“Supergirl” Episode 508 Recap: Who Will Save Your Soul?

Previously on Supergirl, National City was plagued by an ancient earthbender and his secret society Leviathan, the Martian brothers made up and stopped trying to kill each other, Lena confessed to Kara that her heart was broken and trapped her in a Kryptonite cage in the Fortress of Solitude while she took off with the Myriad technology to set her Do No Harm plan into motion.

After realizing she wasn’t responding to their comms, Alex and Brainy show up to the Fortress to save Kara before too long, but she still wasn’t even trying to break out of her little cell. As soon as they get her out, Kara’s immediately talking about Lena, saying she has to go after her. “She hates me,” she says with her sad eyes. She broke Lena’s heart and she wants to fix it.

Meanwhile, Lena is in Lex’s old bunker using the satellites to prepare Myriad. She’s going to make this world a place that can’t hurt her anyone if it’s the last thing she does. Lena is so happy Hope has been by her side through this; her help has been invaluable. Before they can start the process of launching Myriad, Lena realizes that Supergirl has tracked her down and is outside the bunker. The bunker’s built-in defenses already have cannons pointed at Supergirl, and Lena just has to decide what to do.

lena and hope in the bunker

Lena almost sounded excited to hear that Supergirl escaped her Kryptonite cell.

She hesitates briefly, but then tells Hope to deploy. Supergirl is blasted back a bit, and Lena is sure this will give Kara the signal she’s sending and she’ll back off. But when Supergirl doesn’t leave, the cannons switch to a Kryptonite blast. Outside, Kara sees the beams turn green and looks like someone just slapped her across the face. She floats there, hands up, quietly begging Lena not to, clinging to the hope that Lena won’t fire.

Supergirl holds up her hands in surrender


And Kara’s hope is warranted, because Lena doesn’t hesitate this time, she immediately and frantically tries to shut down the blasters when she realizes they’ve turned fatal. She shuts them down just in time with a sigh of relief.

Lena looks stressed

Nothing like the adrenaline rush of almost killing the person you care about most in this world.

When she regains her composure, she tells Hope that she did that because they don’t kill people, “no matter how much they’ve hurt us.” She’s nowhere near the line she’d need to cross to become a villain, but she’s also not ready to make nice.

Back in the Leviathan lair, Rama Khan returns only to find Gamemnae (the woman formerly and briefly known as Tech Lady) telling him that there are whispers that he’s losing his touch. That the Elder might be putting someone else in charge instead. She reminds him that her tech is still an option, and warns Rama Khan that the humans will destroy the planet if they’re not stopped (fact) and that Supergirl will die before letting them harm the humans. But tonight the planets will be aligned just so, and they can take advantage of that to make a second Pompeii using the dormant supervolcano that has apparently been in National City this whole time. All they need is a staff, and to harness the medallian’s powers, aka Acrata’s powers.

After finding herself unwelcome at Lena’s bunker, Supergirl goes to the DEO to ask if there’s a way they can communicate with Lena while she’s inside.

Kara tells Alex all the things Lena revealed to her in the Fortress, about how she’s known Kara was Supergirl for months, how Lena killed Lex to protect her, how she stole Myriad. There’s no anger or frustration in her voice, just a deep and heavy sadness. Guilt, even. She just wants to talk to Lena, but Alex has concerns.

Alex looks concerned

“You…you know I’m the gay one right?”

Kara insists there’s still time to reach Lena, that she can fix this, so Brainy tells her they can project a hologram into the bunker.

They don’t really understand why Lena would need Myriad anyway, but J’onn pops in saying he knows how, and doesn’t warn anyone before his brother pops in right beside him. A little “heyyy a former fugitive who was trying to kill us all is gonna show up in a second but DON’T WORRY” would have been nice, but alas. Alex kicks into Attack Mode but J’onn talks her down, saying they’re linked now and J’onn is sure Mal is good and here to help.

Mal explains what he knows about Lena’s Do No Harm plan, and how she was harnessing his Q Waves and powers to do it.

Kara looks desperate, Alex looks concerned still

Alex is so torn between trusting her sister and protecting her .

