Queer Tarotscopes: Aries Season Gives Us Courage, Guides Us Forward

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Vindur Deck and the Compendium of Constellations.

After a season of fantasy, imagination, and dreamy introspection, Aries explodes onto the scene with power, passion, and an intense drive towards our biggest goals and brightest ambitions. Introducing spring as well as the start of a new astrological year, Aries lets us climb out of the deep, swirling waters of Pisces and jump right into the fire, rushing forward with speed, motivation, and excitement. It’s in this new season of movement and independence that we embrace exactly who we are, dream of potential futures, choose to chase what we want. This is a chance to be fully ourselves, to leave hesitation behind and move with courage and confidence. In Aries season, we’re called to be absolutely real.

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is cardinal fire: joyful, certain, ready. Eager to start new things, excited to leave their mark on the world, this season is high energy, confident, brimming with potential. If Pisces helped us spend time within ourselves, letting our imaginations run wild and exploring all that we hold, Aries drags us into the real world and urges us to make those fantasies come true. Ambitious and bold, this is an opportunity to take on new challenges, to see things through our most optimistic lens. When have you been holding back? Where have you been afraid to voice your desires, your ambitions, your deepest wants? What the hell is stopping you from going after what you want? Pisces season may have felt like a murky time of intense reflections and powerful emotions, but as we shift into another season of fire, don’t forget the truths you uncovered or the intuitive power you tapped into — they may be the key to making those big dreams into realities. If Pisces helps us find our magic, Aries can help us wield it.

More than just movement for the sake of movement, Aries is also a leader, one that defines the objective, sets the pace, and keeps everyone focused. There’s infinite potential in this new season, endless opportunities for growth and expansion and magic. Sometimes this kind of excitement can feel reckless, out of control, and it’s easy to get caught up in the joy of creation and momentum. But finding ways to harness our passions into a more focused goal is the main aim of our birth card for this season, the Emperor — which is also our numerological card for the year of 2020. An archetype of structure, discipline, and intention, the Emperor is an opportunity to look at all of the dreams and visions and intentions that have been manifesting in our imaginations, to examine which hopes feel like real possibilities, and to make a plan for turning those ideas into realities. Raw creation and abundance are beautiful things, but if we only focus on our fire, it’s easy to burn out or lose our way. The Emperor helps us define our ambitions, getting to the core of what we’re really after. What is driving us to build? What foundation are we trying to establish for our long-term goals?

While Aries is in many ways a season that pushes us to look forward, channeling all of our fire and passion and inspiration into new goals and specific, focused ambitions, it also provides an opportunity to remember where we’ve been. What goals did you set at the beginning of the calendar year? What dreams were you ready to pursue? Where are you in terms of achieving those big goals? If you’re feeling lost, like everything you wanted has already slipped through your fingers, remember the energy and objectives of the Emperor. How can you take small steps to get back on track? What structures might help you move at a more steady pace, focus your energy into a particular goal? Many of us are asked to weigh our choices and emotions this season, to check in with ourselves and honor how the truths we uncovered in Pisces can impact our forward motion with Aries. And while it may feel frustrating at times to move with such deliberate focus and intention, this season brings a perfect opportunity to find joy in fulfilling our dreams, in taking those first steps towards the future that we’ve been craving.

And look, I know that the world is fucking terrifying right now, that absolutely everything feels uncertain, that many of us are acting out of fear or anger or complete, utter despair. I’m not asking you to pretend that everything is fine. But the energy of Aries is not one of complacency — instead it urges us to find our power, to go after what we want, to not let fear hold us back. And if you’ve been convincing yourself not to take a chance, not to chase a dream, not to make a change, Aries is here to give you courage and guide you forward. Hold fast to the lessons of the Emperor, and move with deliberation, confidence, and strength.

In this season of Aries, remember who you are, all of the magic you hold, and the path forward that you are creating. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread template below to create a custom reading for this season. Aries is ruled by Mars, so if you know your placement for this planet of courage and combat, include it in your reading for a more detailed look into your season ahead.

Today is also Ostara, otherwise known as the spring equinox, and I’ve got a brand new spread to help you celebrate up on my website. You can support my ongoing tarot studies, creative work, and publishing dreams at Patreon, and check out my daily writing and community card draws on Instagram. I also offer personal, custom readings, along with larger spreads, writings, and a downloadable study guide with explorations of all 78 tarot cards. Lastly, I just released a second e-book called tarot 101, so if you’ve been thinking about buying your first deck and learning to read, this is a great resource to get you started.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Aries season!



Happy birthday, Aries! All of your natural fire and energy are likely raring to go this season, making plans and getting focused and finding joy in the feeling of momentum. And after last season’s necessary stillness and reflection, after considering what internal transformations might cause you to adjust your larger objectives, this is a beautiful opportunity for growth and progress. But as you celebrate how far you’ve come and look ahead to everything you’re building, check in with yourself, and consider how your current projects contribute to your bigger objectives. What are you building?

