The L Word Episode 603 Recap: LMFAO

This L Word recap was originally published on Riese’s personal L Word recap blog in early 2009, before the Autostraddle YOU know and love got invented! It has been republished here for your viewing delight, but there may be messed up formatting and missing pictures.

Welcome to the Autostraddle Recap of Episode 603 “LMFAO,” the Series Finale of Showtime’s hit series The L Word! What’s that you say? This isn’t the last episode? Fair enough, arguably true. Howevs, I suspect this might be the last episode that I actually enjoy. Furthermore, I imagine that at season’s end I’ll choose to block out 604-608 and remember the whole she-bang ending like … well … this:

With Dancing!!!
See the joy and the laughter! At “LMFAO”‘s end, Tasha’s proud of Alice, Bette & Tina are in love 4evs, Kit & Helena have successfully turned Hit Club into “Casablanca meets Studio Fifty-Four,” Shane & Jenny are in the giggly charged-up first moments of what they still believe is Real Love and everyone is dancing and/or laughing! AND SCENE!!

I did actually enjoy at least 50% of this episode. You know what that means. I’m not as funny when I mostly like the episode. You’ve been warned.

Speaking of warnings — PLEASE if you re-post images obtained from Autostraddle on your own blog or website, PLEASE credit the source (me). Thank you!

So …

This week our viewing party included me, Carly, A;ex and Natalie [not pictured]. Natalie hasn’t seen the first two episodes and therefore had a lot of questions. Oh also nominations for The Lezzies start February 2nd, you should check it out and nominate your favorite blogs. Like this one and me.

Natalie: “So what’s Shane my love doing?”
Carly: “She fucked Nikki, who was Jenny’s ex-girlfriend, so now she’s like Jenny’s slave trying to win Jenny back but then Jenny said she’s in love with Shane and then they kissed and now they’re gonna be together, which I have A LOT of feelings about.”
“Jenny!? Really?! Okay … what about …what’s happening with Bette & Tina?”
“Together, getting another kid for some reason.”
“Until Jessie Spano-slash-Nomi Malone comes in …”
Natalie: “NOOOO! REALLY?! Okay, what happened with …”
Carly: “Please say Max. Please say Max.”

Because Max isn’t in this episode, I’ll withhold my commentary ’til next week … or perhaps later this week, when Max will have an entire article to talk about the transphobic content of his storyline. The show hasn’t targeted transphobia, it’s targeted trans people themselves.

But let’s not think about that right now! Let’s be happy and celebrate the finale! Why was this episode called LMFAO? ‘Cause we LOL’ed a lot. I’ll keep track for ya.

Maybe you need better LOCKS on the DOORS, Aaron!

This week it’s Tina’s turn to declare a desire to kill Jenny ’cause The Lez Girls “negative” has been stolen from the lab, they suspect Jenny. Tina exclaims “Fucking Jenny! I will fucking kill you!,” a clip which we’ve already seen approximately 5 billion times.

I think before Aaron’s scenes, the director shoots him up with Rabies, shoves a pipe-bomb up his ass, and then just sets ‘er off. I’m worried his veins might literally pop out of his Mr.Clean headskull the next time he spits/yells at Tina.

Natalie: “Jenny stole the negative from the lab?”
“Allegedly — and it was the only copy of the movie in the universe.”
“What about Adele? Is Adele still the director?”
“Adele is no longer with us.”

Carly is ready to carve the turkey!

The good news starts early this episode, Angela Robinson is in the house!

Our glory days have come!

BUT for you who’d prefer to avoid it, click here to skip over the naked Shenny scenes and go straight to Alice’s arrival. See how good I am to you? See how much I care? Even though I’d like to add that this isn’t the Bette & Tina show, it’s The L Word Show, which means every episode must contain at least fifteen major characters and 20 absurd plot-lines.
I think Jenny & Bette are supposed to be the main characters of the show, right? Anyone? I’m curious how you feel about it. J&B is who we were told would be the main characters in Season One. I guess we were told a lot of things in Season One.