Kara looks to Alex to see if she sees what she sees now. Lena thinks she’s doing good. “She’s hurting,” Kara says, guilt dripping off every word. Mal agrees with her, and Kara insists again, “I can still save her.” She blames herself for this hurt Lena is wielding, and she says it again, hoping she can speak it into reality. “I’m going to fix this.”

Rama Khan goes to get Andrea to do another job, but Andrea has had enough. She was doing it to save someone she loves, but someone else she loved died in the process. Rama Khan offers her one last job; then she’ll be free of her contract. She asks about her father and he spits that he can keep his riches, and her eyes fill with heartache because that’s not what she was trying to save.

Andrea looks defeated

It was never about the money for Andrea. And empathizing with her is a plot twist I didn’t see coming.

Lena is in the bunker and almost ready to launch Myriad. Lena is so ready to save humanity she’s practically glowing.

But then Supergirl beams in. She tries to stop her from using Myriad, and Lena thinks that Kara thinks she’s using it for evil and she’s offended.

Lena looks defiant and sad

No good deed goes unpunished.

Kara apologizes again. She’s sorry she was weak and she lied to Lena for so long. She knows that she made a mistake, she knows that all Lena ever asked of her was honesty and it’s the one thing she didn’t give her. She says that Lex used Kara’s weakness, her lies, to try to break Lena and make her more like him, but she’s better than him, she always has been. And Kara has given speeches like this in the past. The last-ditch effort before a fight, the “we don’t have to do this” appeal. But usually her voice is strong and her head is high and she speaks with an earned righteousness, with clarity and confidence, laced with an abundance of hope. But not this time. This speech is full of apologies and sorrow. It’s tinged with borderline desperation, her voice is wavering, her hope dwindled to one thin strand she’s clinging to with everything she’s got.

Kara apologizes via hologram through teary eyes

Kara keeps calling herself weak but the strength it takes to apologize like this, to reach out to Lena over and over, is more than she even knows.

(PS. This has nothing to do with anything except that writing about Kara’s teary eyes and strength reminded me, I highly recommend watching Melissa Benoist’s IGTV video she posted about her history with intimate partner violence (if you’re able), so you can see that Melissa is stronger and braver than we even knew. I stand with Melissa, always have and always will.)

Lena knows this, she knows that even though she’s in Lex’s bunker using evil technology that she is not like the antagonists they’ve gone up against in the past. She is good. This is good. She tells Kara that her words mean nothing to her and turns off the hologram.

Lena looks sad but determined

You can see her icy shell cracking and melting but hell if she’ll accept the warmth she’s offered.

Kara goes out onto the DEO balcony to process and Alex comes out to check on her. Kara is heartbroken that she couldn’t get through to her. She understands why Lena is doing what she’s doing. Her voice quivers as she tells Alex that she knows it’s her fault.

Kara looks so sad on the feelings balcony while alex looks on

You can take responsibility for causing someone pain, but you can’t hold yourself solely responsible for the actions they take afterward.

Alex reassures her that Kara wasn’t keeping her identity a secret to hurt Lena, but to protect her, to protect everyone. That impact is important, but intent should be considered, too. She loves Lena too, but there’s more at stake than Kara and Lena’s relationship. The fate of humanity is on the line, and if Lena has gone too far to pull back to them, they have to treat her like someone who is not on their side. Kara shakes her head. “This is not our Lena.”

But with this new information, this new turn of events, Alex isn’t sure she knows who their Lena is anymore. Lena’s upset that Kara lied to them for months, but then she turned around and did the same thing. Showed up to countless game nights harboring secret resentment. And it’s not the first time she lied to them. Though, in this moment, Alex goes against her own advice, and is ignoring Lena’s good intentions in every instance she mentions. Kara says she will not, I repeat, WILL NOT treat Lena like a villain. But Alex has to. Despite Alex’s words coming out all calm in rational, I think what’s really happening is that Kara is hurt and Alex wants to fix it. I don’t think Alex thinks Lena is a villain, I don’t even think she really holds all those things against her (though she did come up with them awful quickly), I think she sees the pain in her sister’s eyes and all ability to see two sides to this flew off the balcony.

