VIDEO! Getting in Bed with Kristin #10: Friendship, Aghhhh!

I sure do love getting in bed with all of you wonderful people, I WILL TELL YOU WHAT. Last week we dug into friendship: making friends, losing friends, coming out to friends, and of course... the television show F•R•I•E•N•D•S. I really had to push you all to actually ask me about the television show but finally a few questions came through and now everyone knows how I feel about Ross' relationship to Carol and Susan, and also which two characters I feel best represent me. (We also got to hear from Jenny on this hard-hitting topic and it was great).

We will be convening on a SPECIAL DAY for a SPECIAL PERSON for our next episode: This Saturday, April 8, at 3pm PT Brittani Nichols will be getting in bed with me whhhhaaaaat. If you have time, you should check out the first time Brittani got in my bed so you are even more prepared for this momentous occasion. Bring all your questions, I cannot wait to see all of your faces. Well. I don't see your faces but you know what I...

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