Queer Tarotscopes for Aquarius Season 2023: What Are You Ready to Believe In?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Pasta Tarot and Astrol-OG: The Deck.

Can you believe that this is the start of the fifth year of Queer Tarotscopes? I am so honored to continue sharing space with y’all and talking tarot, numerology, astrology, magic, and so much more on a monthly basis. Thank you for joining me for this column — Autostraddle has such a special place in my heart, and sharing these tarotscopes means a lot to me.

Aquarius is often described as the alien, the individual, the weirdo. They march to the beat of their own drum, walk their own path, see the world in their own way. Aquarius as a sign is associated with technology and innovation as well as forward-thinking, expansion, and shifts in perspective, all because of their capacity to see beyond what exists to everything else that is possible. But before getting too lost in the grandiosity of these descriptions, it’s important to remember is that Aquarius is fixed air: they don’t change on a whim or on an impulse, but rather as a deliberate action, an intentional and goal-oriented choice. Saturn-ruled Aquarius wants to understand the rules so that they can break them precisely, wants to know the score so that they can create a different kind of system. This isn’t a rebel without a cause, but rather, someone who wants to be as effective as possible in tearing something down.

Our major arcana archetype for Aquarius is the Star, a card that comes in the wake of the Tower’s chaos, destruction, and eventually, freedom. After shaking things up and forcing us out of our comfort zones, the Star can feel like the world settling after the storm, when we open our eyes, take in the wreckage, and evaluate what we have to work with. And while the Star represents a wide range of moments, we tend to associate this card with the immediate aftermath of the Tower: recovery, healing, and hope for the future.

But these words can feel bland without context, without clarity. Because the important truth is this: the Star isn’t blind optimism, isn’t denial of what’s happened or is happening, isn’t naively clinging to some vague future where everything magically works itself out. It isn’t a refusal to engage, or stubbornly clinging to the past. Instead the Star represents a fresh start, a new hope, a willingness to believe that we are capable and worthy, that our dreams have value, that we can achieve what we truly want. Aquarius doesn’t want to waste time on something that doesn’t matter. Instead, this is an opportunity to clarify and analyze, so that our movement can have purpose, and our actions can have meaning.

It takes a lot of courage, a lot of strength, to hope. Faith isn’t something that just appears of out nowhere, but instead is something that we must cultivate, must choose, must believe in. Hope requires us to look outside of what we know, what we can prove, and instead make space for possibility, opportunity, potential. In stepping into the energy of the Star, we offer ourselves the gift of maybe, of wishing, of a new kind of future. What are we ready to believe in? Where do we have the capacity for optimism? How are we dreaming, big or small? And in letting our trust in the future build, in refusing to let the pessimism or narrow-mindedness of others impact our convictions, which new pathways can we build together, that benefit everyone?

After all, isn’t cultivating collective hope, in 2023, the most magical kind of rule-breaking?

In this season of Aquarius, remember the Star’s capacity for faith. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, planet of time and boundaries, while modern astrologers also see Uranus, planet of liberation and freedom, as an additional ruler. If you know your natal placements for these planets you can also plug them into these template for a more complete picture of your season.

Tarot Spread for Aquarius Season: Plug in the cards referenced in my aquarius season tarotscopes for a complete picture of your season. Five places to put cards, labeled the following - 1. Uranus: I know. 2. Rising: I project. 3. Saturn: I use. Sun: I am. Moon: I Feel.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Aquarius season!


Aries: The Competitor. The tarot card is: Five of Ripiena / Cups

Five of Ripiena / Cups. It may feel this season like you’re a bit more tender than usual, discovering or sorting through a relationship or revelation that leaves you feeling sensitive. Five is a number of change and breakthroughs, but it also means looking at something clearly, seeing it in a new way that reveals something we may not have noticed before: and when it comes to matters of the heart, this kind of intensive analysis can unveil hurts that we may not have even realized were present. Be gentle with yourself this season, and give yourself the space to process whatever emotions come forward. What are you realizing about yourself? Where might change be necessary for growth?


Taurus: The Connoisseur. The tarot card is: Eight of Ripiena / Cups

Eight of Ripiena / Cups. There are times when we can see that something important isn’t working anymore, times when no matter what we do or how hard we try, something is simply broken beyond repair. And while you are known for your devotion and loyalty, it’s important to know when to cut your losses and prioritize your own wellbeing, when something has run its course. You are allowed to feel safe, loved, valued, and desired, and if you aren’t, it may be time to make some adjustments. Pay careful attention to your needs this season, and where they are or aren’t being met. Is it time to leave something behind, to give yourself the space to explore a new path?


Gemini: The Investigator. The tarot card is: The Pope.

The Pope. Traditions can hold a lot of value, but when we cling to them too tightly, they can start to feel restrictive, forcing us only to grow in certain directions rather than flower freely. It’s perfectly okay to want to do things the way that they have always been done, but it’s also important to grant ourselves freedom where we’re craving it, to not restrict ourselves only to all that has come before. This season, consider which structures and systems are giving your efforts shape, and where they might be holding you back or getting in your way. You’re so curious, so innovative, and if you’ve been craving a change, this may be the season to consider what that would really look like. How can you channel the energy of Aquarius and break some rules?


Cancer: The Caretaker. The tarot card is: Six of Minuta / Pentacles.