Alex proves she means business by telling Kara that they snuck a virus into the bunker with the hologram that will slow down Myriad and give her time to surrender before they take any action. Alex says they have to start thinking with their heads, not their hearts.

Alex gives Kara a talking to

“We. Can both. Be queer. It’s fine.”

Back at the bunker, Lena tries to launch Myriad, but something blocks it. Hope says that the hologram had a virus, and Lena is hurt. And I’m screaming at my TV that Kara didn’t know, but Lena is resigned to yet another betrayal. I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should to when Lena calls Kara “Kara” vs “Supergirl” since she learned they were one person, but in this instance when Lena calls her Supergirl, for some reason it stabs me in the heart.

They need to manually adjust the satellites but Lex made it dangerous to do so. Hope is more than ready to go do it, since launching Myriad was part of her coded objectives, but Lena panics. Don’t go, she pleads. She walks it back a little, saying, “We may need you,” trying to sound dispassionate and logical about the AI she built and put in her ex-assistant’s body.

lena looks defiant

Lena, it’s okay if you grew attached to your AI. I used to cry every time my tamagotchi died.

At the DEO, Kara runs to Space Dad to say her sister’s trying to hurt Lena, and that she just needs time. J’onn is sort of in the middle on all this, and can see both sides; all he knows for sure is that they think they can use Mal’s Q Waves to stop Myriad.

Rama Khan takes Andrea to the volcano, she realizes what he wants her to do and refuses to do it. She warns him that Supergirl will just stop him, but he roars something about being a god and attacks. Andrea grabs the staff and Shadows off to the DEO, trying to warn them before Rama Khan yoinks her back and traps her and the staff into a dirt mound he can use as an energy beacon.

Her brief visit to the DEO was enough for Brainy to link the staff to Pompeii and guess at Rama Khan’s plan. Alex is giving orders to everyone to stop this, but Kara interrupts and tells Alex about the Q Wave plan. Alex almost laughs at the idea of trusting Mal to help them stop Lena.

Alex looks torn


Alex’s current plan to stop Lena if she doesn’t surrender would result in Lena’s death, and Kara pleads with her sister. Lena is their friend, she’s part of their chosen family, and if Alex kills her, there’s no turning back from that. It will have lasting consequences on all of them.

Now it’s Alex’s turn to go to Space Dad for advice, and Alex says that this decision isn’t as easy for her as Kara is making it sound. She doesn’t want to have to hurt Lena but her job is to make the tough choices and ultimately do what’s best for the world, not just the people she personally cares about. But J’onn tells her that they can’t just write people off for their past mistakes. They have to give them the chance to try to be better.

The DEO sends Lena another warning, another request to surrender, but Lena tells Hope to delete them. Hope asks again if she can go rearrange the satellite dishes. She believes in Lena, and Eve did too, and she wants Myriad to be successful. She was designed to want Myriad to be successful. Lena refuses again, saying they’ll find another way, because she doesn’t want both Hope and Eve to die, and Hope is the only friend Lena has left.

Lena looks desperately at Hope

“You’re the only Hope I have.”

But Hope reminds her she is not Lena’s friend. She’s her AI. Lena’s face falls. My heart sinks. Two things are happening here all at once. The only person Lena trusted just reminded her that she’s not her friend. And also Lena realizes that she grew emotionally attached to the AI she built to work by her side so she wouldn’t be hurt…and it hurt her. Because no matter how hard she tries, Lena is full of love and her instinct is to trust despite the pain she’s been through. So she loved and trusted Hope despite her being in a betrayer’s body and hell didn’t even want Eve to be gone forever.

Lena looks down trying to fight her FEELINGS

“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”

This poor woman doesn’t need to “fix” humanity she just needs some therapy and maybe a puppy.

Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter go to fight Rama Khan while Alex is torn between using the Claymore satellite, which will definitely stop Myriad but probably kill Lena, or to trust Malefic, which will probably stop Myriad but definitely not kill Lena.

