“Supergirl” Episode 323 Recap: A Second Chance

I’m going to serve it to you cold: This season of Supergirl was… rough. Kara lost herself entirely because of a boyfriend who never deserved her; Maggie’s departure, however well-written and well-acted I thought it was, was heart-wrenching; and Alex slowly devolved into a shell of a human without her AND without her sister; Lena was forced aboard a ship without any of our consent; and it started to look like they had introduced a swath of people of color only to kill them all off one-by-one, including fanfiction-favorite Sam Arias.

And by the end of last week’s episode, I feared this show I once loved with my entire heart had lost its way to the point of no return. I didn’t think one episode could assuage all my fears and give me hope that they understood where they went wrong and how to fix it. But here we are, and I’m… I’m smiling. I know the bar was low, I know the world is a garbage heap right now and I went into this finale desperate to find joy, but I really, truly believe that this was a huge turning point for this show. I know the timing is such that it’s literally not possible, but it’s almost like they read my letter to Kara and addressed most of my issues. This is the most excited I’ve been to write a recap in a minute, so let’s get to it!

Previously on Supergirl, Lena figured out how to split Reign and Sam but they’re both still alive for now, though neither can survive this way. Kara found out her mother is alive and was going to move to the displaced city of Argo with her until the evil priestesses and the newly resurrected Reign started a literal apocalypse. So Alura sent Sam into the Reignforest again to drink from the Fountains of Lilith and become strong again.

We open where we ended last episode, with the world cracking open at its center and trying to swallow everyone whole. Supergirl and her mother work side by side to minimize the damage, while Sam runs around the Reignforest looking for the Lilith Fair… er, I mean, Fountain of Lilith. Alex runs on top of a car and protects it with her new supersuit’s forcefield.

It’s great. James takes off his mask to help calm down a woman by looking her square in the eye instead of just being a robot yelling instructions at her, the Zor-Els work with Imra to slow down a tidal wave, it’s an action-packed opening and I’m here for it. Supergirl even gets in one of her classic quips, this time a line from Star Wars and then incredulousness at Brainy for never having seen any of those movies.

Supergirl flies and quirks an eyebrow at the same time

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Supergirl! OUR Supergirl!! Slowly coming into focus.

Papa J’onn melts into the Earth and seals up its cracks, which is of course very sad, but is way better than just deteriorating to death, which is what I thought they were going to have him do.

Team Supergirl looks out over the now-calm city and feel like maybe they won this time.

Kara and Alura look over National City's new relative calm

Kara Has Two Mommies

Alex and Kara go inside and hug their Space Dad, assuring him his father went out a hero. The thing is, though, only six minute have passed, so the danger is still imminent. Sam is still unconscious in the real world, her mind running around the Reignforest. There, she runs into her late mother, which makes her fear she’s once again started to lose her mind within her mind.

So she pushes on and finds the fountain and she’s about to drink with it when the vision of her mother appears again and tells her not to drink from the clear, clean side, but from the yucky-looking side. Sam doesn’t believe her, thinks she’s a vision sent to torment her, but Mama Arias begs her to listen, apologizing for all the times she was a bad mother.

Meanwhile in the Fortress of Doomitude, the priestesses are STRESSED and the former cult leader is not nearly as dead as they think he is.

Lucky for them, however, Reign manages to escape the re-forming Earth just in time.

Reign is back, bitches

Like a damn a cockroach. Well, a sexy cockroach.

At the DEO, Brainy pulls Codpiece and Winn aside and sits them down. You see, the audience has spoken, and they’ve had quite enough straight, white, cis men to last them a lifetime. So if they would be so kind as to take his place in the future, he’d handle things here in National City for a while. Winn’s tech will be much needed in the future, and Brainy himself can’t go back because there’s someone with the oh-so-clever name of The Evil One out to get all the AIs. It’s really a win-win overall.

Across the offices, Lena goes to check on Sam in the med bay and Alex reassures her that Sam is okay so far, and I suddenly don’t care if they’re super-smart coworkers, best friends, or science girlfriends, all I know is that I want them to interact alone more forever.

Lena and Alex talk to each other and make eyecontact and HOO BOI

Danthor? Alena? Lenex? (jk I know it’s AgentCorp, I read fanficiton, too.)

