail and ends up back in the church. Robert Svain lay dying on a pew, and Wynonna expresses her disbelief that he was Wyatt’s friend. That he was good.

But she doesn’t stay in this moment long before she’s surrounded by a non-injured Robert, the Widows, and a young Constance Clootie, and Padre Juan Carlos having a chat.

So the thing is, the Sheriff wasn’t just a “demon” like a real tyrant, he was a literal demon, so they have buried him alive. The Widows are pissed about it but Juan Carlos punches one of them in the face to express his dissenting opinion on the matter.

Cut to Shorty’s, present day, where Nicole and Waverly are decorating, starting to get into this whole baby shower idea. Rosita brought a piñata that looks like a baby and is filled with donuts and at first Wavelry and Nicole were wary of hitting a baby with the bat but once they thought about they realized it’s actually the most Wynonna thing ever.

Rosita holds the baby pinata and Waverly and Nicole come around to the idea

I really hope the donuts inside are like those little wrapped hostess ones. Otherwise things are gonna get messy.

Rosita heads off to get mocktail ingredients and Waverly expresses her confusion about Rosita’s sudden interest in their lives. Nicole tells her girlfriend to cut the girl some slack; the Earp sisters are an intimidating duo, and Nicole came in before they had gotten back to full impenetrable bond status. Waverly is confused; she’s the nicest person in Purgatory. Literally. LITERALLY. SHE HAS A SASH. Which actually I’d like to take a moment to talk about if you don’t mind.

This is now the second reference in this episode to Waverly being a town favorite. Doc says “everybody loves Waverly,” Waverly mentions she won a literal “nicest girl in town” competition. And at first glance you might be like, “wow, how great that someone who was all but neglected growing up turned out to be so sweet.” But of course she did. Sure, it’s not the only path she could have taken. But her parents, the people who are meant to love you unconditionally no matter what you do, barely paid her any attention on a good day. Her oldest sister, someone she should have been able to look up to, hated her for reasons little Waverly couldn’t see or fathom (or control.) So of course she spent her life trying to be as likable as possible. She luckily had other influences — Wynonna who did love her, however messy her own life was, Gus and Curtis, who seemed to have provided that unconditional love she was missing— so she didn’t go too far and become manipulative or totally shut off. But it’s no surprise that when Waverly got old enough to take control of her own life she did everything she could to be the most helpful (by learning all she could) and being the person the most people would like (probably having to work extra hard because everyone already hated her family, especially her one remaining sister).

Anyway I love Waverly and there’s a lot to unpack there but that’s the end of my rambling for now.

Nicole kisses Waverly's forehead

My Brave Little Toaster. <3

Waverly promises Nicole to try to give Rosita a chance and when she returns, she accepts a “Purgatini” from the newbie. Rosita turns some of the mocktails into cocktails and when Waverly encourages her to add more booze, there’s a moment of mutual appreciation, because booze bonds all.

Waverly smirks at Rosita mid-sip

I’ve made some great one-night besties in line for the bathroom at a bar.

Wynonna, meanwhile, is watching Robert put the Widows in the box they stayed in for years, scoffing at them for not foreseeing dynamite as a future problem that could set them free. And giving them armholes.

Clootie reveals a little more here, saying Wyatt killed her part-demon sons, and that her husband can’t be set free or he’d come after her. One thing I’m not entirely clear on is what moved Clootie from Team Demon to wanting to venture out on her own, putting her husband out of commission and turning on his two other wives.

One thing I am clear on is that Clootie knows if her husband ever gets free, she’s dead meat, so she has created three seals to keep him buried. She has already given Juan Carlos and Robert their talismans, and she now gives them iron and silver to pour over them. Hers however a little easier to hide than an ancient manhole cover, as it is her wedding ring. The very ring Doc wears.

Wynonna is shook

“No wonder he wouldn’t let me ear it so I could play mob boss and make him kiss my ring…”

They don’t tell each other where their seals will be, and head out to hide them. Wynonna goes off to follow Clootie.