Sounder = Not on Team Shenny

Bedow bowwww it’s the morning after at Shenny’s Magic Loveshack, where the happy new couple is sex-tosseled and stunning in bed. Zomg! Jenny’s got her paws on Shane’s nips, there’s sighing and unbelievably loud sheet-shifting and Sounder Jr. is on all fours, ready for some more doggy style. I think he feels ignored ’cause he doesn’t have Shane’s nipple confidence so he dashes out just as Shane & Jenny wake up. Shane looks surprised for about half a second, and then … really happy.

Lesbian Sexy Moment #5: This Love Isn’t Good Unless It’s Me and You
The Players: Shane & Jenny
The Pick Up: I think that happened last night? I beleive it was “Jenny?”
Hot or Not?: ZOMG!

“I don’t know what to say.”
Jenny: “I’m happy we fucked.”
Shane: “Are you sure?”
Jenny: “Mmm hmm.”


And when I Lay Beside You For The First Time I Told You

Even though it’s the ass-crack of morning and clearly neither one of these ladies has brushed their teeth, the makeout continues, obvs ’cause they cannot resist one another. Shane does the L Word signature move which is to cover your lover’s boobs during any kind of sexual activities (especially during oral). Then the doorbell rings. “Fuck,” Jenny remembers, Alice is coming over for her parent-teacher conference notes on her “treatment.” Shane moans “tell Alice to go home,” which is interesting …


LMFAO MOMENT #1: “Alice is so … annoying!”(Jenny)
But before Shane goes downstairs to get the door, Jenny has feelings to discuss …
“Shane? C’Mere. Do you think we made a mistake?”
[Shane makes a really weird facial expression,
I’m hoping it’s indicative of super-love, rather than super-theatrics]

Jenny: “Really?”
Shane: [obvs implying incredible sexiness was had] “You know as much as I do … [cute smile face]”

Jenny: C’mhere. [they kiss]
I could stay with this scene forever, but Alice has better ideas.

Meanwhile Jenny will sit in bed and wait, nibbling on her blue fingernails. All the L-Girlz had a mani-pedi party before shooting this ep, they all chose sparkly blue.

Also if Jenny made me wait that long, I’d take that opportunity to text Tina that “I tried!” and then dash to the car. But our dear Alice waits, and our scruffy Shane answers …

LMFAO #2 – (Alice) – “Uh– I know that look! WHOOO! —
the I had sex all night look — anyone I know?”
Shane denies it even when Alice insists Shane wears her sex nights “on her sleeve.” (Or, rather, on her bare arms, ’cause she’s always sportin’ the wifebeater after aforementioned “sex nights.”)

LMFAO #3: Jenny calls to Shane, “Monkey, have you seen my shirt?”
Alice scowls in confusion/fear and says, incredulously: “Monkey? Wow, you guys SUPER made up!”

LMFAO #4 (possibly top 10 best L Word moments of all time): We zoom in as Alice’s cute baby mind tries to computer this crazy-ass shit. She’s a Stepford Lesbian about to have a breakdown, there’ll be sparkplugs exploding everywhere and even Max won’t know how to fix it. Besides he’s busy doing Kegels and throwing nerf balls at his stomach to kill the baby.


Shane’s doing Eric Mabius’s hair today … how meta! [Also, so relieved Shane’s still employed, someones gotta bring home the bacon for these little rascals.] Then Alice spies on them.

Her reaction: “Um. Ew.”

Alice’s faces this episode are out of this world.

monkey what? monkey see, monkey do her all night long?


LMFAO #5: Alice dashes to the bathroom to do what she must do — text everybody and tell them all right away xoxo gossip girl.


Helena’s reaction: She’s jogging probs imagining long gallops on the English countryside with Black Stallions when she gets the news — “SHANE AND JENNY HAD SEX LAST NIGHT!!” — and promptly falls off the treadmill. Sidenote; I could watch Helena work out for the rest of my life.


Tina‘s in a meeting with Angela Robinson and someone else — how meta! — who are obviously pitching a lesbian vampire story. Aren’t we all.

Tina’s reaction: “WHAT THE FUCK?”
Tasha’s walking out of a Police Academy Whatevers, probs Eddie Murphy was there, when she gets the news and we see the second part of Alice’s text:

Tasha’s Reaction = Laughter, “Oh Alice.” Aw. I think Tasha thinks Alice is super cute when she does silly things that Tasha would never do.
Bette’s reaction, however, is THE BEST.(LMFAO #7)
She’s in a meeting with stodgy academic people talking about important things but she cracks up schoolgirl-style over the Shenny Texts Part 1&2.

