Queer Tarotscopes for Sagittarius Season 2022: What Are You Discovering?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The OK Tarot and The Compendium of Constellations.

After the intensity and transformation of Scorpio season, Sagittarius can feel like a warm, welcome invitation to movement, freedom, and expansion. Our sign of mutable fire, Sagittarius helps us to find the magic in our present, to see endless possibilities in any direction we turn our gaze. If Scorpio season felt like it encouraged you to tunnel underground, to uncover rot and leave behind things that are no longer growing, Sagittarius may help drag you back out into the sunshine of a bright new morning.

The correspondences created by the Order of the Golden Dawn pair Sagittarius with Temperance, an archetype that may feel at odds with this freedom-loving, philosophical sign. Temperance is often associated with ideas like moderation, sobriety, and self-control: finding the balance between death and rebirth, honoring what we have endured while being brave enough to still strive for something new. But beyond themes of restriction, Temperance also points us to luck, divine timing, those happy coincidences that feel charged and potent. This is an energy of expectation: not in a selfish, demanding, entitled way, but rather a trust that what is to be will be. Where Scorpio reveals truth, Sagittarius empowers us to pursue it, to believe in it, to celebrate it, and to accept it.

What have you been discovering about yourself, either through times of sorrow or times of true joy? Which roads have been opening up before you, and how are they inspiring you to perhaps try something new, something unexpected? Where have you been making something overly complicated, rather than getting straight to the heart of it? Sagittarius is a truth-seeker, a boundary-breaker, an explorer that is excited about whatever they may find around the corner. How can you embrace this energy, even if there are aspects about it that you may not fully understand? What are you afraid of? Temperance isn’t a scold or a nag, trying to restrict your fun — instead, Temperance wants you to honor your deepest longings, to take what you’ve been learning and apply it in new ways. Who do you know yourself to be? And what are you still learning about yourself?

In this season of Sagittarius, give yourself room to play, to explore, to make mistakes and discoveries in equal measure. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of abundance and generosity, so if you know your Jupiter placement, you can plug it into this spread too for a more complete picture of your Sagittarius season.

A tarot spread for Sagittarius season, it reads "Plug in the cards referenced in my Sagittarius tarot scopes for a complete picture of your season." And then clockwise, from the top it reads: Card  #1 Rising: I project, Card #2 Jupiter: I understand, Card #3 Sun: I am, Card #4 Moon: I feel

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Sagittarius season!


Card 1: Aries, Card 2: Three of cups

Three of cups

As powerful as it can be to reflect internally on who you are, what you need, and what you’re craving, sometimes we see ourselves in new ways by revealing our hearts to others. Pay special attention to your community this season, practicing intentional vulnerability rather than always putting on a brave face or facing challenges alone. How do you let others see you, support you, love you? How does recognizing and accepting that love help you show yourself more grace? And how does your chosen family empower you to be brave in your more personal endeavors, even when you are reluctant to share your fears?


Card 1: Taurus, Card 2: Nine of cups

Nine of cups

There can be such safety and comfort in spending time with those we love, but there is also a very special kind of security that comes in deeply, truly loving ourselves. You may reach new depths of personal generosity this season, finding both contentment and wonder in acknowledging the dreams you have achieved and the wishes you still hold on to. What makes you feel truly loved, both externally and internally? How are you sensitive to your own needs, and how does it feel to attend to them? Where are you still longing for something, and what would it look like to give yourself full permission to pursue it?


Card 1 Gemini, Card 2: Queen of Pentacles

Queen of pentacles

You may find yourself stepping into new positions of power, authority, and capability this season, owning your skills and not being afraid to take up space. You are so full of ideas and information, but when you take the time to ground those flashes of insight into long-term goals and ambitions, the sky is truly the limit in terms of what you can accomplish. Give yourself permission to keep things simple, to delineate clear times of work and play and rest, and see what happens. When do you feel the most empowered, the most certain? What helps you feel safe and supported, even in times of exploration?


Card 1: Cancer, Card 2: Nine of wands

Nine of wands

Sagittarius season may feel like the time to lean fully into your fire, carrying momentum from previous seasons forward and celebrating how close you are to your goals. But you have a lot of deep wisdom, Cancer, and this season may be more about slowing down rather than speeding up. There’s no shame in self-care, and if you’ve been feeling like you’re burning the candle on both ends, give yourself time to rest, recover, and make a plan for finishing strong rather than forcing yourself to keep running on fumes. Where might support be available to you? How can you prioritize your own well being?