For you, this season will be all about balance, weighing the consequences of your actions with the desires that capture your imagination. How do the goals you’re working towards align with your personal code of ethics and morals? You are someone that is so confident of your place in the world, that understands how much impact you can have — so make sure that those brilliant ideas and powerful movements are creating change that you truly believe in. If those big dreams come true, how will the world look different?


Page of cups

You’ve been moving through a season of assessment and conscious decision-making, weighing your desires with your own sense of morality and equality. And as you move into fiery Aries season, this is an opportunity to start a new chapter, one of rich emotion, deep connection, and powerful intuition. What desires did you identify in Pisces season that have captured your imagination? Where are your instincts pointing you? Your natural sense of grounded movement and thoughtful choice are right at home with the Emperor’s structured, disciplined approach, but make sure you don’t leave your heart out of the equation. A new relationship or partnership may be on the horizon, but this card can also indicate a new spiritual journey, emotional revelation, or intuitive understanding. And sometimes play, unstructured creativity, open expression, can help us discover new insights about ourselves. What is your heart trying to tell you? And how could releasing a bit of control help you understand your emotions in new ways?


Seven of cups

Last season brought a powerful sense of movement and freedom, with obstacles shifting to the side and creative inspiration giving you a major boost. But you may find yourself getting a bit tangled in your own desires this season, craving the momentum of Aries’ fire and power but uncertain of where to focus it. Your ability to take in information and think quickly can help you see endless possibilities, but with your heart involved, that can twist into being able to imagine so many beautiful, incredible futures for yourself. The question is, what do you really want? Resist the urge to just push through so that you can focus on the joy of accomplishment, and instead give yourself space to listen to your intuition. What future feels right for you right now, in this moment? You’re allowed to change course, to choose another path, but do it deliberately, rather than as a way to escape deep emotion. Take the time to check in with yourself, then pursue the path that you know makes sense for you.


The Shadow // The Devil

After a period of decisive action and clarity, things may begin to feel a bit murky this season. Whether you’re struggling with self-doubt, feeling pulled into old cycles, or rigidly clinging on to specific beliefs, Aries season will be a time of necessary reflection for you, an opportunity to pay attention to your natural cycles and tendencies. If you’ve had some destructive behaviors in your past that are creeping back in, if old temptations are coming back to the surface, resist the desire to bury them deep and instead face them head on. What are those cravings, those familiar habits, offering you? Does it feel safer to slip back into something known than it does to break free and try something new? And if it does, why?

How are you getting in your own way? This sensation of confusion or repeating patterns may feel at odds with Aries season’s desire for new starts, forward motion, and progress, but don’t get lost in your shadows here — instead recognize your own strength, your own needs, your own desires. Where are you blocking or rejecting growth? How are you getting distracted, denying yourself, refusing awareness?


Five of wands

You’re often right at home in a season of fire, enjoying the rush of speed, the feeling of purpose, and the strength and magic of accomplishing those big goals. But whether you’re getting carried away by too many projects or start to lose sight of your broader objectives and intentions, this season may create a sense of confusion or frustration. Aries season can bring so many new dreams and ambitions into play, running wild with the fantasies revealed in Pisces and eager to get started on this new vision for the future – but incorporate too much too quickly, and you can feel tugged in too many directions, finding friction or conflict where you were hoping for joy and movement.

If you aren’t sure where to go, if things feel gridlocked or stagnant, take a deep breath and remember what you were doing before these new ideas captured your attention. What has been building over these past months? What intentions did you set for yourself at the top of the year? Where is your energy and attention naturally gravitating? The plans you’ve set in motion may not feel right anymore, but give yourself enough time to be sure before you start running in another direction. How much of this conflict is internal, and what can you resolve within yourself?


The Star

Last season was an intense one for you, asking you to confront heavy emotions or sensations of guilt and fear and work to release them. And as powerful as those lessons have been, as important as forgiving yourself can be, this process can also cause permanent transformations that alter everything you may think you know about yourself, your path, and the world you inhabit. For you, Aries will be a season of healing and renewal, an opportunity to catch your breath, find your footing, and start to look at world through fresh eyes. What feels new? How have your dreams, your ambitions, your goals, changed? What have you left behind, and what are you carrying forward? You may be someone that prefers for things to feel organized and intentional, someone who thrives on the Emperor’s disciplined and structured energy, but the Star asks you to be gentle with yourself, and to be okay with the unknown for a time. How can you show yourself grace?


Ace of wands

You’re coming out of a period of intense introspection, diving deep into your dreams and perhaps struggling with your own relationship to control. Don’t lose those lessons in all the fire and magic of Aries season, though — the patterns that you may have broken, the destructive behaviors that you vowed to leave behind, the hopes and ambitions that came to the surface, can all help you move forward with joy and confidence, especially as a new astrological year begins. This seasons promises brilliant creativity and flashes of inspiration, and may have you eager to move forward and leave some of that darkness in the past. Honor those impulses and embrace the desire to create something new and beautiful. But remember too the lessons of the Emperor, and clarify what those big goals are before you start chasing after them. How are you focusing all of this fresh and exciting energy? What does that captivating new objective look like, and where could it lead you?


