Sunday Funday is Pulling Out All the Stops to Shut Down Your Anti-LGBT Bullshit

Happy Sunday Funday! I am currently at the Democratic National Convention where last night I ate a lot of free food and pretended I was into athletics.

Them’s The Rules

+ The Mayor of Cleveland just expanded the city’s nondiscrimination law to protect trans folks.

Jackson signed Ordinance 1466-13, which amends Cleveland’s anti-LGBT discrimination law to prohibit businesses from banning their employees and customers to use restrooms that are consistent with their gender identity, during a ceremony at Cleveland City Hall. Equality Ohio Executive Director Alana Jochum and Jacob Nash, a trans man who co-chaired the campaign in support of the proposal, were among those who joined the mayor on stage.

“Cleveland is a place where we want to be welcoming to everyone and that everyone is the same and everyone is someone that has equity,” said Jackson before he signed Ordinance 1466-13.

Nash said Ordinance 1466-13 makes Cleveland “a more welcoming city for every individual.”

Hillary Clinton Loves You I Think

+ There’s a lot of mixed feelings in the world about Tim Kaine. But one thing we know is that he has a pretty excellent record on LGBT rights.

+ Hillary made an unplanned visit to Pulse this week to commemorate the victims after having spoken with many of their family members. The idea of an elected official actually behaving this way with their constituents is exciting to me.

Get Proud

+ The rural queers are comin’ out. Thank the USDA.

+ The DNC is very gay this year, like JSYK. If you’re in Philly you should hit me up. Or I mean, you could also just go to one of these events instead.

F*ck Donald Trump, Tho

Hey, Donald. We heard you like walls, so we put you inside one because you’re a piece of human garbage.

Okay But

Also, I just want us all to take a minute to like, relate deeply to this:

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  1. I just want to say that for about 20 years the Republican Party has been using waging a war of false innuendo to vilify anything Clinton. The smear tactic has continued this year with Hillary’s road to the nomination. Lies about her character, statements that she is ” crooked” have been repeated ad infinitude by the Republicans , but without in validation. Any mistakes she has made have been exaggerated and mischaracterized for political harm rather finding truth.
    Lies and innuendo repeated over and over from so many sources of right wing slanted rhetoric have a tendency to be believed by some people…..not based on fact or logic or truth…..but simply because they have heard it repeated over and over. It is a lot like brainwashing in a sense.
    The progressive left has been affected as well as they supported Bernie. They, in their desire to back Bernie, have slipped into the trap of believing the GOP’s lies about Hillary’s character and honesty. But it is time for the left to look at Hillary in the light of reality and realize they have inaccurately been influenced by the GOP’ s misinformation and lying barrage against Hillary. Look at the facts of Hillary’s efforts as First Lady, as Senator of New York, as Sec. Of State……and then look at The Egomaniac Goof!
    And as we all know, the fact of Hillary being female ignites the disrespect and latent hatred of so many males in America who still can’t admit that there are women who are smarter and more capable than men, to lead our country as President!

    Well, I think it is time for them to learn!

    • Yeah ugh. But at the same time those leaked DNC emails are very telling, and I support Hillary but I just wish the DNC had supported democracy more, yanno? and Sanders. Like we could have had a much more progressive ticket this time.

      Sigh. I wish I could be so excited for the Democratic candidate that I would want to shout Clinton’s name from the rooftops but as it is I will just be defending her on Facebook and moving on with my life trying to ignore as much of this election as possible. The more I hear the less I want to hear: this cycle has devolved into name-calling and hate.

    • Yeah but have you read anything about the leaked DNC emails? They chose Hilary as the candidate way before any votes were cast. A politician hand picked by the elite with no popular input vs. a proto-fascist? That’s not democracy. I’d feel the same way about any Democratic party candidate chosen this way so don’t try to paint me as someone who has “slipped into the trap” of GOP lies.

      By the way, that sounds like an argument a Trump supporter would make when confronted by facts about him. A worthy presidential candidate would be able to stand up to critique and criticism without their supporters demonizing those who don’t agree with them.

