Queer Tarotscopes for Pisces Season 2022: What Have You Been Hiding Within Yourself?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Moonchild Tarot and The Compendium of Constellations.

Adaptive, creative, and observant, the mutable water of Pisces offers boundless opportunities for discovery, connection, and awareness. After clarifying goals and boundaries with Capricorn, and after prioritizing personal authenticity and community growth with Aquarius, Pisces wants us to make space for dreaming, emotions, imagination. But this isn’t just floating off to sea, allowing ourselves to get lost in the waves and currents — instead, this is a chance to embrace our richest fantasies, to be honest with ourselves about what we truly crave, to celebrate our magic and show ourselves compassion. If Capricorn urged us to embrace ambition and Aquarius helped us tap into collective expansion, Pisces wants us to make space for flexibility, for connection, for illumination. In exploring the depths of the containers we have created, there’s no telling what mysteries we might uncover within our own deep, dark places.

Ruled by Neptune and associated with the major arcana archetype of the Moon, Pisces is often described as idealistic and empathetic, like they’re endlessly drifting through magic, emotion, and illusion. But there’s a purpose to all of this subconscious exploration, a power in giving weight to the swirling ether that dwells in the spaces between dreams and reality. With Pisces and the Moon, we find the wild places within us, the longings and wishes and fears that may be impacting our actions in ways that we aren’t completely aware of. What drives you, inspires you, motivates you? What holds you back, gives you pause, leaves you restless? It may feel simpler, more comfortable, to push forward with more easily defined goals and ambitions, to never interrogate the soft, subtle aches and yearnings that live within. Yet we all have feelings that fall through the cracks, little whispers of desire that are worth acknowledging. How does honoring what you want make space for compassion? If you never let yourself recognize what you crave, how can you possibly find it?

The Moon is a card of illusion, of wandering, of authenticity. After the clarity and recovery of the Star, the Moon makes space for the scary, the ugly, the uncertain. It lets us explore without any pressure to define, encourages us to roam freely without any expectations of what we might discover. Our minds, our hearts, our souls and spirits, contain so many nooks and crannies, so many secrets, so much strangeness. But there’s beauty there too, twisted up with the uncertainties and the doubts. There are treasures worth finding, if we can gather the courage to reach for them. What have you been avoiding, trying to deny, and how does it keep showing up anyway? Which natural cycles are you already flowing through, and how could you move with the currents instead of fighting every twist and turn? What if you welcomed in truth, instead of hiding from it? What might bubble up within you if you stopped trying to push it all down?

In this season of Pisces, pay attention to desires, fantasies, opportunities that may catch you off guard. Ask yourself new questions, and spend time seeking out the answers. Many of our cards for this season grapple with truth, but not in the ways that we might anticipate — instead we may find revelations coming up through conversations with trusted friends, expanding community, strange or vivid dreams. Honor the revelations that bubble up, whatever their format, and spend time meditating instead of dismissing these ideas outright for being too out there, too impossible. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. If you know your Neptune placement, which can speak to your intuitive power as well as your blind spots, you can plug your card for this sign into the spread too in order to get a more complete picture of your Pisces season.

Tarot spread for pisces season, left to right: moon: I feel, rising: I project, sun: I am, Neptune: I believe

I’ll be opening up client readings again soon, and am also putting together some new class offerings, so if you’re eager to learn more about tarot or get some personal insights of your own, keep an eye on my social media for updates. You can find my writing on Substack, Patreon, my website, and Instagram, and make sure you’re following me on Twitter for the latest announcements about my upcoming tarot book, publishing with Weiser in January 2023.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Pisces season!


one card says Aries: Sacrfice in a gold circle, next to it a card for two of swords with a witch holding swords

Two of swords

What decision have you been hesitant to make? Where are you seeking clarity, and where are you just stalling? You’re someone that knows who you are and what you want, but this season may find you struggling to move forward, challenging an existing idea or grappling with a complex but undeniable truth. Whether it’s new information or an old uncertainty manifesting in a surprising way, it may feel like all of your options are bad, like anything you do will result in disaster. And while it can be difficult to press on when you aren’t positive of the right move, can be frustrating to feel like you aren’t sure which way forward is the right one, staying in the same place won’t do you any favors. Acknowledge the obstacle, whether it’s internal or external — and then make the best choice that you can with the information that you have, showing yourself grace while being honest with yourself. Which path are you ready to explore? Which blade feels right in your hand?