She tries to suppress the laughter but she cannot contain herself!

Bette laughing her ass off = beautiful.

Then we flash back to 1972 where Kit doesn’t understand why her phone is buzzing ’cause that ain’t how things are done over here. No really there’s no reason for her not to know this, but it’s funny so I’ll let it fly. Probs the last time she heard buzzing, it turned out to be Ivan’s vibrating strap-on rubbing against her buttocks. Hey-o! Thank you Babeland!


“What in the Bloody Hell is Going On?”

Helena calls and I’m hoping she’s calling to say “Hey, if the other potential friends-become-lovers couple is going for the gold this season, whaddya say you and I take a romp in the ol’ schoolyard and you charm my little knickers right off my body!” but instead she wants to talk about Shenny. Alice wants to listen to Shenny talk about boundaries and relay it all to Helena. This scene is AWESOME.

Alice: “They’re kissing! EW!”
(LMFAO #8)


Helena: “Alice, you’re being childish.
They’re both adults and if they want to get involved with each other, that’s totally their prerogative.”

“Shane just said Jenny’s a good kisser!”
Helena: “Oooo ick! Oh my God!”
(LMFAO #9)

The L Word is Oh you Lucky, Lucky Girl, Jenny …


Riese PSA: I mean … even if you hate Shenny, this scene is super-hilarious. I feel like I root for the things everyone is rooting for, whether it be Alice wearing glasses, Helena undressing or Bette & Tina getting back together … mrrrrr Iloveshenny! I don’t think a Bettina fan would feel shafted by me in the same way a Shane and/or Jenny and/or Shenny fan might feel shafted reading other recaps. If I had a point here, I lost it. Oh, it’s “come on!”

I really liked this observation by reader Asher last week, and I think I agree (also perhaps it adds to the “this is all Jenny’s script” theory) – “Jenny I think represents just about all of us (I was just questioning my shit when I started watching) so to me she’s living the dream. Move to LA, make super hot lesbo friends, and finally end up with Shane. I feel as Jenny wins, we all win just a little.”

Jenny’s like the weird outsider who just snagged the captain of the football team when no one even predicted that they’d get along in the first place. She’s like Emily Valentine.

Bette’s gabbing with Tina about how Shenny’s gonna be a trainwreck. I mean, someone could even get killed(!!!!), just like in an actual trainwreck. So that’s what happened to Tina’s train to Lezzie Town! Ca-CHING! Not that Bette has any need for public transportation with those FUCKING SLEEVES!

Srsly the Pirates of Penzance have been on hold since last week. You better get that call or
they will loot your booty all over WeHo.

Carly: “Bette ! Again with THE SLEEVES! They’re like WINGS!”
Riese: “She just wants to fly and everyone keeps holding her back!”
Carly: “She’s like [sings] “I’m Like a Bird” you guys …”
Riese: “And they’re like, No you aren’t!

Lesbian Squabble #14: Time To Get a Real Job Time To Stop Having Fun at Bette’s Expense

In the Ring Bette vs. Jodi
Content: Bette’s like “why’s Tom here?” ’cause 2 on 1 is totally not fair, Bette’s getting played like a deck of cards. Jodi says Bette was never a good signer, although she could apparently do many other magical things with her fingers. Bette thinks Jodi should resign, just like she said she would a few weeks ago. Jodi wants to redact that offer ’cause she made it to save the ass of the woman she loves, now she is on to new asses and new loves, and therefore loves her job and wants to stay.
We all know the real reason is that she doesn’t know where she’s gonna put the giant play structure she built in Season Four, that thing is a behemoth. To this Bette says, “If you don’t resign, then I’m gonna have to fire you.” Jodi says “Go right ahead.”
Who Wins? Tom! He just got an extra day of work! He can put that towards the diaper fund.

Put That On Your Fucking Clipboard!

Jenny’s been up all night giving notes to Shane’s vadge (much like Twat: The Night, but more intimate) and clearly didn’t actually read Alice’s treatment. Instead of admitting this, Jenny’s going to catapult brilliantly into my favorite kind of scene — Jenny Momentus!