Dolls gets to Juan Carlos and chest is puffed up but JC says Wynonna chose this and if he wakes her up before she’s ready it could end badly. So instead he just goes inside and sits with Wynonna, sleeping soundly. He comes back outside and Juan Carlos tells him about his non-interference rule. Dolls points out he’s been awful interfere-y lately but Juan Carlos says he’s just accepting the consequences. In the form of gangrene. It’s gross. But they can’t worry about that now because the Widows are here, looking for the third seal. So Dolls runs out to fight them.

Wynonna ends up back in the chapel because this spell is trying to tell her a story and the next part happens in the church, too. Bobo is there, bleeding again, and he says, “Angel?” but it’s just Clootie the Cutie. He makes a joke about her being able to be in a church at all and she says, “I am made whole in the house of my enemies,” which is a deliciously evil thing to say. Robert explains that he went to Purgatory with Wyatt, and Sheriff Clootie ended up using him as a human shield. At Robert’s behest, Wyatt shot Clootie through his own self. And apparently he’s been sitting in this chapel bleeding to death long enough to get a letter from Wyatt about how he’s off to find Doc, who has gone missing. I imagine that probably what actually happened is that he died of an infection from the wound but since it’s a dream walk Wynonna is seeing it as a fresh wound. Probably also to help with the sequence of events, since you know we weren’t seeing everything as it happened. Dreams are fun that way.

Clootie chooses now to tell Robert about the curse her husband put on Wyatt before he fell; everyone killed by Peacemaker is destined for hell, doomed to return again and again, hunting Earp heirs until forever.

Wynonna is feeling the same confusing amount of pity for Robert Svain in this moment.

Clootie looks down on Robert while Wynonna watches

The lines of good and evil have blurred but everyone is still so damn attractive.

Robert cries out then that he’s a good man. Clootie assures him hell will fix that pesky problem for him. She offers to help though — there’s a way to end the curse but she won’t tell him until he brings her the bones of her sons. But he doesn’t want to help this witch.

In a jarringly different tone, Rosita, Waverly, and Nicole are playing Never Have I Ever while they wait for Wynonna to show up.

Rosita Waverly and Nicole sit at the bar at shorty's, having fun

Never have I ever wanted to be part of a game of never have I ever so badly.

They’re calling each other Rosie and Waves and Nicole is impressed, albeit surprised, at the turnaround a little tequila caused. Rosita goes off to find a game for them to play while Waverly reaches into her bag for a pen. But it’s not her bag she goes into, it’s Nicoles, and in it she finds the results to her own DNA test. Which Nicole not only has been keeping from Waverly, but has already read. Which is illegal and wrong and squicky and WHY NICOLE WHY. I mean I know why. No one wants to see sadness on that sweet baby angel’s face. But Nicole. It makes me wonder if last week’s “I can’t lie to her” was less an implied “ever” and more “about this because I’m already holding another big lie and the guilt is consuming me and I don’t want to add more on top of it.”

Waverly looks betrayed and broken

I’m putting Waverly in a feelings bubble so everyone can stop hurting her THANKS

Waverly wants to know why she kept it from her, and Nicole says, “Because I love you.”

Someone call the Purgatory Sash Shoppe (we know they have one) and get a Worst Timing award, stat.

Waverly is knocked off her stool by the force of this and says what we’re all thinking, “Are you serious right now?” Right now is SO not the time. Nicole was trying to protect Waverly, but Waverly doesn’t need her protection. She doesn’t need anyone making decisions for her. She even echoes Wynonna’s earlier concerns about Nicole, asking if she’s trying to control Waverly.

Nicole says once Waverly knows, she can’t unknow, but it’s not Nicole’s secret to keep. Waverly knows the news is bad based on Nicole’s face, but storms out before reading the results herself.