Having been slapped on the wrist by reality, Lena lets Hope go out to the satellites and together they crack Lex’s code and access the manual overrides, and finally Myriad is ready. So Lena launches it.

They have 30 seconds before Myriad reaches earth and all of humanity is hit with the Do No Harm waves, and after a moment of deliberation, Alex chooses to trust Mal because if there’s a chance to save her friend, she’s going to take it. If not for herself, for Kara.

Mal is almost successful but needs a little more power to fully overcome the Myriad beams, and Brainy says the only way to do that is to shut off the DEO inhibitors. Alex is scared but when it comes down to it Alex chooses to trust, and Mal is successful; Myriad has been stopped.

Alex looks relieved

I didn’t really think Lena would die but if Alex had taken that path…it would have been a loooooong road back to Kara.

Rama Kahn buries Supergirl in cinderblocks and is giving her his best villain speech, but when she hears that Alex chose the save-Lena approach to stopping Myriad, Kara feels a surge of hope that gives her the energy she needs to throw off her concrete blanket and freeze the Earthbender. At the same time, J’onn gets the staff out of the ground and Arcata is set free to tackle Rama Khan and shadow him away.

In the bunker, Lena is defeated. Hope asks what they should do, and Lena just resigns to the fact that she lost, saying sometimes the good guys don’t win.

Lena resigns to losing

Sometimes good does not prevail, and sometimes not all ships set sail.

Shadow takes a stabbed Rama Khan to the Leviathan lair, where Gamemnae takes the staff out of him, yoinks his pin off his robe, and tells him that she’s in charge now. His reign is over. Patriarchy = toppled.

Lena and Hope teleport back to her lab, where Lena makes sure her gun is loaded before handing it to Hope. And for a breath I was terrified. I thought she was going to have Hope shoot her, or herself, I didn’t know where this too-calm Lena was, emotionally. How defeated she really felt. If her hopelessness was leading her to want to be Hopeless. But in reality she’s just the cleverest girl. Agents come swooping in and Hope gets what Lena wants her to do. She pretends to hold Lena hostage, and Lena plays the victim, calling Hope “Eve” and acting innocent as a babe.

Lena pretends to be held captive

Obviously none of these guards had ever met Lena Luthor because no one who knows her would buy this damsel act.

At the DEO, Alex finds Kara on the feelings balcony again (I like that every building in National City has a feelings balcony) and tells her the story Lena’s giving the authorities. Neither of them believe it, they know what Lena did, but Kara is just so happy she’s alive. And now Alex is on her side; they’re going to save Lena’s soul, they’re going to get her back from the brink, together.

alex smiles at kara

“Yes, my dear sister, we’ll save your ‘friend’ from herself, surely there will be no crisis to distract us.”

Later that night, Lena is drinking alone in her apartment and looking longingly at a picture of her and Kara, while at her loft, Kara is also looking at the same photo of them. And I’m sorry, but RIGHT before this scene, there was one of Andrea looking with that same sad look at a picture of her and Russell aka the person she LOVES ROMANTICALLY. So please explain to me the logic behind this. Please explain to me how the writers can keep calling them friends and yet having them do things that more-than-friends do in the same universe, the same show, the same EPISODE. There was a time I could see the argument both ways; that I could see why SuperCorp was a ship and I could see how the writers thought they were writing friendship between a superhero and a billionaire. But that time is long gone and if they finish this season not even mentioning one time that maybe there was more than friendship feelings at least on one side of this, I’m going to launch Myriad myself so no TV show can do harm to me ever again.

lena at her window like some kind of rachel duncan

“And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky.”

Kara looks longingly at the picture of Lena

If this was a high school AU I bet Kara would memorize Lena’s schedule so they could “accidentally” run into each other in the halls.

Alas, even if such a confession were in our future, it’s going to have to wait, because, as you may or may not have heard, a crisis is coming. A character I called “Stupid Crisis Man” in my notes (but is actually called Mar Novu/The Monitor) shows up to J’onn after he sends his brother away in his rocket car to see M’gann and says J’onn passed his test. The Monitor says he’s been watching J’onn since the Elseworlds crossover and thinks he should join this crossover, too.