Howevs, in prior seasons we’ve seen Jenny get all Jenny Momenty towards Stacey Merkin, the secretary at Curve, various smarmy movie execs, Moira/Max, the cast & crew of Lez Girls, Adele, the pre-Adele assistant, etc.

BUT now …

She’s doing it to Alice. Very clever, Show. Very clever. Because when you hurt Alice, you hurt everyone, because everyone loves Alice, and then the globe warms and then all the penguins die.

Next Time I Will Just Take Robert McKee’s Story Seminar

Jenny: “You people just come into Hollywood and you just think that you’re gonna make it and you’re just gonna write everything and it’s gonna be great in one night. You know what? My work — to write a screenplay — is a craft. [HA! – LMFAO #10] And if you’re gonna sit here across from me, you’re gonna start taking it seriously.”
Jenny asks Alice to pitch it to her so she can prove she’s worthy of this craft — ’cause screenwriting isn’t like other crafts where you can just get out a loom and weave a scarf, one must work hard to mine the lint of their navel and weave it into storytelling goodness, like this wonderful show. Soooo … it’d seem Alice stole her idea from Ilene Chaiken and/or her own life. A talk show host is dating a cop, it’s got “mystery, car chases, action and excitement, foul play meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so it’s kinda romantic and action-y … it’s kinda got everything!” Jenny says it has everything “except a great idea.”
“I mean, I don’t think that’s gonna sell — pretty boring–” (amazing shrug) “– but you know the heart of this? Is that it’s just not realistic. These two people would never be in a relationship together.”

JENNY MOMENT: “Well Alice, you know what I think? The future is now. Right now — and this (points at the treatment) is not the way forward. Because when I’m with you (does big hand gesture indicating the size and scope of the world/the chart) in a group of people and I close my eyes and I’m like ooooooo (squinches up her face) ughhhh that girl oooo the VOICE! (opens her eyes, points at Alice) She should be doing cartoon voiceovers.”
(LMFAO #11)


Alice is suitably stunned and before she can say that Mel Blanc called to say don’t fucking compare Alice to him, Tina’s at the door. OH! I’ve got this theory — Jenny’ll continue to be accused of things we believe she could’ve done, but she actually didn’t do! Yeah? That’d be a twist.

Alice adorably tells Tina not to say anything about Shenny as she dashes out and Tina asks Alice if she’s “sure.” She is. This is how Tina feels about that:

Tina’s Face = (LMFAO #12)
Anyhow, Tina can’t talk ’cause she’s gotta “fuckin’ kill Jenny.” Alice deadpans: “Why, what did she do to you?” Oh my God! Jenny is DOING things to EVERYBODY! ALL TOGETHER NOW!

The best Jenny Moments always happen in Jenny’s kitchen. That’s because she’s from the midwest, where our kitchens are like hearths of love and soul, apple pies and warm delight. Right-o.

Jenny doesn’t like what Tina’s got to say abut the missing negative, she’d rather talk about cappuccino and soybeans. (LMFAO #13) Who cares about the negative, the editor has it on her computer, Jenny adds. Funny, I was just thinking that exact same thing! Apparently, explained by some bizarre movie-making lingo that I don’t understand, “it doesn’t matter what the editor has on her computer because it cannot be projected on our screen.” They should just release this thing on youtube and call it a day. I can only imagine the comments, probs: “you wasted 140.23 min/sec of my life AND I WANT IT BACK !!!”

Lesbian Squabble #15: Dude, Where’s my Negative?
In the Ring:
Tina vs. Jenny
Content: Tina’s being kind and tactful when she asks Jenny if she’s got it. Jenny suggests Adele’s got it and Tina’s gotta think fast to cover up the fact that Malaya Rivera Drew is no longer on the show — Adele wouldn’t do it, “her whole career would be on the line.”

Jenny refuses to follow the rules of Vortexed cast members and says that Adele’s got a three-picture deal — in other words, she’s fine, and Jenny has: “nothing. I don’t even have an agent anymore. Because my agents don’t think I’m professional. And if this film doesn’t come out (HELLLOOOO CANADA!) then I’m totally fucked, okay, so I need this film to come out so I have this [holds up fingers to gesture the tiny bit of a chance she’s got] kind of chance of getting a job again. So you have to find that movie!”