A card says taurus: strengthen with an aqua circle, next to a card that says seven of wands with an illustration of a sunrise

Seven of wands

Where have you felt activated, inspired, eager? Which ideas or efforts are you aching to defend? In this dreamy, emotional season, you may feel a familiar urge to dig in your heels, to stick to the tried-and-true, to cling to what you know. Yet this is a season of defending your beliefs and ideas, of recognizing the value that you bring to a project and the significance of what you have to offer. You’re blazing a new trail forward, whether you realize it or not, and those around you may not completely understand what you’re building. Yet your vision is a good one, and your ambitions are clear, powerful, necessary. Don’t let the doubts or resistance of others drag you down or distract you from what you’re working on. What are you willing to fight for? Where has your creativity been swelling, and how can you continue to support your own dreams, desires, passions?


A card says gemini: unite with an purple circle, next to a card that says three of swords with an illustration of three swords stabbing a heart

Three of swords

Where have you been challenged, or felt shut down? Which truths have cut you deep, leaving you uncertain of who or what you can trust? This season may bring an intense realization or a harsh revelation, something that leaves you feeling a bit blindsided, causing you to doubt something that once felt absolutely certain. But rather than blaming yourself, ripping the wound open over and over again, refusing to let yourself heal, this is an opportunity to be honest with yourself about what you really want, and to consider the paths that you can take to go after your most authentic goals. Sometimes painful or illuminating experiences give us a chance to regroup, to make adjustments, to shift our focus. What are you craving, really? How does dragging things out into the open impact what you feel empowered to chase?


A card says cancer: distract with an sunset colored circle, next to a card that says three of pentacles with an illustration of women holding hands as they dance in a circle

Three of pentacles

Which resources have you been gathering? How are you assembling a team, putting together a plan, establishing a flow? A project or goal that you’ve been working towards may hit its stride this season, generating momentum and excitement, encouraging you to keep going. And while it may be tempting to keep your efforts to yourself, to keep experimenting and creating and dreaming in secret, this is a season to celebrate the power of the community that you have built and found, and to let them support you in your new endeavors. You may be surprised by the talents that come out of the woodwork, by the ways that unexpected suggestions or inspiring ideas stimulate growth, even a sense of abundance. Who do you know that can offer wisdom, experience, assets? How do your unique gifts contribute to a larger whole?


A card says Leo: defeat with an orange circle, next to a card that says three of cups with an illustration of three women in flapper dresses next to a moonlit lake a sunset

Three of cups

Who has been filling your cup? How are you sharing ideas, artistry, emotions, with those you love and trust? Take time to celebrate community this season, to recognize the people that allow your dreams and desires to flow freely. There’s real magic in the sharing of joys and sorrows, in being present for people during both good times and bad. And if you’ve felt isolated lately, or haven’t been receiving the support that you’ve craved, tap into those networks of care, those friendships and chosen families that lift you up. Think about the threads of love and devotion that connect you to other people, and about ways that you can make those threads stronger, brighter. Who might need a bit of your fire, a bit of your courage? Where might you find the comfort or encouragement you’ve been craving? How do you share your overflow, your excess, with the people that you value?


A card says virgo: encompass with an blue sky colored circle, next to a card that says temperances with an illustration of women holding two cups collaged in front of a white rose


Where have you been exercising restraint, and how has that felt? When do you crave moderation the most? How does slowing down create a sense of calm? After last season’s indecision and tricky choices, you may find yourself settling into a beautiful and needed routine, one that comforts and inspires in equal measure. There’s a kind of magic that lives in repeated rituals, but as you find your groove, be intentional about staying open to new experiences, new opportunities, new mysteries. If you feel a sensation of things falling into place, if something that you’ve been longing for finally starts to manifest, resist the temptation to question and interrogate, to pick this chance apart — instead let yourself find the joy in the unexpected, in feeling a bit of luck. How can you balance happy accidents with focused control? What are you discovering about yourself?