When The Monitor leaves J’onn, he goes back to a weird floating floor where Lex is alive and well and playing chess. The Monitor apparently brought Lex back to fulfil his destiny and become a hero, and Lex says he’s always been the hero, because WHEW that man is living in his own elseworld, but first Lex wants to discuss his sister. To which I say, “Keep her name out of your mouth, SIR.”

The Crisis set up that was at the end of Batwoman and Supergirl, that I imagine will be at the end of all the Arrowverse shows this week, is the newest rendition of Harry standing in the tunnel he found when he was following The Monitor. He presses symbols that I imagine represent Supergirl, Batwoman, Flash, Arrow, and the Legends, in that order, and the door (to infinite earths??) opens up and sucks him in.

The Crossover will be in five parts, the first three next week, and the last two in January, when our beloved Legends will finally return unto us.

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  1. The thing that got me in this episode, was all these emotional vulnerable discussions of doubt and depth and pain and love … happening in the MIDDLE OF THE DEO.

    Like at least find a small meeting room? A one-on-one space? Like where you all go for performance reviews or whatever? Because I’m sure there are some DEO employees going all “Um, working here?!” about, for instance, their Director having an emotional discussion with the ex-Director about her sister and loving people. You don’t need that stuff in the middle of your damn office.

    In all seriousness though, I’m with you Valerie Anne: at one point Supercorp was a fun ship that could imagine, and know you’re kinda playing around with the subtext, but it was fun and enjoyable to just pretend and imagine. We’ve SO left that point behind. I had precisely the same thought about Andrea looking at the pic of her & Russell, and then IMMEDIATELY we cut to both Kara & Lena looking at exactly the same pic of themselves wistfully. We’re now at the point of queer-baiting, and this is stopping being fun, because I know they’re going to leave them as “just friends” and for a show I love to do that? That honestly hurts.

    • I feel the same about the SuperCorp of it all. It was fun, I really enjoyed it… and I started to get worried when this season was pitched as being Kara and Lena-heavy. If they’re not going to really go there, I’d rather they didn’t go there. I feel like I’m anticipating a train wreck.

  2. Ok,I’m torn so two very separate things:
    1.Fun things first: Hope was the name of Gabrielle’s kid, who killed Xena’s kid, and then Xena killed Hope because evil and then they had the whole “Bitter Suite” which was about betrayal, and this is not a coincidence?
    Then in Season 2,3? of Mr.Robot they had this very infamous “Alexa, are you my friend?” scene which this was absolutely not a callback to? Dom dePierro was also not straight? Also not straight: Lena’s thing with her AI. WHAT IS GOING ON?

    2.So now, I guess this is the place to talk about the IGTV thing, since you’ve mentioned it?
    That blew me out of the water for an entire day.
    It was so personal and so important, and most of all so unexpected, it really, really hit me. Melissa Benoist gave so many people in abusive relationships a frame of reference, a language and words which they would have otherwise not have had, that she also gave them a voice and a means of escape. Not unlike the friend who sat her down.
    What a Supergirl thing to do.
    I’m still so heartbroken, I’ve just recently heard about ERW,too and the strength of these women rising above the people who physically tried to subdue them is heartbreaking and fucking admirable at the same time.
    Just, damn.

  3. This episode really showed me that Kara was damned no matter the point in which their relationship began. Because of Lena’s issues, she would’ve found a way to not trust Kara. I don’t think her reaction would be this extreme but the likelihood there would have been a friendship at all would be slim. I’ve said it many times, homegirl needs 2 – 3 day a week therapy from the best therapist that Supergirl can fly her to.

    I hope that they have Lena turn another corner by the end of the season because I hate this. I hate that Alex and Kara feel so torn between protecting Lena and saving the rest of the world. I hate that Kara still believes in Lena despite everything she’s done yet Lena is so deep in the quagmire of her own making (let’s be honest she’s completely responsible for her own pain at this point) that she can’t see the examples being set.

    Where the heck is Nia btw? And lastly, the feelings balcony is like the feelings elevator on Grey’s.

