Sunday Funday Is Kissing Girls In Wedding Commercials

Hey holiday decorations! I’m glad to be here with you talking about good things. Speaking of good things: I found a kitten?! I thought my neighbor had lost one of their cats, and had been playing with/hanging out with this totally adorable baby on my porch hoping they’d come home and I could give them their cat. Turns out, it was a stray. A teeny, tiny, adorable stray. And one day I looked at the weather and saw that the next day, it was supposed to be rainy and cold and so I closed my cats into the bedroom, opened the front door, and sis followed me inside! And now I have a third cat again, which, after losing the first cat I saw being born/my literal baby, is feeling really good.

Tiny baby Maggie, loving indoor cat life.

I still have a final paper to pull out of my ass tonight, but Magnificat (inspired by my girl Mary, Mother of God), or Maggie for short, has really put some pep into my December step. Also, any tips for introducing her to the big kids (older cats) would be appreciated. She seems into it, they…less so.

And now the news!

+ Let’s all watch the Zola commercial with the lesbians getting married, why don’t we?

+ BBC1 Radio hired their first non-binary presenter. Exciting!

+ Marlon Bailey talks with WBUR about the growth and new contexts of ball culture.

+ It seems like The L Word: Generation Q is gonna be good. (Spoilers included)

+ Portrait of a Lady on Fire just gets queer desire, you know?

+ Remember Intern Raquel?? She’s designing shirts for Elizabeth Warren that Megan freaking Rapinoe is wearing!!!! Very good and gay!!!

+ 12 queer artists whose work makes us pay attention!

+ Revisionist history! Via queer artists! That’s what I’m talking about!!

+ After you watch Generation Q each week, watch Work in Progress starring Abby McEnany, a self defined “fat queer dyke”

+ DID YOU KNOW: Tracy Chapman can also be the soundtrack to your depressed Christmas season!

+ Buzzfeed’s got 21 queer TV scenes from the decade that might make your little Grinch heart sing*.


+ Trans people over 50 living their fucking LIVES!! I love that shit.

* According to the newest Grinch movie, the Grinch is just sad and lonely and not actually mean just to be mean, and uh…I cried throughout the whole thing, which is available on Netflix, so maybe if you’re feeling sad in your heart about hating the holidays, watch that. 

Okay, I love you so much, I hope your winter is going more like “Wonderful Christmastime” and less like “Winter Song” if you know what I mean. Keep on keeping on, maybe sit outside for a couple of hours and find a kitten! I don’t know your neighborhood, it could happen! Try to smile at least once if you can, definitely cry if that feels good, ask someone you trust to give you a hug, if you need it. We’re gonna make it, I believe in us!

Alaina is a 20-something working on a PhD in Performance as Public Practice. They are a mom to three cats, they listen to a lot of NPR and musicals, and they spend a lot of time on Pinterest lusting over studio apartments. They are actively trying to build A Brand on twitter @alainamonts. One day, they will be First Lady of the United States.

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  1. We have 5 cats, two older that I brought from my childhood home, 2 strays we rescued as kittens, and 1 from a local rescue who we just…couldn’t resist. When we found the 2 kittens behind our apartment, we kept them on our porch with litter, food, water, and toys until we took them to the vet/bathed and de-fleaed them. Then we began “supervised” visits where they had their own section of the living room, and they kept to their space and the big cats kept to theirs until they were ready to mingle more and more. Now it’s all one big cuddle pile.

    With our 5th cat, she was fostered in a multi-cat home and knew how to ingratiate herself with the other 4. They adjusted to her much faster and we pretty much didn’t have to do anything.

    Cats choose their people, and sometimes you just…have a cat now lol.

  2. from what I’ve seen on My Cat From Hell:

    feed them at the same time right across a closed door from each other
    bring them items scented by the other cat(s) so they can become familiar with each other’s smell
    supervise early visits
    make sure everyone has a place to retreat (their own box or tree or w/e)

    • we tried his suggestions twice. it’s kind of a lot of effort, but would be worth it if it worked. it didn’t for us either time.

      flower essences/Feliway helped some, but the last several cats never got on.

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