Six of Minuta / Pentacles. You’re known for being caring and protective, Cancer, and this season, you may feel a desire to nest, share, and offer generosity to those in your inner circle. There’s something deeply magical about reciprocity, about asking for what you need and offering resources up freely in equal measure, so consider what you have to give this season, and where you may be craving care yourself. What would it look like to allow your love to flow freely, or to let others share their bounty with you? What do you need to feel safe, and how do you let others provide for you?


Leo: The Showstopper. The tarot card is: King of Minuta / Pentacles.

King of Minuta / Pentacles. While this season is one of fixed air, your fixed fire often burns bright and hot, lighting up the world for all to enjoy. But this season, pay attention to the assets, structures, relationships, and places that help you feel safe, grounded, and supported in even your biggest dreams and endeavors. You may have access to more resources that you realize, but they won’t grow and thrive if you don’t tend to them. How can you invest in your own legacy, and lift up everyone around you? What do you need in order to feel like you can keep going?


Virgo: The Perfectionist. The tarot card is: Seven of Ripiena / Cups.

Seven of Ripiena / Cups. If you’re someone that often feels like they have to be tending to every last detail, making sure that everything is perfect and finished, this season I would like to invite you to set that burden down for a beat. For you, Aquarius season is about dreaming: about looking at the possibilities, letting your imagination run wild, and considering all of the different futures that stretch out before you. This could be on a major scale or about something much smaller, but either way, invite fantasy to take up some room in your life. What do your dreams look like if you stop restricting them?


Libra: The Mediator. The tarot card is: Knight of Ripiena / Cups.

Knight of Ripiena / Cups. This season may bring opportunities for you to choose with your heart instead of your head; to consider the possibilities that emerge when you are vulnerable rather than timid. Knights always encourage us to think about how an element is balanced in our lives, and with the suit of cups, we explore our tendencies around matters of the heart, including relationships, intuition, faith, love, and chosen family. When does your affection naturally flow, and when do you clam up, hold back? Where might you have a chance to share a deeper piece of yourself with someone you love and trust?


Scorpio: The Enigma. The tarot card is: Five of Lunga / Swords

Five of Lunga / Swords. It may seem like things are harder than they need to be this season, with conflict emerging in unexpected places or communication bringing up friction points that you hadn’t noticed before. Rather than going into these situations bracing for a fight, slow down and consider your truth, and how your unique individual perspective shapes your understanding of a situation, relationship, or complication. If conversations or challenges bring up new revelations, you may have opportunities for discovery and expansion, rather than endless friction. What information is emerging, and what will you do with it?


Sagittarius: The Explorer. The tarot card is: Six of Ripiena / Cups.

Six of Ripiena / Cups. Aquarius season is often about moving forward, and you’re so great at that, letting your natural fire and enthusiasm and curiosity bring you in whatever direction your heart desires. But you may find that this season your gaze actually turns backwards, into the recent or distant past, as you reflect on where you started, where you’ve been, and how you’ve changed. Our roots don’t have to define us, but they can offer deeper insights into who we are and why our blossoms and fruit look the way that they do. How do you take responsibility for the choices you’ve made? What can your past teach you about your future?


Capricorn: The CEO, OOO, OOO. The tarot card is: Queen of Minuta / Pentacles.

Queen of Minuta / Pentacles. If you’re the kind of Capricorn who is always looking forward, making plans, building structures, and setting limits, you might think of the element of earth as chiefly one of responsibility and focus. But earth, and the suit of pentacles, is also about pleasure, comfort, safety, and satisfaction, and this queen deeply understands the power that comes with being absolutely, completely present in a joyful moment. This season, balance all of that hard work with the gift of recreation, play, and wonder. Revel in beauty, celebrate the little wins, and delight in the lushness of life. How often do you actually stop and smell the roses?


Aquarius: The Diplomat. The tarot card is: Queen of Ripiena / Cups.

Queen of Ripiena / Cups. Happy birthday, Aquarius! So often you get painted as a weirdo, an alien, someone that is on their own path to their own private destination. But you’re also devoted to the collective, and this season, you may find opportunities to invest more fully in your communities, chosen families, and other people that you love. Pay attention to chances to deepen relationships, to listen to your intuition, to honor perceptions and revelations. What does it mean to open your heart with intention? How often do you show real vulnerability, and what would it feel like to practice this sensation?


Pisces: The Dreamer. The tarot card is: Ace of Minuta / Pentacles

Ace of Minuta / Pentacles. For you, Aquarius season may hold a lot of promise, particularly in the realms of health, wealth, career, or other kinds of resources. Be on the lookout for opportunities to plant seeds, to start new projects, to invest in your future in tangible, accessible ways. What kinds of promises are you making to yourself and those around you right now? What are you ready to devote yourself to in the long-term, even if it means making some adjustments to existing responsibilities? What kind of life are you trying to build for yourself, and what steps can you take this season to begin that journey forward?

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  1. so tbh i find the combo of astrology & tarot overwhelming. BUT if someone had told me ” it’s important to remember is that Aquarius is fixed air: they don’t change on a whim or on an impulse, but rather as a deliberate action, an intentional and goal-oriented choice. Saturn-ruled Aquarius wants to understand the rules so that they can break them precisely, wants to know the score so that they can create a different kind of system. This isn’t a rebel without a cause, but rather, someone who wants to be as effective as possible in tearing something down.” when i was a teenager, it would have been even more amazing than if someone had told me i was queer. BUT this is the journey i am on. . .. slow is good and if i let it it will give me patience with others.

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