Chiron // The Hermit

Last season had you balancing fire and water, working to organize your ambitions and explore your dreams in equal measure. And while this season may have those around you diving into creative expression and starting new projects, for you this will be a time of quiet introspection, giving yourself space to process any recent shifts and consider what kind of life you want to build for yourself. If there are emotions you’ve been avoiding, decisions that you haven’t examined, a specific truth that keeps creeping into the forefront of your mind, this is the season to acknowledge and accept, to work through these things in an authentic and intentional way.

It may feel that everything and everyone around you is moving forward, creating and sharing and expanding. It may even feel like you’re being left behind. But you are someone that knows how to trust yourself, that isn’t afraid to spend time getting to know your own shadows and depths — and this is a season for you to look within, to hold fast to that lingering Pisces energy and explore that internal wild unknown. What hidden dreams did last season uncover? Where are you hiding secrets? What are you longing for?


The High Priestess

After several seasons of quiet, grounding energy, after a major cycle has come to a close, Aries season may seem like just the right time to jump head-first into another adventure. You’re someone that loves exploring and understanding, that is eager to discover new experiences, new perspectives, new connections, and Aries is able to match your energy beautifully. But before you get too carried away with whatever captures your imagination next, take some time to check in with yourself, to consider your options, to listen to your intuition. You have a beautiful capacity for depth and awareness, but sometimes you have to be intentional about making space for that wisdom within to come forward. When you give yourself the gift of stillness, of quiet, what reveals itself? What little pangs, longings, voices, make themselves known? New projects and paths are so exciting, but make sure you’re doing something that feeds your spirit and fills your heart, instead of just keeping you motivated. How can you balance your natural curiosity with your need for soul-fulfilling work?


Ten of pentacles

You’ve been disciplined and focused, working hard and keeping your eye on the prize as only you can. And this season, all of that effort and dedication and intention will pay off, giving you a sense of accomplishment, stability, and comfort. Things are slipping into place, and after seasons of defining your goals and putting all of your energy into achieving them, you’re now moving into a time of joy and satisfaction, feeling pride in your achievements and knowing that you’re somewhere that feels right.

Of course, my dear Capricorn, you may not always be happy with something major ending — you’re so good at getting to those goals, but you prefer to be moving towards something, and without a clear objective you may start to feel a little lost. Give yourself permission to celebrate this accomplishment, to find contentment in what you have achieved, before you immediately rush into pursuing the next big ambition. How has reaching this goal paved the way for your next beginning? What does this win mean for your long-term objectives?


Nine of wands

You’ve been moving through seasons of fire and energy, pouring yourself into your work and enjoying the rush of creation and inspiration — and this season will be no different. Fiery Aries pairs with wands to give you an extra boost, urging you to keep going, keep putting all of your passion and strength and magic into those big dreams. But if you’ve been moving at top speed, giving everything you have to this work, be careful not to run yourself ragged or give every last bit of your spirit away — this can be a tricky moment, and in your desire to see something completed, you may end up burning yourself out. How can you balance the joy of manifestation with your ability to see the bigger picture? You’re so good at the long game, but when we’re caught up in achieving our goals sometimes we can get lost in the day to day. Listen to your instincts and don’t be afraid to set some boundaries for yourself. It’s okay to want to reach for those big ambitions, but don’t move so quickly that you forget where you’re going, or run out of what you need to get to the finish line.


Queen of swords

As we shift out of your season and into one of forward motion and powerful inspiration, you may feel a bit of whiplash, an urge to stay in your magical home of dreams, emotions, and fantasy. But for you, this will be a season of thoughtful movement and deliberate action, an opportunity to examine those dreamy ideas through a more pragmatic, critical lens. What feels truly possible, and what can stay in your imagination? What is worth keeping to yourself, and what feels good to share? This card often speaks to a need for boundaries or clarity, a desire to understand something completely before acting — but you’re someone that is comfortable with the unknown, that doesn’t always feel a burning need to have every single detail figured out before moving forward. Work to balance your natural sense of trust with a conscious awareness of truth, to make sure you’re trusting both your intuitive, gut feelings and your more logical perception of a situation. How can you balance the knowledge of your mind with the wisdom of your heart?

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  1. Hey Meg, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your tarot-scopes. I’ve loved oracle cards for a while now, but have just begun exploring more about tarot. I just bought your Ebooks, since I’ve got nothing else to do out in the world, I may as well start studying. I’m a stubborn Aris who loves to have loud, fun parties, especially in the Spring, so am going crazy over here! Thanks in advance for helping me not crack up, and hopefully lead me back to the spirit / magick world when I’m through being angry that whoever beyond did this to us all!

    • thank you so so much, jessica! i really feel for all the aries folks right now, and i know it’s a tough time to be stuck inside with the weather getting warmer and so much stress around us. i hope your cards and my books help you find some lovely personal practices to help keep you anchored 🖤🖤🖤

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