Card 1: Leo, Card 2: Page of swords

Page of swords

Your natural sense of adventure and curiosity may feel heightened this season, particularly in the realms of intellectual exploration and research. Something is opening up for you, an opportunity or discovery that may be captivating your imagination — so this is your invitation to lean all the way the fuck in. What are you learning? What are you realizing you don’t know? How is what you’re finding creating new insights or perceptions within you? What are you recognizing about your own understanding of truth, and how might that create a new path for you?


Card 1: Virgo, Card 2: Eight of wands

Eight of wands

It may feel like everything is clicking into place for you this season — roads opening, obstacles clearing, goals clarifying. This energy doesn’t always last for long, but is intensely joyful and powerful while it’s present. You’re known for your care and attention to detail, but if it feels like you can move forward without hesitation, do it! For you, Sagittarius season can be a time of intensive creativity, exciting collaboration, and rapid progress. What does it feel like to trust your instincts? How do you experience fiery passion in your work, play, rest, and unexpected adventures?


Card 1: Libra, Card 2: Three of wands

Three of wands

There’s a rich spirit of collaboration in the air for you this season, as you may find your creative resources and excitement about working with others heightened. Different people have different talents to offer, but those gifts don’t minimize your own — rather, this season it may feel like every new spark grows into a beautiful flame, creating new inspiration for everything you touch. Pay attention to opportunities to work alongside other people, or to bring those you trust into your ongoing work. Where have you been craving growth and expansion? How are you expressing yourself? What can you celebrate?


Card 1: Scorpio, Card 2: Ten of cups

Ten of cups

This season may feel steady and joyful, as you settle into a beautiful rhythm with friends, chosen family, collaborators, and partners. Community is what we make of it, and in being willing to be vulnerable with those you trust, you may feel the magic of equal exchanges of energy, with cups being emptied and filled in beautiful synchronicity. Rather than letting yourself be overwhelmed, lean into the flow. Let your cups overflow with wonder, magic, and the joy of being loved. Who do you trust with your heart and soul? What does it feel like to let yourself be seen?


Card 1: Sagittarius, Card 2: The Chariot

The Chariot

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! There may be a lot of hopeful optimism in your world right now, in spite of how complicated things may seem — but as we move into your season, give yourself opportunities to break free of old restrictions and being creating new rules for yourself, ones that empower you rather than hold you back. Boundaries can protect us, but also need to be adjusted periodically, and as you learn more about your own needs and wants, you may need to shift some of your internal and external rules around. Which tough questions have you been answering? What is your focus now? And how can you make some changes that empower that journey forward?


Card 1 Capricorn, Card 2 Page of cups

Page of cups

You’re often known for your ambition, drive, and focus — but this season, I want to encourage you to play, to wander, to get caught up in daydreams and artistic fantasies. What were you like as a child? What do you long to explore, and where do you let your imagination take you? How often do you give yourself permission to “waste time” rather than obsessing over productivity? This season, loosen the reins on your internal control and see what happens when you wander through your own mind and heart. What is opening up within you? Which dreams are revealing themselves?


Card 1: Aquarius, Card 2: Two of wands

Two of wands

There is a spark growing within you, a new idea or ambition that is making itself known — but as tempting as it can be to dream big and rush forward, this season is asking you to balance ambition and optimism with care, intentionality, and purpose. Take a beat to figure out what it is you truly want, and to make sure that you’re choosing this path, rather than getting swept up by the passion and excitement growing within you. What are you ready to dedicate yourself to? Where does it make sense to hone your focus? And how can you make sure that this new dream succeeds in the long-term?


Card 1 Pisces, Card 2: The Sun

The Sun

This season you may find opportunities to let yourself shine, to integrate multiple aspects of yourself, to share who you are with those that have only ever seen specific parts of you. There is such magic, such abundance within you, and as we move into fiery Sagittarius, let yourself be as brilliant and glorious as you can, rather than hiding all that you are from the world. What are you celebrating, and how can you bring others into that joy? After several seasons of examination and contemplation, how are you ready to reveal yourself in all of your fullness?

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  1. Temperance is one of my favorite cards and I love the expression of “divine timing”. Temperance to me also feels like a liminal space, being between, but not in a “stuck in the middle” between, but a “possibilities in the middle”.

    Also loving my Jupiter in Leo card as Page of Swords. Going to journal some more around that one.

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