A card says libra: evaluate with a purple circle, next to a card that says temperances with an illustration of women six of pentacles

Six of pentacles

Where are you being called into consistent practices of generosity? How often are you intentional about reciprocity? Pay attention to the ways that you share resources this season, to the things that you offer to those around you and the impact that this process has. What do you have to give? How do your gifts expand into out into your community, impacting those you love? We are all connected to one another in different ways, and by offering time, space, energy, intention, care, and inspiration, as well as more tangible physical resources like money or assets, we create new connections, and strengthen existing ones. What does it mean to you to give? How willing are you to receive? How is care an extension of love? What expectations may be coming up when you give or receive, and how might that impact the way that you feel about this sharing of resources?


A card says scorpious: punish with a dark red circle, next to a card that says page of cups with an illustration of women in a pink dress walking towards sone columns

Page of cups

What is activating your creativity? Where have you felt your intuition brightening, clarifying, drawing you into something new? You may feel at home in this season of water and intuition, but a new path is opening up, one that makes space for discovery, emotion, relationship. Think about the ways that you connect with people, the parts of your heart and spirit that you grant others access to. Have you been longing to feel more seen, more deeply understood? Pay careful attention to your fantasies this season, to the nighttime visions and daytime dreams that come forward. Where are you being led? Which themes keep emerging? It’s okay to not have all of the answers, but stay open to discovery, to messages from your intuition and subconscious. How willing are you to trust the things you can’t fully define yet?


A card says sagittarius: protect with a purple circle, next to a card that says nine of cups with an illustration of women in a gold dress with her hands up

Nine of cups

What have you been wishing for? How do you hold space for gratitude and yearning simultaneously? This season may bring opportunities for new dreams, even as you find yourself deeply satisfied with everything you have already found and created. Hopes and wishes are a special kind of magic, one you are so damn good at wielding: you’re not afraid to explore, to name what you want, to gather your courage and chase after things that others may call impossible. But in spite of how far you’ve come, aren’t you still holding out a little hope for something else? Resist the urge to judge yourself for wanting more and instead celebrate the fact that your capacity for desire continues to grow, that you are no longer placing restrictions around what you allow yourself to crave. What else can you reach for? What else do you deserve?


A card says Capricornus: evolve with a purple and pink circle, next to a card that says king of swords with an illustration of man in a knight’s uniform looking off to the left

King of swords

What ideas or systems have you been aching to disrupt, to challenge? How are you leading with truth, encouraging discernment, making decisions based on present perceptions rather than past experience? This season may feel particularly clear for you, as you wade through challenging emotions or emerging fantasies with power, understanding how much is really possible and coming up with focused plans to achieve it all. Don’t be afraid to be decisive, to trust your instincts — but in implementing new structures, consider ways that you can carve your own path rather than always doing what’s expected. How can you make a mark on the world, stretch existing ideas, create a way forward that makes space for new methods and discoveries? Which beliefs are you shedding, and how might that shift impact what you build in the future?


A card says Aquarius: sense with a purple and blue circle, next to a card that says page of tentacles with an illustration of young person with short hair reaching up for a shiny gold coin

Page of pentacles

What are you longing to plant, to establish, to begin? You may find opportunities for grounding this season, space to dream and consider what you want for your personal future. And while you’re so good at thinking about the collective, about paying attention to the ways that individual actions contribute to broader change, take some time to consider your own ambitions, the shape that you want your own life to take. Who do you want to be when you grow up? What do you see in your future, and how do the actions of your present contribute to that vision? What seeds can you begin to gather and plant, that will eventually blossom and flower into something you can be proud of, something that will sustain you? What do you want your legacy to be, and how can you start taking small steps towards that beautiful objective?


A card says Pisces: elude with an aqua blue circle, next to a card that says knight of swords with an illustration of young person in a knight’s universe holding a knife in a gallery with statues

Knight of swords

Happy birthday, Pisces! Where has your mind felt particularly clear? Which ideas are you clinging to, even fixating on? You have a gift for navigating the complex emotional currents, the spiritual uncertainties, yet this is a season for you to clarify thoughts and ideas, beliefs, truths, to ask yourself the tougher questions. How do you balance intuition with perception? What truths do you trust the most, and where do they come from? As sharp as your mind can be, sometimes we allow our hearts to get tangled in a particular mindset, turning opinion into fact. And as you move through your season, be attentive to where you might be conflating fantasies and realities. How can you make decisions with clarity? What helps you be certain?

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