PHOTOESSAY: People’s Rally Against Gun Violence

I work in crowded spaces. From concerts to protests to parties to the streets, I spend most of my professional time in highly trafficked areas. I have worked in Afghanistan and people have asked me, “weren’t you scared?” I honestly felt safer overseas; I’m statistically more likely to get shot going about my life in Los Angeles. Yes, I had body armor and security when I worked in Afghanistan but I also maintained a level of vigilance that I am increasingly having to bring to my stateside work. I used to scan crowds for images I should take and occasionally police movement. I know that most of us now scan for safety. Nearly everyone I know has a connection to gun violence. Schools now have gun drills. There are metal detectors at many of the venues I work.

When I hear about another shooting I am in no way surprised. We should never be desensitized to gun violence. Not in our schools, not in our streets, and not in our spaces.

Our country’s relationship to guns is totally out of control. Our legislators, the gun lobby, and our nation’s lack of fighting it are creating an environment where mass shootings are the norm. The rhetoric around it is designed to win votes and money at the expense of lives and safety.

Answer your own prayers and call Congress – if your reps aren’t listening go vote them out in 2018 (for a lot of reasons).

The country is speaking out and fighting back – here’s what the People’s Rally Against Gun Violence looked like in Los Angeles on Monday.

Friendly reminder because this article features photographs of children: If you are ever photographing kids, make sure to ask their guardian whenever possible before taking the snap.

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Molly Adams is an LA-based photographer. You can find documenting life from Afghanistan to Standing Rock to the LA queer nightlife. You can also find her on Instagram.

Molly has written 59 articles for us.


  1. These are some powerful images. It really bothers me that Republicans/conservatives think that children at the school in Florida were coerced or even payed to say their words. Their argument that if the teachers were armed is pretty much saying we want the NRA and gun companies to win, because now more people are owning guns and increase in safety risk.

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