Nicole looks very upset


And it’s really too bad. Nicole was being so supportive up til this point, and she could have brought Waverly the results, and they could have looked together, and she could have been there for Waverly no matter the results. But now Waverly will have to deal with it alone, because Nicole overstepped. Her intentions were good, I know, but she went about it in the worst way.

Rosita comes back, confused, and Nicole realizes she made a big mistake. Huge.

Wynonna’s vision takes her next to a well, with a still-dying Robert and Clootie approaching. Wynonna recognizes the well and soon knows why: it’s Doc’s well. And he’s in it now. Clootie wanted vengeance, and to give Doc eternal life and then throw him in a well seemed like a pretty solid torture plan. Plus, he has her ring, which heals the dying and delays death indefinitely, and is also her seal, safe at the bottom of a well with the fastest gunslinger in the west.

One moment I liked is that Clootie then vanishes into thin air and Robert and Wynonna both say, “Neat trick,” at the same time.

Robert tries to get the ring from Doc, but he won’t give it up. Robert realizes then that Doc would rather be immortal at the bottom of a well than a mortal man but safe and free. Doc tells him to save him or go to hell, and Robert chooses the latter. Quite literally.

Clootie reappears then and asks him again to find her son’s bones. He growls at her then, sounding more like the Bobo we’ll come to know, saying she has nothing he wants, but she says she’ll find something. Wynonna is stressed.

Wynonna looks distressed but the light is hitting her in such a way that makes her look gooood

Stressed but glowing.

Outside the church she’s asleep in, Dolls is frozen by the Widows and they run off to EAT Juan Carlos. Eat him. With their mouths. Like he’s a box of donuts and his organs are their favorite flavor. Dolls unfreezes himself because he’s a dragon, which surprises the heck out of them. They scatter for a minute and Dolls kills Juan Carlo, at his request. RIP, Padre.

Dolls barricades himself inside the church and then twitches a lot, saying it feels like burning, which makes me wonder even more about what the heck Dolls even is. When the Widows realize they can’t get in, they decide to burn the damn thing down.

Wynonna’s final stop on memory lane is back with Robert, watching him die. But this time, he can see her too. He recognizes her; he’s caught glimpses of her throughout this dream walk. He calls her his guardian angel. Wynonna starts coughing and hearing Dolls calling out her name somewhere in the distance, like when your alarm clock enters your dream before it enters your consciousness. Wynonna wants to have some words with Robert first though, because she can’t believe he left Doc down in that well just because he was jealous of his relationship with Wyatt.

He confesses that wasn’t his finest moment, and she says it could have changed everything. She calls him Bobo, but that’s not his name yet, so he’s confused. Wynonna is coughing up smoke now and knows she has to wake up. She picks up Peacemaker and tells Robert to try to remember who he is, how much he loved Wyatt, despite all the cycles of hell he’s going to go through.

He holds her as she coughs more, and she tells him they’ll meet again. He promises that no matter what, he’ll never hurt her, and asks what his angel’s name is. To which Wynonna responds, “Waverly.”

Robert uses what might be his last ounce of strength to run and ring the church bell so someone will come help his angel.

And sure enough, back in the real world, the bell also rings, and Ewan and his boys pulled Wynonna and Dolls out just in time. It was tough and go there for a minute, but Wynonna coughs awake, much to Dolls’ adorable delight.

Over at the lake, Waverly is on the frozen lake again, reading her paternity results, crying.

Waverly is standing by the frozen lake, crying

She looks so SMALL. </3

And now she remembers what really happened the day she fell through the ice. It wasn’t Wynonna who pulled her out of the ice, but Bobo, calling her his angel. And while it might not have been Wynonna who literally carried her baby girl to safety, it was Wynonna who saved her after all.

