Sunday Funday Knows Young M.A’s Bodega Order

Hey homies, my whole body hurts because I decided to start running again, because my therapist was like “what if you move your body FIRST thing so you can get he anxious energy out before you work??” And like…a concept! Therapists! They are so helpful and good. I hope my therapist is having a good Sunday. Anyway, my body hurts because running is actually awful but in a weird way I kinda like it so here we are.

And here’s Wonderwall. Or the news…unless?

+ Okay let’s just start here: Young M.A was on The Read on Fuse and she moved real close to Crissle when Crissle mentioned eating and said “what you tryna do?” and licked her lips and I personally, fell off my bed.

+ Lesbians and queer women are taking over NOLA for The Weekend Soiree.

The combination of daytime workshops and thoughtful evening social experiences provide a multidimensional experience. Myriad workshops cover topics that impact the multidimensional queer womxn. A sample of the workshops includes “Unpacking Religious Baggage,” “Family Planning Panel,” “Letters to our Masculinity” and “The Feminine of Center Experience.”

+ This cat named Cinderblock is perfect and deserves your love.

+ The fashion industry in Brazil is emerging as a site of LGBTQ+ resistance.

King Ester is a new show about a Black trans woman on Issa Rae’s Youtube channel.

+ Taiwan’s first pride after the legalization of same-sex marriage drew a crowd of thousands.

+ Hello, there’s a queer Jewish club night in London called Buttmitzvah.

+ Take a look inside King Princess’ debut album.

+ The Prisoner’s Apothecary is a cool and important project I feel like you’d be super into.

The Prisoner’s Apothecary is a mobile healing unit ( or “Plantbulance”) that transforms the plants from The Solitary Gardens into medicine for communities most deeply impacted by the insidious reach of mass incarceration. The Prisoner’s Apothecary will produce natural medicine, tea, tinctures, steams, and salves. As the medicine is designed by folks who are incarcerated, incarcerated individuals will have a unique opportunity to heal the communities they are often accused of harming.

+ Jane Fonda is perfect.

Okey dokey smokey lokey (my mom used to say that, hey mom), hope y’all have a fruitful week! Stay warm and dry, tell your barista “thank you”, say “good morning” back when someone says it to you (unless they’re an asshole, then don’t), and keep on being your perfect not straight self. I love you, let’s do this!!!

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