Also I’m a Bad Writer, but That is NOT THE POINT!

Tina believes Jenny. I think I believe Jenny just ’cause I know where she was last night (Shane’s Nipple Confidence: The Night) and furthermore I know what she did last summer (Nikki) and I also know where she lives (Here) and because I don’t want her to die (whatevs).

Hey! Hey! YOU! You! I Don’t Like Your Not-Girlfriend!

Alice: “It’s Jenny, I just wanna be sure we know who we’re talking about here.”
Shane: “I’m truly aware of who it is, thank you, but listen — we get each other. We do and I have to believe she’s not gonna get weird.”

I Know She Takes All the Good and All The Bad That Comes With Me

Shane seems pragmatic & happy & confident she can hold her own. If anyone can, she can — she’s been holding her own with Jenny thus far, after all. Shane says she’s gotta trust Jenny to set boundaries, and besides, she’s got no other choice. Err. Urm, yeah she does, there’s another choice hidden in the attic that you may find in a few weeks while hunting for your lost dignity as Chaikenbake steers this tanker into a deserted island of lesbos.

You know, this girl, Molly?
Really if Shane was actually in love with Molly, she wouldn’t have moved on so quickly. But you know, it’s Shane.
She genuinely believes she’s in love with someone in the moment, but give her two days and she’s Go-Go-Gadget-Girlfriend,
calling “NEXT!” She should be on that MTV show NeXT, I love the lezzie episodes.

Though Alice insists “any level-headed calm person” would “freak out if they’d slept with a roommate,” Shane ain’t level-headed, she’s a quick-heart’ed goddess of sexy Californication. “We’re not gonna add water and make an instant relationship,” Shane says, marking her first accurate employment of an analogy. At least I think it’s an analogy. Analogy, metaphor, potato, po-tah-to. I am no smarter than Shane.

Shane: “And listen — between you and me — if it was to happen again –”
Alice: “What? What is that face?”
Shane:“I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t mind –”
And Alice picks up the yogurt dish, takes out a spoon, and gets down to business … Yoplait business.



(LMFAO #14)

Carly: “It’s first date good. Burn this dress good.”
Riese: “I’d like to thank the ACADEMY good.”

Alice is convinced they’re gonna sleep together again tonight, but Shane isn’t “planning” on it (why wait ’til tonight? how’s this afternoon?) … howevs Tao of Shane, Book One states that she does not have a plan and in fact that is the point. Shane’s just glad to have Jenny back in her life. This talk concerns me, that’s number one on the list of “bad reasons to sleep with someone.”

Lesbian Squabble #16: This Would Be A Good Time to Just Give Jodi the Finger
In the Ring:
Phyllis & Jodi vs. Bette
Content: Phyllis doesn’t think Jodi needs to be fired anymore and ignores Bette’s valid claims that Jodi is a bad employee. Speaking of, Phyllis is really bad at her job you guys! I swear, I haven’t witnessed her make one efficient or professional decision, she’s entirely motivated by emotional whims and seems to spend more time dealing with her feelings than actually running a University. I’d like to hijack this meeting and fire Phylllis. She’s about to get married to a big lawyer, she can just become a DALA girl.

Phyllis: “I never thought that you of all people would let this dyke drama get in the way of you doing your job!”
Bette: “This is not dyke drama, Phylllis!”
Phyllis: “When you entered into a sexual relationship with a subordinate — as you refer to her — you relinquished your right to fire her, because that’s what’s called sexual harassment.”
Bette: “Are you threatening to sue me for sexual harassment?”
Jodi: “Hmmm, that thought never ocurred to me. I’m not really interested in lawsuits.”
[Point for Jodi.]
I love how Tom adds a little spice to Jodi’s statements when he translates. Anyhow Bette is 100% right. this isn’t Dyke drama. Dyke Drama is = CORE, Phyllis begging for Bette’s romantic advice, Joyce naked at Phyllis’s office, Jodi refusing to meet with Bette, But hey! Who cares! This is teevee and Phyllis says: “The last thing this University needs is a sexual harassment lawsuit between two lesbians … I cannot allow you to expose this university to this kind of threat.”

This is … stupid!
Who Wins
: Sarah Palin and all her gay friends.