And listen…up until this episode, I was pretty convinced that Bobo was Waverly’s father. Especially after last episode? I had hardly any doubt! But now? Now I’m not so sure. Now that we have another explanation for why Bobo was so protective of little Waverly, because he thought she was his angel, the one he swore to never hurt, now the father theory has less purchase. It’s not entirely off the table, but I don’t know. And I love that I don’t know. This show keeps surprising me in the best ways. And this episode gave me that “I need to rewatch the entire series to date now that we have all this new information” feeling.

Wynonna wakes up at the homestead, the little spoon to Dolls’ big. She tells him that Doc’s ring is the third seal, and if the Widows break it, the Demon Clootie will rise. Dolls kisses her shoulder and holds her and she’s smiling.

Wynonna is Dolls' little spoon and she's smiling

It’s more like big spoon, little spoon-with-an-egg-in-it but that’s okay.

Dolls is extra glad she’s okay because technically she was dead for 77 seconds. (Which is an oddly specific amount of time; and also happens to be the exact number of Revenants.)

Wynonna is surprised but not too worried about it. She tells Dolls about how Bobo used to be just Robert, a good dude and a friend of Wyatt’s. She repeats what Clootie said, “I am made whole in the house of my enemies.” But Dolls says the real phrase, from the Bible, is, “My enemies are made whole in my house.” Which I believe means the full sum of your enemies is rounded out by the people you call family. And would be the title of my thesis paper on Wynonna Earp if I was writing one.

Dolls says that eventually we all become enemies, but Wynonna says they’d never come to that. But before they can talk more about their feelings, Wynonna sits up straight. The Earp heir died. But only for a few seconds. That’s fine, right? That won’t affect the curse or the Revenants she put down? Nothing happened when Buffy died for a few seconds right? Right??

Wynonna looks like she's trying to convince herself there's nothing to worry about

Everything is five by five. Right? RIght???

Alas. 77 seconds is plenty of time for at least one Revenant to rise. And that Revenant is n one other than Bobo del Ray.

Phew. That was a lot to unpack. My head is still spinning but I want to hear all of your theories. Tell me what I missed, I’m sure it was plenty!

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  1. So what is confusing to me is: that dream wasn’t only a dream? Because it feels like those self-fulfilling things. Wynonna called Robert “Bobo”, Wynonna responded “Waverly” when he asked about the name of his angel/her name. Also, why did she say “Waverly”? Now, did Waverly remember Bobo had saved her from the beginning and was lying to Wynonna? Did she not remember? Did she remember and also weirdly knew it was Wynonna, albeit indirectly? Also, I get that she died for 77 seconds, and that will make any lingering anger (and broken heart) go away real fast, but I wasn’t expecting all the cuddling with Dolls. I’m excited about Bobo being back, I never hated or feared him the way I’m scared of the widows and sort of hated Clootie. Even though I don’t anymore, after this episode. And no Jeremy this week! :(

    • I think she said ‘Waverly’ to protect her in the most unselfish way possible and to not mess with the timeline–she probably realized that was how Bobo came to be Waverly’s ‘imaginary friend’/protector, or at the very least that Waverly needed a guardian angel of her own because Willa was constantly trying to murder her (what a jerk).

      I think maybe Waverly wasn’t conscious when she was saved, either, and maybe assumed it was Wynonna who did it, which is why she looked so confused when Wynonna said she didn’t remember?

      Hopefully we get answers, since I’m definitely curious. I also missed Jeremy! I think he would have been adorable helping set up for the nachos and doughnut pinata party.

  2. So I still think Bobo is Waverly’s dad. One thing I noticed watching with the closed captions on. When Bobo saved Waverly by pulling her out of the water, he called her “Waverly. Angel.” She responded with something that either sounded like “Bobo” or “Papa.” With the way she pronounced it and the music in the background, it was hard to tell.

    But the closed captions were very clear. Waverly called him Papa. And this isn’t just the closed captions person getting confused, because several people said Bobo earlier in the episode and the closed caption read “Bobo” just fine. Now, just because Waverly called him Papa this one time does not de facto make him her dad. And we already know that she’s previously referred to him as Bobo, her imaginary friend. But that can’t have been a coincidence that when he saved her, she called him Papa.