Lena tells Alex she’s wonderful with Ruby and will be a wonderful mother someday and Alex, desperate for a female confidante since her sister has been emotionally MIA lately, blurts out that she’s starting to panic about what to do with her life. She finally knows she wants to be a mom, but what if she never finds a love like Maggie’s again, what if she can’t find anyone she loves who also wants kids? Does she just keep hoping for a partner and let time slip by or does she try to do it on her own? Can her job sustain her being a single parent? (And the answer, of course, is ALEX DANVERS YOU AREN’T EVEN 30 YEARS OLD YET SLOW YOUR WHOLE ROLL. But Lena has more chill than I do.)

Lena smirks with her eyes and it's sexy af

Well, that’s one way to get someone pregnant.

Lena tells Alex that “people like us” (sounds gay but go on) do what it takes to get what they want. Lena has all the faith in the world that Alex will make it work, saying that figuring out what you want is half the battle, and she’s got that part sorted.

Alex listens to Lena intently

How soon is too soon to ask someone to raise a science baby with you?

But duty calls, as Team Supergirl gets a distress signal from J’onn’s stolen ship in the Fortress of Doomitude. They worry it’s a trap but know they have to respond anyway. The plan presented is to kill Reign dead with Lena’s kryptonite, but Supergirl is uneasy with this plan; she doesn’t kill… she never kills. But Alura says sometimes you have to do bad to do good, and J’onn promises it would be a last resort, Kara reluctantly agrees with her mom and Space Dad.

Kara looks wary

I know the feeling of being steamrolled by elders you respect SO HARD

On a related parenting note: in the Reignforest, Sam’s mom is feeding her the gross water, and sings Sam a song they used to sing when she was small to help her along, and Sam finally trusts — and more importantly, forgives — her mother. She drinks from the correct water and when her body wakes up, it’s floating like someone was just playing Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. She’s alive, and she’s Super.

Sam floats while Ruby, Lena and Alex watch


Sam gets a determined look on her face, asks where Team Supergirl went, and rushes off to help them, leaving a relieved Alex, Lena, and Ruby behind.

Team Supergirl shows up to the Fortress and an epic battle ensues. Things take a turn for the worse when Reign gets Supergirl in a chokehold, but Sam swoops in just in time to stab Reign in the back. Literally.

Sam rage-stabs at Reign

There’s a metaphor here about stabbing your own evil counterpart in the back…

This makes Reign raptor-mad and she whips into another attack, but Kara punches her but good, sending her flying into the hole to the center of the Earth. As she gets swallowed by the molten pool, Reign’s heat vision goes off, zapping almost all of Team Supergirl in the process. She feels powerless and even when Reign is well and truly dead, she can’t celebrate, because only J’onn remains alive of the team she had assembled for this fight.

Supergirl is shook.

kara looks so upset

“I know we needed a dramatic reset but this is A BIT EXTREME.”

Kara starts to cry, blaming herself, looking almost like she’s snapping out of a deep fog, like she’s finally lucid after months of being dissociated. She looks around at where she is, what she’s done, or, more specifically, what she HASN’T done. She has been letting people tell her who she is, tell her what she should do, and she hasn’t made a move of her own in such a long time. But her eyes, though brimming with tears, are clear now.

Supergirl looks SO SAD

People CAN change. And they can also change back.

She sobs out, “I lost track of what I stand for.” And enough is enough. She knows what she has to do. She puts the Legion Plot Device Ring on and begs Alex and Winn to find her a disruption. She wants to go back in time. Nothing Barry Allen level, she doesn’t want to totally fuck up an entire universe’s timeline, she just wants a few minutes back. One do-over.

So Supergirl flies. Up, up, and away. Deep into space, hearing time rewind, hearing her sister’s voice say, “Kara Danvers is my favorite person,” until she finds herself back in Reign’s headlock. This time, she stops Sam from stabbing her, takes the Harun-El rock and zips the three of them to the Reignforest.

Kara watches proudly as Sam stands up to Reign and force-feeds her the good-looking bad water from the Fountain of Lilith. Reign’s powers dissipate and wraiths appear to come and take her. Sam is one person, and she is free.

When Sam and Kara wake up, back from the Reignforest, their friends all alive, well, and unzapped, Reign nowhere to be found.

Kara and Sam are back and okay

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Kara says that she thought she could be Kara Zor-El, but that isn’t who she is, not anymore. Argo isn’t her home. National City is. Earth is. She’s both Kara Danvers, and she’s Supergirl. She’s already home.

And then, the thing we needed most happened. Even though part of me thought they could have found a way to make it work with him still around, this feels like the safest bet. It’s like when you have to trim away some good plants with the weeds when you’re gardening, just to make sure everything grows back right. (I really hope that makes sense, I’m a city girl, born and raised.) The future beckons, and he’s grown enough to know that the greater good is more important than his own personal feelings; so we say goodbye, for once and for all, to Mon-El.

