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The Autostraddle Insider Issue 95: August 2022

Letter From Your Editors

Hey there late summer sun rays, we’ve missed you!

Nico asked that we take photos of our backs for this month’s insider theme — and my primary takeaway is that we have some amazing hair and tattoos? Like… what? Hotties. All of us. Hotties work here. You’re welcome.

Heather / Tracy / Kayla / Carmen Vanessa / Laneia / Valerie / DrewAnya (and Tubbs) / Ro / Viv (at their old job) / Nico

To be completely honest, I barely remember August.

I was just saying to Valerie that this summer feels like a Thanos snap (I’m a nerd) because I can't believe that it’s not still June. Somehow tomorrow is September, and I am not ready. I haven’t checked to see if any of my ful...

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