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I’ve been thinking about the kitchen a lot lately. My wife says I have to learn how to cook. I can bake just fine, but whatever skill it is where people taste food they are cooking and go, hmm, this could use more [insert ingredient here]? I don’t have that. I have the cold hard science of baking. It is this conversation that has inspired me to find the nerdiest kitchen implements I can possibly Google up, cooking or baking. So here we are, in no order and with no organization (because seriously, I could’ve done just Star Wars, that’s how much nerdy kitchen stuff the internet holds), here is the very geekiest cookware out there.

That Kitchen Stuff I Mentioned

Death Star Waffle Maker, $39.99. Pikachu Cake Pan, $19.99. Dino Cookie Cutters, $14.99. Star Trek Oven Mitt, $14.99.

Printable Sciencey Spice Labels, $5. Come to the Dark Side Kitchenaid Decal, $5. Cookie Cat Cookie Cutter, $5+ (depends on size). Cook You Must cutting board, $20.

And Cookbooks Because Maybe We’re Not In The Darkest Timeline

Pokémon Cookbook, $14.99. World of Warcraft: The Official Cook Book, $34.99. Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, $18.06. Treat Yourself, $8.86 (full disclosure, my friend wrote this book. And it is full of ways to make emoji rice krispy treats, so).

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  1. OMG, that Cookie Cat cookie cutter! It’s a little more tangental, but usually has some pretty sweet aprons. There’s an R2-D2 one and an Pikachu one. I have this phenomenal one, but it looks like they no longer sell it:

    Woman wearing an apron that says The Spice Must Flow

  2. Yes! I started out by baking and my background in chemistry/biology labs so cooking always seemed so…. Wishy washy. What helped was starting by following recipes until I could figure out which variables affected flavour etc and then changing them to suit my tastes. I also really like the Serious Eats series and books like The Flavour Bible, Ratio, and The Kitchen as Laboratory. Oh and a lab-grade cooking thermometer (the Thermapen). I’ve grown to love cooking and one cannot live on baked goods alone, after all.

  3. I saw the “World of Warcraft: The Official Cook Book” at my library the other day 😀 It lists recipes on skill level (Apprentice, Expert, Journeyman, etc). <3 Sadly, foods consumed will not add stamina or spirit buffs.

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