Kara smiles as she says goodbye

“I thought losing your love was a blow I could never withstand. Look how far I have come without anyone holding my hand.”

NOT saying goodbye, and rather pleased about it, are Sam and Ruby. They hug Lena and Alex and thank them profusely for saving their now-100%-human family.

Kara, Alex, Sam, and Ruby group hug

I meeeaaaaan they could ALL co-parent Ruby…

Speaking of families, Alex goes to talk to her Space Dad about her desperate need to have a family and how that seems to be butting up against her job at the DEO, and that she wants to give her notice. Instead of accepting her notice, J’onn gives Alex a promotion. He wants to become more of a man about town, so he’s leaving her in charge. Director Danvers. That way, she doesn’t have to be in the field all day every day, just every Monday at 8pm, and she can have a family, on her own terms. As someone who is 31 and single and wants to be a mother someday, she’s STRESSING ME OUT so hopefully this will help her chill out and relax for like TWO YEARS before giving up on finding someone to raise these hypothetical children with.

Alex looks stressed

Take a deep breath and go hop into the comments of an Autostraddle article.

Alura is going back to Argo, and she’s sad to say goodbye to her daughter, but she’s grateful to have had this opportunity to fight alongside her, and is proud of the woman she’s become. Lena brings Supergirl and Alura some more Harun-El and a recipe for it, officially making it a renewable resource. And while Alura worries about the long-term effects of this mystery rock, overall she’s happy to have more time to figure things out for her people.

Kara tears up as she says goodbye to her mom

NOW they hit the emotional points we were missing the first time.

Winn is also going to the future, and while I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of him, it’s a little weird to be saying goodbye to someone who has been there from day one. Even Alex is sad to see her little bruvver go, and I’ll miss their dynamic quite a bit.

Alex looks like she's fighting back tears

Who is she going to threaten with her pinky finger now?!

Storylines start to wrap up and open up, with J’onn putting on a hat and going off into retirement, James announcing to the world that he’s Guardian, etc. And then, just to prove to us that all is right with the world, Alex and Kara are at the loft, on the couch, with pizza and wine. I got a joyful tingle just typing that.

The danvers sisters are on the couch again!

:happy Hamilton voice: The Danvers Sisters. Hi.

They recap the goings-on of the finale and are sweet to each other, calling each other brave. Kara says the truest thing she’s ever said: that this is her home, with her sister and pizza, and Alex couldn’t be happier about it.

Alex asks Kara, softly, quietly, if they’re going to be okay, and Kara thinks for a moment and nods, a familiar glint of hope in her eyes. They’re gonna be okay. It was a moment that felt like it was reaching out and pulling me onto the couch with them, reassuring me that Season Four will be different. That they know what went wrong and they’re going to fix it. That they see where they made missteps and they’re going to reset, starting right here, right now, on this couch of sisterly bonding.

And of course since this is a season finale, we need a tag to set us up for the future. You see, Alura assumed there was no more Harun-El on Earth, but technically nobody asked that of Lena and technically she never said there wasn’t, so technically she’s well within her right to be testing on the Harun-El with Eve Tessmacher, which is technically what she’s doing right about now.

What she doesn’t know, at least not yet, is that the black rock seems to have done to Kara what it did to Sam, because there is a second Super-shaped person wandering around Siberia who looks an awful lot like Ms. Zor-El.

A Kara-shaped, stone-faced woman stands stoic

GIMME THAT DARK!KARA! Benoist makes being bad look so good.

And there we have it. I wasn’t sure it was possible for this show to win me over in the end. I was worried they were too far off-path to find their way back. But I think they might be finally heading in the right direction again. I will accept this episode as an apology, and I am ready to move forward. I know there was a lot going on behind the scenes this year, and everyone makes mistakes. I’m willing to give them another chance, because they seem genuinely willing to change. Because during this episode, I felt something I hadn’t felt in National City in a long time: Hope. I saw it in Kara’s eyes, I saw it in Alex’s face, I felt it in my own heart. I truly believe that they can find their way back to the joy and the feminism and the fierceness and the cleverness and everything we ever loved about this show. I believe. And so, even though there were a few episodes were I wasn’t sure it would be the case, I’ll be back again next season.

Enjoy the hiatus, friends, and let your heart heal from the whiplash of this season. If you’ll join me, let’s enter Season 4 in the fall with open, cautious, hearts. And in the meantime, I’ll see you around the internet flailing about Chyler Leigh’s various social media posts, and I’ll see some of you right back here on Autostraddle in a month’s time for Wynonna Earp recaps.