  3. – The story surrounding the curse and it’s effects was really twisted.
    – If Waverly’s mom called her her angel, and there was a human/revenant hybrid before, maybe it’s Waverly and Wynonna’s mom who is it, and Bobo is her father. The mom then named her Waverly because of the stories her dad told her.
    – Nicole is doing her Pinky Tuscadero impersonation.
    – A pinata filled with donuts. That’s so “Wynonna Earp”.
    – Constance looked different. Not just the hair and clothes. Was she a different actress? (Apparently it’s a new actress, Jessica Sipos)
    – The heir died…for a few moments. When does Faith show up?

  4. “The Earp sisters will be reunited before sundown.”


  5. I personally don’t believe Rosita is a baddie. She was introduced pretty much as the seventh member of the crew at SDCC (and at the Wynonna Earp party) and included in the cast photos/signings, but I could be wrong. Before SDCC, I thought Something Was Up with her, too, but now I think she’s a member of the gang, just carrying something in her past that requires Doc to protect her, and her role will slowly become bigger. She could, however, end up betraying them at some point somehow.

    This episode had a serious lack of Jeremy though! Where was he at? I missed him. Maybe he was off finding an adorable boyfriend? Doing science-y things? Fortunately it looks like he’s back in the next episode, but the preview was a little concerning (I hope nothing happens to him because he’s precious).

    That being said, outside of Jeremy being MIA (forgivable I SUPPOSE, since he’s not exactly a regular yet!), I’m loving that everyone gets a good share of screen time. I’m so used to Supergirl and clinging to 30 seconds of the Sanvers relationship each week, that it always catches me off guard to have more than 30 seconds of Nicole in each episode. Having a nice balance of all of the characters makes me SO happy. The show’s truly an ensemble cast and it’s such a refreshing change of pace from what I (and likely many others) are used to with Supergirl.

    I’m also super psyched for next week with Waverly and escrima sticks and the sparring. That’s TOTALLY my jam.

    (Also this episode after the pool scene when Waverly’s reaching for Nicole’s hair/ear, you can see the ring that both Dom and Waverly wear that matches the ring Nicole has that Dom told me about at SDCC!!)

  6. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused by this episode. I was reading to come in here and just write my feelings about WayHaught but Valerie you kind of cleared so many things up.

    Valerie, about the OB-GYN scene I thought that Wynonna was asking about the baby at first but then when she said “a friend thinks she might be adopted”, it took my mind to Wynonna inquiring about Waverly instead because the doctor confirmed to her that they took testing the baby for DNA off the table (probably in an off camera conversation). I didn’t understand why Wynonna freaked out about seeing the sonogram either, maybe like all those little moments she’s had the baby has now become real for her seeing it. And last week Wynonna said she had sex with the Rev 28 weeks ago so that means she’s 7 months (plus however much time has passed from last week to this week).

    Okay so this next bit about Baby Waves, Waverly, WayHaught and all the DNA stuff may be a bit jumbled but just go with me.

    So the way I understood it we also got reasoning as to why Willa hated Waverly. We learned last season that Bobo and Ward were friends and he and Willa had a thing for/with Bobo too (which is still a bit creepy) but Waverly was Bobo’s “Angel” and this was probably what Willa was jealous of and caused her to hate Waverly because Willa was the heir and Waverly was nobody but Bobo (who probably befriended all the Earp heirs) cared for Waverly too.

    Ward and Willa were shot when Waverly was 5 or 6 right? And we know Mama Earp left, so when Waverly was like nobody celebrated my birthday or wanted my school picture I was confused. I started kindergarten at 5, presumably Waverly went to live with Gus and Curtis at that age too just starting school and we know that they doted on her so really and I don’t want this to sound harsh but what’s with her woe is me routine? Waverly had more years of love and support with Gus and Curtis than those measly 5/6 years of ignoring from Ward. So Ward never acknowledged her birthday, so you barely remember your 1st and 2nd birthday anyway, your 3rd maybe so really 4 and 5 were the ones she would remember and then 6 or 7 to 21 Gus and Curtis probably did stuff for her.
    I know I’m over thinking this and I’m trying not to question Emily since she gives us all the goodness so I will try to shut it down.

