Marriage Equality Is Home for the Holigays This Sunday Funday

Hello! Happy Sunday Funday. I missed you last week, did you miss me? I was covered in a sea of research and assignments! I heard it was a common problem. But that’s okay, because we all know what comes after finals anyway!

The good news is, the holigays are closer than ever and I believe it still hasn’t snowed in a majority of the United States, meaning you may potentially also currently be affected by unseasonably warm weather that allows you to wear sundresses in December. And if not, I have better news: gay marriage is good for your health, Rihanna took her pants off, Sara Quin is in another photograph, and gay people are super impressive.

Gay Marriage Makes Gay People Happy, Divides Republicans

In really big surprising news that we didn’t really need to be told, gay marriage makes gay people happy. In fact, the legalization of gay marriage may correlate with less of a demand for health care – AKA super happy and super healthy gay people:

A spokesman for the Terrence Higgins Trust, a UK-based sexual health and HIV charity, said: “There is a known link between health and happiness.

“It’s no surprise that people who are treated as second class citizens tend to have low self esteem, which in turn makes them more likely to take risks.

“Whether this is drugs, alcohol abuse, or unsafe sex, treating gay men unequally has lasting repercussions for their health.”

Limitations of the research? Well, it’s kind of only about gay men. We can only assume lesbians are happier when cuddling with their loved ones after a legal marriage ceremony.

Plus, gay marriage is so super adorable that even young Republican people can’t get enough. In Minnesota, a proposed ban on gay marriage has brought many young conservatives into the conversation. They’re totally against the ban:

“Being opposed to this amendment — or being pro-marriage equality in general — has a natural fit within the GOP’s ideals of limited government and freedom and personal responsibility,” Loesch [of Minnesotans United for All Families] said. “The Constitution should treat everyone equally.”

Important Gay People

+ Jamaican lawyer Maurice Tomlinson’s name may not be familiar to you, but it should be. He just won the inaugural David Kato Vision and Voice Award, named after the late Ugandan LGBT activist. He will be presented with the award in January:

The culmination of Maurice’s ongoing work is the unprecedented legal challenge to the Jamaican anti-sodomy law, announced in October, that Maurice initiated at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Maurice is leading the legal team to file the first-ever such challenge at the regional level. If successful, it could be the beginning of the end of legalized homophobia in Jamaica, and undoubtedly will have a multiplier effect throughout the Caribbean.

+ Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy named Mark Ojakian, formerly the Deputy Budget Director of the state, his new Chief of Staff on Thursday. Ojakian is openly gay.

Give Your Barbie an Afro

There are no afros in the Sims, almost no afros in popular culture, and very few on the street. But now everyone’s Barbie can get her own bush, thanks to Jezebel. But you might want to call it a halo.

Gay Dads Become Future Granddads, Jump Up and Down

In what is surely the YouTube Video That Shook Gay Mountains, two gay married men found out on camera that they were going to become grandparents. What came of it was more adorable as a newborn puppy and kitten playing together in a field of daisies.

Rihanna is Not Wearing Pants

Probably for your viewing pleasure, Rihanna is not wearing pants.

Sara Quin’s A Gay Kid

Sara Quin helped out LGBT group Revel & Riot by posing in their super gay and super trendy apparel.

Majestic Cats in the Snow

There are 50 of them.

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  1. That second image is so prettyful.

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  2. That is an adorable picture of Sara Quin (dare I say it- even more adorable than the kittens at the bottom) and it’s totally working…Now I want a R&R shirt even more than I already did.

  3. Wow, you mean people are healthier when they’re NOT abused, belittled, shamed and discriminated against? That just blew my mind!

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  5. Barbie’s afro looks almost exactly like the afro my older sister had in the 70s! Except hers was long at the back/bottom as well. It was awesome! She restyled her hair after she came in from a really windy day and found her hair had blown straight back from her forehead, and looked completely mad.

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