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  1. Alex needs to chill. She is freaking me out (27 year old single still at uni. God I need to eat heaps of chocolate to deal with the stress of her being stressed out about something I most certainly will not aquire anytime soon ahhhhhhh). Thx for the recap, this season has been quite a ride…

  2. This may be petty and mean of me, but I’m enjoying the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the Karamels.

    • If Schadenfreude is happiness at the misfortunes of others, what is joy at the sinking of other’s ships? Kanonfreude?

    • As someone who’s never been on board that particular ship, I remember catching flak for suggesting we wouldn’t see him again in season 3 because Supergirl+Mon-El were never a thing in the comics. “Oh, but they’re meant to be! Who cares about canon?”

  3. “How soon is too soon to ask someone to raise a science baby with you?”

    Best sentence I have read all day. And I read a lot of sentences. :)

  4. Hope. A new one. My only one. The House of. :D

    Indeed, things really took a turn for the better in this season finale. Probably just my imagination, but it seemed like Kara (or Melissa) was visibly relieved to let go of some old baggage– Mon-El, the idea of Argo as her only/real home and a major identity crisis.

    I’m also glad pizza-loving Kara came back as her hopeful self.

    Soooo, is Kara Harun Zor El evil? Will Sibiria Kara wear that black suit of yore again (yes, please!)? Also Lena’s phase 2 experiments might open another portal of doom (Ms Teschmacher, we have a problem)!

    Not too sad about Winn, guess we’ll see him around for a bit in S4 (JJ was announced as recurring character). Hope Brainy will bring in a bit more oompf to the DEO (and not just be the stand in for Winn). Glad that they also shook up things with J’onn going zen, and Alex having absolutely no chill but becoming the Director…

    Might be a tiny bit excited for things to come. Don’t make me regret this, show!

    Looking forward to your Wynonna Earp’s recaps, Valerie Anne. The mechanical bull, ha!

  5. Thank you for all the recaps, Valerie. I stumbled onto this site quite by accident but have become a regular for the quips, GIFs, and feeling of family the fandom brings. Here’s to an interesting* fourth season!


    From “Duet”,

    Kara: And if you’re not there in time, you can just go back in time and give it another shot!
    Barry: I’m actually not supposed to do that anymore…
    Kara: Oh, okay.


    All three top secret organizations on the Arrowverse (A.R.G.U.S, the D.E.O, and the Time Bureau) are now run by women. Make of that what you will.


    *Interesting, but not “Oh god, oh god, we’re all gonna die” interesting

    • The DEO and the Time Bureau (not forgetting the actual Legends) are run by LGBT women which is more than incredible, especially for superhero shows!

      20gayteen is making History!

  6. It’s been an interesting half season (I only joined these discussions about halfway through the season). Thanks for the recaps. Your love of the show always comes through.

    To be clear, Kara lost herself–or more appropriately the writers lost her–because of bad writing, not because of some other character’s influence, since all the characters are subject to it. It’s also true that those same writers don’t need our consent when it comes to ships. Heck, I’ve been shipping Kara+Winn since season 1.

    Speaking of which, the chemistry between Alex and Lena was excellent and if anything ever happens to James I could easily find myself shipping the two of them. Raising science babies together indeed.

    Mon-El is gone and that’s great but we never saw the “better man” Kara supposedly made him. The only reason he left was that the Legion needed him, not because he wanted/needed to be faithful to his wife.

    I’ll also miss Winn. He’s been a favorite of mine from the beginning. “Brainy” will be an interesting addition. In the comics, he fell hard for Supergirl, and he can’t possibly be worse for her than Mon-El was.

    Yay! We got Kara and Alex on the Sofa of Solitude again, which is as much of a symbolic reset as anything.

    Lena may not be an evil Luthor but she’s again shown she’s capable of Bill Clinton level handling of the truth. I strongly suspect her conviction that the normal rules don’t apply to her because she’s smarter than everyone else will come back to bite her and anyone who has the misfortune to be a bystander.

    I’m not sure what to make of the Kara doppelganger at the end. Result of Kara using harum-el? Byproduct of Kara’s time travel do-over? Something else? Fortunately, thanks to the late end to the season, we won’t have to wait quite so long to find out.

    • Thank you, David. I’m glad my love of the show came through because even through the darkest times, I do truly love this show.

      Yeah I’m super curious about the new Kara. Is it a human-but-evil version of Kryptonian-but-good Kara since Reign was a Kryptonian-but-evil version of human-but-good Sam??