Also, in addition to noting how lovely Phyllis & Tom are matching today, I’d like to point out that here we have A CLUE!

Jenny gets super inspired when she’s having a dramatic love affair, and then when she’s done writing her masterwork of stage and screen, she gets a little horny. She interrupts Shane’s nap and Shane don’t mind one bit …

Lesbian Sexy Moment #6: If You’re Gonna Wake Up, You Might as well Wake Up With Me
The Players: Jenny the Artist and Shane the Sexual Artist
The Pick – Up: “I was thinking about what we did last night … and how I liked it…”
Hot or Not: If Carly would stop yelling about how Shane needs to brush her teeth before they start making out, it cold be quite steamy … it is. Love the half-asleep cute yearning arm, Jenny mounting her … if only this love affair could stay this good for the rest of the season …


Once Again We Are Captivated.

Cue the Split-Screen!
The saucy ladies at The Look have od’ed on hair gel and botox & are ready for Alice to share some more dirty secrets. Probs this episode has been sponsored by Secret, which is strong enough for a big butch daddy but PH-balanced just for girls in tight dresses and/or pink shirts with poofy sleeves.

It’s a Killer Season After All

Alice got a letter in the mail. Elizabeth & Sherri Saundra & Mary are hoping it’s a love letter from Clementine Ford and/or Tila Tequilia, but instead it’s from a girl who’s gay brother got shot in the face for being gay. The letter-writer wants Alice to tell her viewers that “it’s not okay to hurt gay people.” That’s right Alice, let’s not forget that in Episode 607 or someone’s gonna end up in The Farm. Also, what if you’re a dude and your queer boyfriend defies science, gets somehow impregnated, calls you a faggot and kicks you in the nuts? Then what? THEN WHAT ALICE?

I’ve Got Something I Can Raise My Voice For

I mean, totally serious now, very moving/out of the blue. Alice I think is taking a cue from her Moralist Girlfriend and Doing the Right Thing. Saundra & Mary are horrified that Alice hasn’t learned from The Great Battle of ’07 — the people do not want to hear about 650,000 dead in Iraq, they want to hear about how being a vegan can improve your spiritual health. Where’s Joy Behar when you need her?

Alice’s Big Moment: “I know I’ve justified outing in the past saying it’s a political act, and I certainly do believe that the world would be better if people felt free and safe enough to be who they are. But what I forgot is that some people choose to stay in the closet for other reasons. One of those reasons is that homophobia is alive and well, and often times in this country — can get you killed.”

Hurrah! Alice has been saved from last season’s ridiculous personality shift! Howevs, clearly this — like many other things Alice likes — is not Fun Gay. This is Shot-in-the-Face or Hung-on-a-Fencepost-in-Laramie Gay, this is Boys Don’t Cry Gay, this is all the kinds of gays that ignorant fluffheads like Saundra & Mary avoid at the cineplex so they can sit in their nice beds and watch the new episode of Dancing with the Stars.

We’ll Be Right Back with Someone Way Stupider!

After the break they’ll be discussing how to dress for Spring, and Alice will be debating an early start on her cartoon voiceover career. Shane is my Homegirl t-shirts aren’t gonna fly as spring wardrobe staples.

If these L-girls keep progressing career-wise at this pace, Angelica’s gonna have a tough time finding anyone for Take Your Daughter to Work Day. She can go cut hair with Shane or bartend at Hit, I guess.

This scene is stupid. If you didn’t see the show, I’ll just summarize quickly — [UPDATE: My summary of this scene is totally wrong. That’s what you get for watching it drunk once and on mute three more times! Thank you Michael for clearing that up!] someone faxed a ransom note to the movie studio about stealing the negative and they signed it Tina Kennard and Aaron actually thinks Tina did it, which doesn’t even make sense, why would she fax a ransom note with her own name on it, and why the F would Aaron believe it was from her? He kinda knows where she lives and etc.? It’s a plot device I may’ve used when I was 8 (yes, I already wrote plays then, I was a big loser) and named it “The Portardstien Bears and the Case of the Ransom Note.”

