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Offline Shadows: How Sex Workers Become Marginalized Victims of Morality-Based Legislation

Sex workers are resilient and face near constant opposition via social stigma or legal obstacles. Regardless of the conditions, for some people, it is the only way to feed their family. The FOSTA-SESTA package-bill is not going to save sex trafficking victims; it’s just going to turn consensual sex workers into victims themselves. Decriminalization is the only solution to preventing sex trafficking and separating sex workers from that label.

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Also.Also.Also: US Remains Fucked Up, Racist and Violent and Other Stories to Start Your Week

Tech does not talk about black people being killed by police, white America has to decide racism is fucked up, the mortal threshold of whiteness, parenting while black, free summer food programs for kids across the country, being the sober one at the party, fireflies, ice cream, LGBT foster kids need fostering, queer in the Coast Guard, moms for marijuana, and so much more!