Sunday Funday is Jamming to Juice and Lizzo’s Joy

Happy Sunday cuties! Three months ago today my cat died suddenly and that’s all I can think about so here’s some great news to take your mind and mine off of all the sadness in the world.

+ Get into it: A deep dive into Black culture’s intersection with camp in time for the Met Gala.

+ Here’s your Riot Grrrl essential listening guide

+ Getting into the queer afterhours scene in your 50s.

One late Friday night, while walking through a party, I was struck again by this sense of inclusion and safety, by the radicalness that is created inside these spaces. A group of women were dancing together, topless, three guys were making out, everyone was moving to the music. Jockstraps and dresses, leather and glittery velvet, all of us being elevated, pushed forward together. A young man grabbed me and started to kiss me. His eyes sparkled with glitter and makeup. He held my hand and led me up the stairs and onto the rooftop. Together we watched as the sun rose over Downtown.

Nonbinary hairstyles are as eclectic and cool as nonbinary people.

+ In case you missed it, the Tony Award nominations happened this week. Here’s who’s nominated (congrats to this season’s adorable queer musical Prom!!)

+ How Lizzo made “Juice” as joyful as she is:

+ The Rocklin school board has okayed textbooks that contain LGBTQ+ figures and history!

+ My home state of CT is celebrating pride for two months and they’ve got tons of events.

+ tbh, fuck the IAAF. All power to Caster Semenya and all Black lesbians all over the world. I love us.

+ Dan/Danielle Owens-Reid discusses the rise of nonbinary fashion.

“I identify as genderqueer, and I’m not represented in fashion,” said Owens-Reid. “Anyone can wear a dress, anyone can wear trousers, anyone can wear a tee, anyone can wear a leopard-print jacket. Fashion is meant for all of us; ergo, we should all be represented in fashion.”

Besides the clothes Owens-Reid designs, Radimo represents 16 brands owned and operated by those who are queer, trans, people of color, black, plus-size, disabled, women, sex workers or nonbinary. Many of the owners are a cross section of identities, and most sell their items only online. “We bridge the gap between consumer and brand, allowing you to buy clothes, accessories, shoes and beauty products from someone who looks like you,” Owens-Reid said.

From each brand, Owens-Reid gets three to five items, putting together a campaign, photographing every item on three body types, skin tones and gender presentations. “This gives many people the first-ever opportunity to see themselves reflected in fashion,” Owens-Reid added.

+ Sam Smith spoke with GQ UK  about coming out as nonbinary.

+ Érica Malunguinho is the first elected trans woman of African descent to sit on the São Paulo congress.

I have so many goals, and we have so many challenges. The first one is to build a political narrative completely aligned and substantiated with race and gender issues, and it all begins with making people understand that most inequalities affect those people. We can’t focus on a public security policy, for example, that doesn’t effectively prevent violence against those groups that are historically and institutionally more vulnerable. The black population is the most murdered and also women, both cisgender and transgender, are the most violated in all kinds of ways. Those people denounce a state that has failed them and they are not a part of the system of normativity. It is a goal to build public policies that break those cycles of structural violence.

+ Secret Diary of a Door Girl #8: Nite Dykez

+ If you and your homies have been trying to get on Beyoncé’s Instagram stories but can’t figure out the dance steps, here’s a tutorial for the #BeforeILetGoChallenge.

Here’s hoping your week is filled with sunshine and growth and love and everything you need. Has anyone told you just how great you’re doing lately? You’re doing so great. I see you out there trying new things and making new friends and accomplishing your goals and reaching your dreams. Keep it up, you amazing queer butterfly! I love you and I’ll see you soon (In exactly one month if you’ll be at A-Camp!!!).

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Ari is a 20-something artist and educator. They are a mom to two cats, they love domesticity, ritual, and porch time. They have studied, loved, and learned in CT, Greensboro, NC, and ATX.

Ari has written 330 articles for us.


  1. These are such good links! And Al(aina) I’m so sorry for the loss of your cat. 💞🐾 I hope the day is extra sweet and gentle for you, and that any other kitties in your life (even a stray cat in a parking lot) will give you affectionate headbutts today.

  2. Thanks for all that delicious goodness! I hope I’ll be seeing you in exactly one month because I’m GOING TO CAMP!! YAAAA-HOOOOOO!!!!! I just know we’re gona’ have a blast!!

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