      • Hi Emma. I agree that the emails showed favoritism by the DNC, and that was inappropriate. I am sure Bernie will address at some point in the convention. And I hope you will be patient and wait for his comments and evaluation of the situation before being too angry. His campaign has feted the Democratic platform agenda in many ways, and has been a positive force in veering more to a progressive agenda assuming a Democratic win. That was brought about by the support of people like you and his other supporters.
        I was not meaning to offend you and other Bernie supporters about the influence of the GOP repeated negative comments that are exaggerated innuendo……..without being proven. But I hope you might look objectively at Hillary and Trump and ask which is the better choice to be President. A woman with years and years of experience in government service and world relations, or an old rich guy who can’t stop talking about what a wonderful and rich guy he is but doesn’t have a clue about being a public servant.
        Let ‘s see what Bernie has to say at the convention, deal?

        • Don’t forget Debbie is standing down and Hillary keeps veering further left, sometimes more than Bernie. A lot of the disputes about her are rooted in the past and very static. Few ever look at the big picture with her once they’ve “decided” she’s crooked.

        • Oh I’ll definitely be voting for Hilary. She’s better than Trump by far. I’m just not blindly loyal to her just because she’s a woman.

  2. I may not like Clinton but you have to really admire her tenacity and her skill at becoming the politician today. Oh sure she was a carpet bagger, so was Bobby Kennedy in the same district. But she worked hard and really cultivated her position. After losing she could have stayed a senator but she earned her foreign relations chops by becoming secretary of state.

    Oh and Donald Trump was sued by a Republican President in 1973 and a few years later for housing discrimination against blacks. The NY times pulled this one up.

    • Looking back at this it sounds like I’m using ‘gay’ as a derogatory :/ But really I meant it like the DNC is out and proud and the RNC is closeted and self-loathing.

    • Nope. No thank you. The Republican platform calls for taking away gay marriage, allowing parents to force their gay children into “reparative therapy” aka torture, and legalizing discrimination in the name of religious freedom. He, and you, cannot sit there and say it’s pro-gay to whip up fear of Islamic extremists who kill gay people, while patting yourselves on the back because you only want to make our lives hell.

      • These kinds of arguments strike me as striking similar to those who attacked the black freedom movement in the 50’s and 60’s for not being as concern with the foreign threats of communism. It’s boils down to “You shouldn’t complain about your freedom being denied at home, if we say we’ll defend your freedom abroad.”

        • And the way the Evangelical establishment is set up, how many of these homophobic folks on the platform committee are actually more than a few links away from pastors who do invoke Leviticus and insinuate gay people should be killed? I grew up in a conservative area, I remember the rhetoric from a decade ago. Trump gets no points for awkwardly reading “LGBTQ” off a teleprompter.

    • I’m not really sure I’m concerned about “existential treaths”. They sound scary, but I’m sure with a little level-headed reason and research there’s nothing to fear.

      So let’s see what the ol’ Google says…

      Treath is a hamlet east of Helford, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

      I’m not sure why English hamlets being existential is something that I should worry about? Do gay people usually face English hamlets in the name of radical Islam? Is that something that Donald Trump is running on… ? Because I can’t tell where the facts end and the parody begins.

      Personally, I’m choosing to make a stand and remain unafraid of English hamlets.

  3. Tim Kaine is great! I know feminists have understandably mixed feelings about him because he’s personally pro-life and didn’t veto some terrible anti-abortion legislation when he was governor, but he’s since had a 100% voting record from Planned Parenthood as a senator. He’s also not one of those terribly hypocritical “pro life” people – he’s been firmly against the death penalty for a while and has done a lot of work around housing discrimination and racial justice. And considering what Virginia (and the rest of the US) was like in the mid-2000s, his action around LGB rights in Virginia was pretty brave.
    I hate that he’s personally pro-life, but he’s really wonderful otherwise. I interned for his senate campaign and got to interact with him a decent amount for a summer intern, and he’s super genuine. He’s really well liked in Virginia and by pretty much everyone in the senate.

  4. He said he isn’t prolife. He said he is against abortion but he thinks its a woman’s right to choose and not the gov’t. That’s as good as a person you can get. Why, because they are voting with their heart. They understand what abortion is. There is nothing pretty about abortion. And let’s face it no one likes abortion. Not even prolifers. But it isn’t about whether or not you like abortion. It is whether or not you believe a woman deserves the right to choose and not the gov’t. And he believes in the right of women.

    Its is similar to the Death Penalty. Trust me there are many a governors who hate the death penalty but understand they have to uphold the law. They realize it is not about them. It is about the commitment they made to uphold the laws of their state.

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