    Now as for Waverly being called the nicest multiple times, I really think that the DNA revelation will bring out the not so nice side to her and that little (not evil per se more angry) side of her will come out.

    As for Nicole and the DNA test. I don;t know if it was the acting that was off or what but we certainly saw Nicole terrible poker face when Waverly mentioned sending in a sample, but I couldn’t determine then if Nicole knew the results or just knew the results came to the cop shop. But I actually have to hand it to Nicole for keeping the results a secret until she thought it was a good time to give Waverly. Last week she said to Wynonna “who would I rather piss off you or your sister” and this week she knew what she would doing could cause the wrath of Waverly and she was still willing to take that risk.
    Nicole asked Waverly if she wanted to know and Waverly even replied with “I don’t know” so I feel like if the baby shower didn’t come up then she would’ve have pressed Waverly to get a sense of what she really wanted and dropped the papers on her. And also Nicole knows Waverly love Wynonna as a sister and loves the prospect of this baby they they’re planning a shower for so why would Nicole be the one to say, sorry babe, this baby and Wynonna are nothing to you forget it.

    To backtrack, yes I loved it too when Rositas Interupptus bothered what could’ve been a WayHaught kiss and they didn’t move other than turn their heads to face her. Nicole kept her hand around Waverly’s lower back (booty) the whole time and Waverly stood content in the nook that Nicole created.

    Finally, I may not have been paying attention but we didn’t see the DNA results so we can only assume things based off of Waverly’s reaction, right? At least with Bobo being resurrected Waverly might get some answers.

    • I agree about your reading of the OB-GYN scene. She was asking about paternity testing for Waverly, not knowing that Nicole and Waverly have already got that in hand, however badly the results got handled.

      And at 28 weeks+ she’s way past a safe abortion limit, and into the point where a premature birth has a decent chance of surviving. While “deciding for two” might sound like anti-abortion wording, I suspect it’s rhetoric they’ve nicked because at some point in a pregnancy making choices about diet and lifestyle (drinking, smoking and so on) become choices that affect foetal health too. There isn’t a big anti-abortion movement in the UK, except in Northern Ireland, but supporting friends going through pregnancy I’ve heard that sort of rhetoric used when either the midwife or the doctor is discussing changing diet, drinking habits or giving up smoking for the duration of the pregnancy.

      • Andras said on Twitter that it was adoption wording and not abortion wording in the OB/GYN scene.

        And the school pictures thing is a great observation–I assume that was just a poorly written line, not considering that things wouldn’t line up. Unless Waverly was REALLY upset about not having her pre-K photos ordered.

    • I didn’t think the doctor’s “only a few weeks left” line was about abortion. Since Wynonna is 28 weeks her “a few weeks left” is until she gives birth and if she had to decide on adoption, now is the time so that a family can be found.

  7. Ok this episode made my brain go in overload.

    Little Waverly on the ice running for her life. Knowing in the back of her head that her big sister hated her and that she wouldn’t be saved.You have one sister that is caring for you and the other just doing everything she can to get rid of you. You dislike Willa so much which make me feel that Willa will come back once more. Because the more Emily makes you feel good or bad for a character the more we will see them.

    And the questions is still not answered of who is the daddy. But I believe that it is Bobo. And I believe that Waverly has the same mother as Wynonna and Willa. And that’s why Ward was so angry and hit her from time to time. I believe Willa says that in the end of season 1.