I Do Wanna Express Myself, And I Don’t Need 37 Wall-Sized Screens to Do It

Phyllis, sharing a mid-afternoon drink with Bette at the local Chotchkie’s, says that because Bette is “the only lesbian who’s had a nasty public breakup with a faculty member,” she [Phyllis] will have to do the unthinkable and fire the beautiful/unshakable Bette Porter. Um? Fire Jodi! She’s the one who made it public on a giant screen! Unfortunately, good ol’ Vortexed Nadia reported her “encounter” with Bette too. I recall Jodi having a few liaisons under her less-poofy sleeves, but um, this show is just kinda silly sometimes.

“You were a beautiful role model for me when I was coming out — in a special way I will always be grateful.”
Bette: “That’s nice.”
(LMFAO #15)

Not a Good Day for the Parents Who Wanna Adopt

Phyllis wants to tell Bette about her own struggles with “attraction” to a co-worker, and asks Bette if she’d like to know who it is and Bette so smartly says she’d rather not. As Phyllis rambles on about her special crush, Bette’s chomping on peanuts like they’re the fingers on Jodi’s little signing hands.

“Bette — I’ve always found you wildly — exquisitely attractive.”

“Phyllis … no …”
Phyllis: “Yeees … yesss …”

(LMFAO Moment #16)

Phyllis: “From the moment I saw you, tall, strong, brilliant –”
Bette: “Don’t–”

“So erudite–“

Bette: “Don’t.”
Phyllis: “It was so difficult for me not to act on it. You can’t imagine –”

Bette: “Joyce.”
Phyllis: “Joyce is wonderful — oh yeah she’s TCB, good in bed, makes a good living — but f you gave me the smallest amount of encouragement, I’d lose her in a second.”
Bette: “You just fired me.”

Phyllis: “I know, but it may be the best thing that ever happened to both of us … Bette, you are and will always be, the woman of my dreams.”
[Yes, you and the rest of the world, baby]

Natalie: She looks like a cocker spaniel!
Riese: That’s Cybill Shepard! You can’t say that about her!
Natalie: I know but right now look at her face! She DOES!


Then Phyllis goes for the makeout and Bette gives her the fakeout …

“You will have my letter of resignation in the morning.”

Here We Re-enact the Scene For You

The Rose of My Heart’s Desire

I think IC must be doing the dirty with a florist, there’s been a lot of flower-sending happening over the past few years. Next up will be EZ Girl with a singing telegram. Anyhow, Helena doesn’t want no skanky flowers from Dylan. What is she gonna make a documentary with those flowers. Wtf. What’s it gonna be called, I have flowers and broke your heart. Pshaw.

Anyhow Helena’s gonna take one of them there daffodils and go get herself some bush!!!

Next Time I’m Outing Queen Latifah, Mark My Words!

Alice guesses “hate crimes are not fun gay, they’re depressing gay,” and doesn’t wanna get fired so she’s gonna go say she’s sorry. Also, she’s already dressed for spring in a little peasant shirt.

“Alice you don’t always get rewarded for doing the right thing, look what happened to me.”
Alice: “Are you really gonna make this about you right now? Are you really gonna do this and make this about the fucking army right now?

Go-Go-Gadget Phone!

But then! FATE intervenes! It’s a telephone call from the Gay & Lesbian Center! There is an emergency! Alice must rescue everyone and put out forest fires and save the world! Dah-dah-daH!!!!


This Girl! She Wants to Cut Ties with All The Lies That She’s Been Living In!

This scene is way better if you watch it to the tune of that “Step Off of the Ledge my Friend,” which you could’ve done if you’d been on my couch, ’cause Carly and I sang it throughout, much to everyone’s delight/chagrin. This smokin’ hot chick (new character Jamie played by Mei Melancon) has something to show Alice on the roof of the GLC. What could it be? Perhaps a lovely view of the city?

Carly: “Please be a puppy!”
Riese: [I-found-a-puppy-voice] “She was just too cute to leave on the streets!”


I think Ilene writes out what’s supposed to happen and then the actual teleplay writers insert their own commentary on Ilene’s plot choices via dialogue.
Exhibit A:
Alice: “This is weird. And crazy. I can’t talk a teenager off the ledge — what if she jumps?”
Tasha: “Alice isn’t qualified for this. She’s not a psychologist.”
Jamie: “She knows you, you’re her hero, she’s so excited every time you’re on The Look and it gives her hope that someone could be out like you and still be successful! please will you just talk to her.”