  7. Fantastic recap as usual, Valerie! It’s been really tough watching many parts of this season, but I’m with you on starting to see that glimmer of hope I’ve been searching for. Here’s to season 4!

    • I’m tempted to say next season can’t possibly be worse than this one but then I have a mental image of the writers saying, “Just watch us.”

      And then those same writers give us M’rynn telling J’onn, “Promote peace and be happy,” which is excellent advice for anyone and essentially what Supergirl represents. I hope they remember.

  8. Thank you Valerie for not giving up on the show and for making these wonderful recaps, wich I always look forward to read after watching the episode (Yes, I always read them after watching to savor the jokes and inputs better).

    It was a very bumpy road but I’m hopeful that things will get better next season cause I want my feminist, positive, optimistic show back! We need it now more than never!

    Thank you again and see you at Wynonna Earp’s recaps! :)

  9. Thank you for the wonderful recaps Valerie. And, I am glad that you are finding the joy in the show back.

    I am not sure I will be watching next season. I was very disappointed with the last few episodes of the season and while I loved the couch scene, the rest of the finale was too complicated to win me over.

    I am intrigued by Kara (why should she be evil by the way? Why can’t it be a good Kara who saps away our Kara’s strength unknowingly and needs to be dealt with because of that? Imagine the moral questions such an arc could raise–again, that is not a question directed at you but at the creators and general speculation I have seen around).

    I am glad David Harewood is staying on. Glad Chris Wood is leaving to projects where his talent will get better stories because whatever may be said of Mon El (and I didn’t like him all that much unless he was a sidekick and got two minutes of comic screentime), I thought Chris is a good actor.

    I am okay with Winn leaving… I hope Jeremy gets good projects… and I like Brainy…

    I wonder if Odette will be coming back for a recurring/guest spot. She is a great actress and I hope she gets great projects too (along with Krys Marshall–whom I liked).

    Wait.. why am I speculating on future seasons. I am not going to watch it. Probably.

    Anyways.. .Take care of yourself. I don’t watch Wynonna Earp because of the gore.. But.. Happy that you enjoy that too.

    • I agree that it’s a bit early to speculate on the nature of the Kara duplicate but hey, that’s what fans do.

      In case you didn’t know, there was a Superman storyline in the comics that involved a duplicate of him made of living sand. The creature kept drawing power from Superman and becoming increasingly life-like. It wasn’t evil but it was a danger to him. Meanwhile, it simply wanted to live. It sounds very much like your idea. If done well, that could be an excellent Supergirl story.

      Anyway, I hope you do come back for the next season. Supergirl needs as many fans as it can get.

  10. Thanks for the hopeful recap. Everything was kind of a mess the last half or third of the season, and I was frustrated with the lack of Kara being emotionally invested, so I choose to live on hope with you.

    Isn’t the other Kara going to be a Supergirl version of “Red Son”? That’s what other fans I know are gnashing their teeth about.

    • Supergirl+Siberia=Red Daughter is a reasonable theory but as I understand it the current Supergirl comic series also had her landing in Russia in the beginning (I haven’t read Supergirl comics in decades so I’m going with fan chatter the same as you are) so this may be a nod to that. There are various ways they could go and honestly I hope they have more imagination than that–at least more than some fans.

      • If you mean “DC Bombshells”, they scrambled up lots of things!

        TL;DR — It’s a great series!

        I felt like that was a huge rehash of lots of characters with a sort of Rosie-the-Riveter template. Supergirl landed in the USSR and was (I think adopted) sisters with Stargirl, Poison Ivy was French (IIRC), Catwoman was an Italian countess with the resistance, Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer fought Franco with the Lincoln Batallion…had a real Woody Guthrie / resistance vibe to it also. WW busted up a Japanese-American interment camp, which would have been edgy, very edgy, at the time.

        Basically it was “take all XX chromosome DC characters, 1940s, stir, add badassery.”

  11. “…and Brainy himself can’t go back because there’s someone with the oh-so-clever name of The Evil One out to get all the AIs.”
    Valerie, I think you misunderstood. Brainiac 5 is referring to the classic Superman villain, Brainiac. The evil Brainiac.

  12. i missed the boat as the start of the season started airing, so i only just began watching it once it came to netflix—and after taking a hearbreak-break post-sanvers (I was determined not to believe it!) i’ve finally finished.

    thank you so much for these recaps. they were, legit, the only thing that got me through this season, and i’m oh so glad that i did. well, i’m worried that the writers made me hope again just to crush it, but, we’ll see. what an emotionally exhausting season of television.

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