    I loved to hear Wynonna telling Waverly that it doesn’t matter if she is an Earp or not because she will always be her sister. Kinda feel a little Buffy and Dawn there. Even when Buffy finds out the truth that Dawn is the key she stills treats her as her sister. And will go thru hell to protect her. I believe that Waverly knew all the time that it was Bobo who saved her. but it’s not always so easy to say to the one you really care about the “bad” guy saved you. And after watching the episode and re watch it again it’s kind of Wynonna’s time travel that makes Bobo so protective over Waverly. The youngest in the “sisterhood”

    Then we go to JC meeting the black widows. And we learn that they are sisters. So I wondering. Why do you marry two sisters? And have another wife by the side. And we learned in 206 that the is five other wifes. Those who came before us. I think Mercedes says. So that means that one guy had eight wifes? How twisted isn’t that.

    I don’t know if I like the fact that Doc is with Rosita and potentially the baby daddy. That he is going to the salt flats. To visit Constance Clootie who’s no longer there. So that’s good that the gang get to know that she is gone/dead.

    I think Wynonna freaks out because she still in a little denial about the baby.

    The bar scene with Nicole comforting Waverly and telling her that it’s the memories that matter not the blood. But I really don’t like her lying to her about not seeing the results. After last episode when she was drunk and couldn’t lie. I believe that is why she’s not drinking so fast this time not to slip up and say something at the wrong time. And then the interruptions again. It’s so funny that it’s always someone popping up when all Wayhaught fans cheering for more action :P.
    I love to see Tamara again. I believe we are going to see her more now the last episodes. And I recall something Tim said in an interview that everything is going to get an answer and some others will pop up. So likely will Doc go to Wynonna and I think that Dolls and Rosita are going to be a couple.

    I’m hesitating the order. I want to believe they are the good guys but somehow I think they going to become the bad guys next season. Because the black widows are probably going to get killed in the last episode. After they released the demon sheriff Clootie. And I believe when they can kill sheriff Clootie the curse will be broken. Not before. I don’t think they need too kill all the 77.

    It’s hard to not care for Bobo this episode. You were so sure that he was the big bad evil but he is the one that really, truly cared for Wyatt. Not Doc as we all thought and “hoped” for?

    I getting devastating when I see the expressions in Nicoles face when Waverly finds the Dna papers. I don’t really like the fact that Nicole says she loves Waverly in what’s about to be a fight again. And I want to protect you. We all know that Waverly is the toughest of them all. Ok she’s hurt and I understand that but it is so hard to see them like this, Good to know that the Wayhaught whisperer is writing the next episode. Some serious make up is going to happen :P But I’m not liking the photos that circulates an Waverly looking like she’s living in the wild with a shotgun. I think she will run into Bobo next episode. And that we are going to get more answers.

    When Wynonna is calling Robert Bobo make me wonder if it is she who gives him the nickname from the start. What can I do try to remember who you where. I love to see Wynonna when she is about to die and she says her name is Waverly. In that moment there’s so much mother feelings so I cry my eyes out. She know if she dies then it is Waverly that takes over the curse. And she names her because she loves her baby sister and will do anything to make sure she is safe, just like Buffy when she comes back from her walkabout and knows that death is the answer. So she throws her self out from the tower so that she is sacrificed instead of her “sister” the key Dawn. Buffy know that she will die but she has come to that understanding that so may be it. And the pleading from Wynonna in the same sentence Waverly wake me up. I can’t quite understand how the fire apartment hears the bell from the other side thou.

    I’m here I got you my angel, and do she say Bobo or papa I don’t know. I think she just say papa because he is the male figure in her life that cares for her as a papa should.

    Then is the a coincidence that she stop breathing for 77 seconds? I don’t think so. And I believe that the only one who comes back is bobo but I kind of missed him so good? Probably not. How demonic is he now? And will he remember that it was Wynonna back in the church and not Waverly?

