No Filter: Looking Hot in an Airport Should Be Illegal but That Won’t Stop Demi Lovato From Doing It!

Welcome once again to No Filter, your weekly voyeuristic dive into the insta-lives of queerlebrities. Stef is still recovering from A-Camp, so you’re stuck with ME! Let’s get into it!

Yes, I too look extremely hot and put together when I’m in airports and definitely didn’t spill coffee on myself in front of Brittany Snow at LAX one time!!!!!!


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I love nature.

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Did Ruby Rose just upstage the literal Eiffel Tower?

You are my sunshine ☀️

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Tag yourself I’m the spiral staircase and Hayley can step on me whenever she wants.

Here’s Cara Delevingne kissing fellow model/activist Adwoa Aboah right on the lips not once but twice!!!!!

Last year was the Year Of Lena Waithe and this year is the Year Of Lena Waithe and next year will be the Year Of Lena Waithe. It is hereby decreed.

Rhea Butcher posted a tbt of their first pride event so bonus points to anyone who posts a tbt of their first pride event in the comments.

It appears not much about me posing has changed in 30 years.

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Scientifically speaking, if you have ever posed with both hands in your pockets, u gay.

attitude khaleesi

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I have come to learn through trial and error that the foot-on-sink mirror pose does not instantly make someone hot but rather makes hot people hotter. Here’s Kehlani exemplifying the latter.

Officially announcing that I am ready for Kiersey Clemons to destroy me.

I’ll leave you with this important dispatch from A-Camp.

Tune in next week when Stef reclaims this space and probably has a meltdown over a photo of Evan Rachel Wood.

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