No Filter: Laura Jane Grace Bearly Holds It Together (Groan)

Welcome back to No Fiter, our weekly glimpse into the social media lives of the rich and famous. This week, we’ve been thinking about Kristen Stewart a lot, from her out of control V106 cover to her new interview with the Times, in which they ask her – surprise! – about her relationship with Robert Pattinson, a person she has not dated since 2013. Mostly what we’ve gleaned is stuff we already knew, about how she used to feel really trapped and uncomfortable from all the attention the press focused on her relationships and now that she’s more comfortable with herself, she feels much less pressured. Then she got a haircut that made everybody’s head explode simultaneously and here we are talking about it anyway, like a bunch of chumps. Anyway, let’s get down to Instagram business.

This photo is bearly believable… am I right or what? Sorry… I know I can be unbearable sometimes…

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Laura Jane Grace is famous for her many talents, but bear puns may not be among them.

Call your girlfriend.

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This is rude, Gaby Dunn.

literally tho, how has nothing about me changed?

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Please enjoy this photograph of Gabby Rivera, taken two years ago as she worked on an early draft of Juliet Takes A Breath.

FINALLY bought some weird trashy werewolf art for my room.

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El Sanchez has the bloodlust again.

Thanks to @_charliebarnett for the best #weekendinMiami #shitwaslit

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Some days you just need Samira Wiley shotgunning a Corona more than other days, you know?

Jasika Nicole knitted this entire booth out of twine she found, and then she carved these shirts out of discarded root vegetables.

My penguin friends didn't invite me to the beach hang. ?????

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Kaki King’s penguin friends seem like a buncha jerks anyway.

Well, I looked this up and apparently this really is a Tom Arnold movie in which “a down on their luck hair metal band… gets a chance for a comeback with an appearance at Coachella. However, the group gets sidelined in the desert and must fight for their lives against giant ants.” Okay!


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Mickey’s doing kind of a postmodern thing right now.

Join us next week, when Mickey and Holiday Quin release their film about a pair of twin queer pop singers who find themselves battling a giant moth, or whatever.

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  1. “Jasika Nicole knitted this entire booth out of twine she found, and then she carved these shirts out of discarded root vegetables.”

    LOL’d for real.

    Stef you are what dreams are made of.

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