Playlist: I Am Absolutely Not Going Back Outside

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Hello mother nature! It’s been a long, hard winter. My heating bill for February is so high I could actually rent another apartment with it. My car was stuck in a pile of snow for two entire weeks, and the streets are filled with awful grey slush. You may have noticed it’s also March, which means spring is almost he- oh WHAT THE FUCK? It’s fucking snowing again?! You have got to be kidding.

Fuck this.

Fuck this.

I left my house a couple of hours ago to do some grocery shopping, and every inch of the sidewalk was a precarious, icy disaster. Allegedly the sky is going to continue to dump this terrible white bullshit on my house for the next several hours, and there is no way whatsoever I am going back out there. If you need me, I’ll be curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and this playlist, which is great for staring out the window and dreaming of a more temperate tomorrow.

It’s Still Fucking Snowing


Sleepwalker – 2:54
bodyache – Purity Ring
Not In Love – Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith
Another World – Poe
The Last Day I Was Happy – Scarling
Ignite – The Raveonettes
No Stranger – Small Black
Temperature’s Rising – Galaxie 500
When The Sun Hits – Slowdive
Believer – John Maus
Nothing Natural – Lush
Amor Fati – Washed Out
Deprestron – Courtney Barnett

It’s Still Fucking Snowing from Autostraddle on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. Perfect. I am currently deciding if I should order gross takeout for the millionth time because I don’t want to face the cold and go out to buy groceries and/or pick up not-gross food. This is the music I need to convince me to stay in and make some other poor soul bring me hot, greasy food. Thank you, Stef.

  2. You know what’s worse than winter in the northeast? Summer in the deep south. It’s not just hot (dear God it’s hot), you also have to watch your kids and pets so that the Jaberwocks that are posing as mosquitoes don’t carry them off.

  3. I am sick and tired of unusually dry and above average temperatures on the left coast. It’ll be cool in the morning, 25 to 30, but then sunny and near 60 in the afternoon. I hate it and want rain with a high of 50.

  4. You know what I hate? People complaining about warm weather when half the country is stuck in a frozen wasteland.

    Great playlist.

  5. Really REALLY resent the title of the playlist! Why use the F-bomb in relation to winter or snow? The site is devalued a lot when you approach your public this way.
    I find the snow beautiful and I find each of the seasons to be beautiful in its own way. your language is pretty disgusting in its approach.

    • All this snow has has given me is three paired of ruined winter boots, two death defying slips in the ice, and a chest cold, so… I dunno, I think some expletives are in order.

    • If you’re afraid of the “F-bomb” you might want to tread pretty lightly around the internet in general or invest in some kind of parental control browser plug-in. I’d hate to see your innocence ruined by all of the mean people out there with their nasty words, who happen to disagree with you on minor issues like how much it sucks to have wet, frozen feet, dry skin, and seasonal affective disorder.

    • There’s this gif from Frozen I think would be quite applicable to this comment but I am not employing for I am not the author.

      However my pet peeve about how things become “devalued” when we use bad words and how someone becomes “disgusting” because they’ve used a cuss demands I do something immature. So like a schmuck wrote a song using fuck, enjoy:

      “Here is the field where fuck doeth grow!
      Oh what luck, the field where fuck doeth grow!
      Buck on up here’s the fuck doeth grow!

      How we did truck through the muck to find the where the fuck doeth grow!
      Like a quest to find Puck was our search to find the field where the fuck does overflow!
      Our mothers did cluck but we found the field of fuck!”

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