    • Edit: I meant to say there was no point in time during their relationship in which Kara could tell the truth and Lena wouldn’t see her as someone who couldn’t be trusted.

  4. “You’re the only Hope I have.”

    You’re good.

    I like this grey area nonsense very much, for one. I am just worried about the parallel between Lex saying he’s always been the hero and Lena saying good doesn’t always prevail.

  5. I spent the entire episode screaming SEND KELLY TO TALK TO HER. Not even just because Kelly’s a therapist, but because Lena needs to talk to someone who’s outside of the conflict, who didn’t betray her. Like, geez Kara, I know you feel guilty, but you can’t just “fix it” by crying at her. SHE’S MAD AT YOU. Give the girl some fucking space! (Yes I know they’re in the middle of an apocalypse, but if Kara’s going to try to solve it like an interpersonal conflict, she’s still doing a crappy job.) I also felt like they were trying to solve the wrong problem: they don’t need to convince Lena that she’s a good person and therefore shouldn’t do this, because Lena knows and believes that she’s a good person. They have to convince her that this is a TERRIBLE idea and will not actually make the world better. Because her plan doesn’t make any sense! What would it even mean to “not be able to hurt anyone”? Would everyone be like Spike with his chip? Who/what decides what would be hurtful? Sometimes we can’t protect one person without hurting another. LITERALLY HOW WOULD THIS EVEN WORK. What about when more alien threats show up who haven’t been affected by Myriad and then humanity can’t fight them? LENA THIS IS A TERRIBLE PLAN. WHY IS NO ONE APPEALING TO HER LOGIC.

    Okay, rant over.

    • Have you ever tried to reason with a really smart person whose EQ is lower than their IQ? They will tell you over and over again that their reasoning and logic are sound especially when they know they are smarter than you. Kara is just a ball of emotion which Lena is railing against and she’s not as smart so Lena has no “logical” reason to listen to her. Even Brainy being of intelligence couldn’t get through to her because she would see him as trying to manipulate her into forgiving him or the super friends no matter how logical his approach.

      I think that Lex or even Lillian are the keys to bringing Lena back from the brink. Both are of equal or greater intelligence but if one or both were to be in agreement with what she’s doing it would be huge red flags because she knows their intentions/motives are never altruistic and she would finally see she’s becoming the villain she never wanted to be.

  6. Maybe it’s because I just finished re watching Steven Universe, but I found that both John and Supergirl are really Steven-like. They are both about trying to help people and trusting that they can heal their pain with help. Kara specially will keep believing in people to the point that she ignores her own heart. She deserves all the hugs.

    I have really been enjoying this season, but totally agree with the queerbaiting. I thought they were setting up the classic situation where Kara would have to pick between saving Lena and saving the world, but the picture thing was even gayer. I keep hoping they will pull a Legend of Korra, but I don’t trust the writers at all.

  7. This is going to sound twisted, but I’m relieved that their relationship is still in ruins.

    Wait! Let me explain!

    The fact that Lena plays a part in the crossover made me worried that they were going to wrap up the angst with a neat and tidy bow in a single episode (as they’ve done before). But they didn’t, thank Rao, which means the post-Crisis arc will be all about trying to save Lena’s soul.

    Except… we’re only sundown, metaphorically. The night will only get darker before the dawn. What could tempt Lena further into the darkness? Her brother? Her mother? Leviathan itself? Or, in a twist, is Lex going to try to save Lena from following in his footsteps?


    It seems odd how underwhelming the stakes felt with Leviathan. In the past three weeks we’ve had two extinction level events that were solved so easily as to feel trivial. Compared to whether or not Lena and Kara repair their relationship (and what form it takes afterwards), I can’t say I really was bothered by yet another leftover from Krypton threatening the world. We’ve heard that song too many times now.


    Haven’t y’all heard, a Crisis is coming? You’d think a woman who can dream the future might know something about it. Maybe we should ask her.

  8. I love Katie McGrath and the idea of SuperCorp, but there is no universe in which taking away everyone’s free will is not considered villainous.

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