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I just want the good [merch] life
I got [a sale code for] it
And now I'm just like I
Wanna stay [in my house] all night
Dance to songs I know by heart
Til [my package from HelloMerch comes] home
Get [the shirts] alone
Tell [them] what [I] want to do
[Where I want them shown]
[We'll] get high
[We'll] go deep
Drink some water
Get some sleep
If it feels good [buy] it
If it feels good, awh yeah
If it feels good [wear] it
If it feels good
Do it
If it feels good [pin] it
If it feels good, awh yeah
If it feels good, [snuggle into] it
If it feels good

I love [to be] observant
[Cause this code I deserve it]
[Might be calling my new shirts] baby
But only [cause they complete] me
[Look in the mirror and] say
[I look more than] ok
[I love myself so much it's] stupid
[I love the way I] do it
Oh [I look] so fly
So [good I'm no longer shy]
Come to me
We don't have a plan at all
But I don't think it's dumb to be
Got a [shopping] list
Of the things I ...

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