  8. – “Why is she so mean?” – the young actress playing Waverly is SOOOO Waverly, the way she said it would really tell you it’s Waverly.
    – “If in doubt, follow the blonde” and “The other JC” – Wynnona-isms of the week
    – OMG GIRL SAME “like when your alarm clock enters your dream before it enters your consciousness”
    – I also am worried about Wynnona dying, and confused as to why Wynonna said Waverly’s name.
    – OBGYNE convo – yeah I agree with @cyclone, Wynonna was referring to Waves, not her baby. Also, Wynonna freaked out maybe because she is still in denial (@missmt82), and maybe was hoping that the 1st time she sees her baby is actually in real life once she gives birth. Which would be of mixed feelings but I hope mostly happy. A moment she actually is waiting for and has prepared for unlike that sonogram screen.
    – I don’t think I would ever get tired of saying this: thank you VA and good job :)

  9. Guys, I hate time travel as a plot device, it just makes things too confusing. The vision quest and seeing everything as a dream? Fine, no issues. But the interaction with Bobo creates a paradox and it makes so sense! Bobo never would have been so protective of Waverly unless Wynonna told him, and she wouldn’t have been in that place at that time without Waverly being Waverly, who apparently would have been dead without Bobo, who wouldn’t have saved her without the influence of dream-state Wynonna. Having to write that sentence made me confused, which is why I hate time travel!

    I think Bobo is definitely Waverly’s father. My theory is that Mama Earp had an ongoing relationship with Bobo. Wynonna named Waverly, Mama told Bobo the name, Bobo called her “his angel” and then Mama called Waverly “angel.”

    Does anyone else really miss the Wynonna/Doc romantic pairing? Melanie and Tim just have such good chemistry, and I don’t get the same feeling with Wynonna/Dolls. I still think of Dolls as her boss, and I feel like their banter is still more hard-boss/cheeky-employee instead of romantic/flirting.

  10. The OB-GYN scene super confused me too. I guess not *every* scene can be perfectly written. Overall, I got the idea that the gyno was asking about adoption, and Wynonna has made some emotional connections between her having/raising a baby and the complicated childhoods that she and her sisters had (especially Waverly, given their convo at the lake earlier).

    I liked the flashback scenes with Constance Clootie and Bobo/Robert. The origin of the curse in Constance’s husband is a cool idea, and the fact that Robert is an innocent victim in this curse makes the curse that much more… realistic? I know that’s a weird thing to say, but it makes sense that an evil curse would be blind in its effects. Wyatt Earp’s been called a “hero” but his legacy sure has been damaging to his friends and family.

    I was glad to see Wynonna start to realize the effect the curse (and possibly her dying) has on her baby, aka, the next Earp heir. I’ve been waiting for the stakes of the pregnancy to sink in a little bit regarding the curse: if the Earp curse isn’t broken, Wynonna’s baby becomes the next person to suffer a life without choice.

    Sad Wynonna is the saddest, and sad Waverly is the worst, but sad Nicole just hurts. Oh, best girlfriend in the world, you tried too hard and it backfired real bad. Kat Barrell’s *faces* in the moments Waverly stormed out were so rough; especially after how funny she was last ep.

    @Jenny I’m already invested in the Mama Earp-Bobo relationship theory, but this is a smart read “My theory is that Mama Earp had an ongoing relationship with Bobo. Wynonna named Waverly, Mama told Bobo the name, Bobo called her “his angel” and then Mama called Waverly “angel.”” Thanks! We’ve gotten a few references to her, in episodes 1 and 3, at least, and I hope they were foreshadowing to learning more about her deal.

    Ah! So much plot this season! Four episodes to go?

    • Oh also! I kinda hope Jeremy was out with Doc in the salt flats, but I know he was home playing video games.

  11. The verse from the bible is Matthew 10:36 – and in context of the other verses around it…

    ” 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother,
    a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
    36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.
    37“Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

    So it sounds like her enemies are her own family? Yikes.

    • Well considering her parents and her older sister…that seems about right. But yeah can’t be great, foreshadowing-wise.

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