Sunday Funday and the USWNT Love Dolls With Little Big Heads

There’s this weird German art song called “Vergebliches Ständchen” which is about these one lover whispering (yelling) to the other because it’s cold af outside and he’s outside her window and it’s basically a song about intense thirst. But the weird thing is that one person sings the song as both people! So there are a bunch of 18-22 year old sopranos and tenors out there in their voice rep classes performing multiple personalities for the sake of classical music. It’s a trip!

I remembered this because I was about to greet you all, “Guten Abend, mein Schatz, guten Abend, mein Kind” because that’s how the song starts, but that means good evening and this is very much a morning post and it just wouldn’t have worked. I’m delirious, let’s get some good news into us.

+ Please go get these weird little big headed dolls for your favorite lesbian tchotchke collector.

+ Speaking of dolls, Billie Jean King is now not only a character in a lesbian movie about tennis, she’s a Barbie! (Can you tell I love sports?)

+ How this queer-run sauna helped this non-binary homie get back to their body and culture.

Standing out front of the miniature sweat lodge on wheels were two women, Jackie and Paula, the married couple who own and run the HotBox Mobile Sauna, currently parked in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Together they’ve traveled the globe to learn about and experience different sauna cultures. As queer women, they realized that these healing spaces were not very accessible to the queer, trans, and non-binary communities, those whose bodies are often scrutinized in straight spaces. They decided to invest in their own sauna. Their HotBox was designed in Minnesota where, according to Jackie and Paula, there’s a small but thriving mini-sauna culture. Jackie and Paula’s intention was to provide a friendly, accessible, and safe sauna community for all bodies.

+ Susan B. Anthony: also a lesbian! Yay history!

+ “Please allow Rosie Perez to continue playing aging lesbians” Yes.

+ A lesbian couple known by their pseudonyms Fad and Nanz from Saudi Arabia proudly declared their love for each other on the Valentine’s Day special of an Arabic TV show, “Jaafar Talk”

+ Lena Waithe will play a cyclops ogre cop who happens to be an out LGBTQ person in Pixar’s new movie Onward. The film’s ending credit song is written/produced by my fave lesbian country star, Brandi Carlile (and her twin backup singers).

+ Rev. Kori Pacyniak is the newest pastor of San Diego’s Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community. They are believed to be the first nonbinary priest in the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement.

+ In more fulfilling religion news, The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan ordained their first openly lesbian bishop, Dr. Donnie Perry.

+ Vietnamese food and tradition is drawing in the queers in the Bay area

+ The accidental feminist film noir 

+ Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Fleabag and feminism

Last night I co-hosted a cannabis infused dinner and it was cute and fun and weird and the food was too spicy but I ate it anyway. I hope you get cute, fun, weird memories, and even when you’re feeling like “maybe I’ll just dissociate a little bit during this social moment” that instead you take a breath, get a drink of water, and decide to be present for all of the cuteness and weirdness that is life. It’s all very overwhelming! Very! But being there, like actually there and not in your little safe headspace, can be nice and fulfilling and then slowly you learn to trust people more and one day you realize you’ve laughed every day for an entire week and you’re watching the sun rise and you’re like “I’m gonna be okay.”

You’re gonna be okay! We all will. Have a blast this week. Love you, mean it.

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  1. Definitely sang Vergebliches Ständchen in college and sang the guten Abends right along with you when I read that line

  2. “take a breath, get a drink of water, and decide to be present for all of the cuteness and weirdness that is life”

    Al(aina), thank you once again for brightening my Sunday !

    With an offer of hugs from a “Not-so-frozen-but-dont-get-used-to-it” North

  3. Last night and today were kind of rough for me because I was on instagram watching a few people’s stories when someone I formerly thought was cool posted some awful, anti-trans nonsense (Zaya Wade is really bringing that to the surface in some folks) and I confronted them about it and it was emotionally exhausting and depressing and I don’t think it really did any good.

    Anyway, my point is, it was really nice to read these heartwarming stories. I know y’all post them every Sunday and I’ve always enjoyed reading them, but they were particularly helpful today so I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you!

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