What the … frickin’ … frack …

Also, the Suicide Girl’s name is Marie, which’s also my name (Riese is my nickname, from “Rie”). Okay confession — this character’s based on me. My brother’s not gay though, but one time someone broke into his Mini-Van and stole his speakers.

Riese: “ALICE is a SUPERHERO!”
Carly: “She’s Alice the suicide negotiator!”
Alex & Carly: (singing) “PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR!”
Carly: “William Shatner’s gonna pop down and be like — “Hey, get off that ledge and go to the Bahamas!”


I Want You to Know Everyone’s Gotta Face Down the Demons

So, Alice who’s about to get fired goes and gives Marie a little bit of inspiration and Marie doesn’t jump. People don’t just announce that they’re gonna die like that on this show. There’s a super-brief season-long build-up following several seasons of developed attachments and THEN they die. If “Marie” was serious, she’d just jump and/or execute my favorite option – drug overdose! Why not get high before you die? Yah! This is silly. But you know Ilene lovveeesss her some PSAs.


Also look, Alice & Tasha are in love — and not WITH EACH OTHER!!

(that’s Jamie they’re looking at)
Speaking of Loooveeeee now Alice has done something very good so now Tasha can be proud of her. Yeah, I’ve been there, done that.

How About Your Boulevard and my Alley [Kat] get together …

I predict that Sunset Boulevard will turn out to be someone from Kit’s past. I don’t know what to say about the attire except that some Jo-Ann Fabrics saleswoman got very lucky this week.

Sunset asks if Kit’s got a man, she says nah, she’s off men for now. Sunset asks about women and Kit explains that women are nooo better.


Natalie: “Is Kit gay?”
Riese: “Yes.”
Carly: “No.”

HIT Club is HOPPIN’!!!

Straight Women, Caucasian 21-26, wanted to be GAY for SHOWTIME’S HIT SERIES THE L WORD
(No ACTUAL GAYS should apply)
Never Say “I’ll Be Right Back.” ‘Cause You’ll Never Be Back .

Sunset 100% fo’sho thinks Kit & Helena are the romantic kind of partners. Anyhow, now Kit’s walking outside to find her girls, you can tell by the blissful look on her face that something bad is about to happen. Perhaps she’ll get killed by an axe-murderer or assaulted by the RedRum finger.

But no, worse (for her, not for me, I la-la-la-love it!) — it’s Shenny kissing!

All Eyes Are On Me Now
Kit returns to the gang, horrified: “I just saw Jenny and Shane in the car, Shane’s hand was all up Jenny’s skirt and Shane’s tongue was all down Jenny’s throat.” Everyone shares a hearty laugh about how Kit doesn’t know how to check her text messages. (LMFAO #17)

I’m Proud To Be Proud To See Proud to be Me

The rest of this scene is so cute and fills me with so much joy that I wish I could watch it with all my friends again, I want everyone to magically make up and laugh our cares away and live in the same city and always say what’s on their mind and have inside jokes and weather storms and toast each other and I want it done to music.

They all toast to Alice because she did something great today and Tasha’s proud of her. Hurrah!


Stupid Can Also Be Sexy

Shane joins the crowd and knowing laughter abounds. Shane’s so cute when she’s confused. The side-chatter between characters = priceless. Jenny arrives suspiciously faux-separately with a triumphant “Hi BETTE!” that’s so Mia — and ultimately the duo both ostensibly leave separately to “go check out the VIP room.” It’s cute, and also telling that per ush, Shane doesn’t care what her friends think of who she’s with, she’s not ashamed.

Alice does a terrible/AWESOME Shane imitation “OOO there’s a second floor?” and if I’d been sitting there I would’ve said “What’s that again? Can you say that again — your Shane imitation? I’d just like to hear it one more time.”

(LMFAO #18)

Even though one could openly call out one’s friends in these situations, it’s way funnier to wait ’til they leave and then make fun of them. And as the music lifts Alice directs the group to look UP! — “three o’clock” — Shane & Jenny have magically found one another! Tasha says oh Alice you gossip, they’re just talking! But she’s quickly proven wrong …

Jenny: “Are you okay with lying to all our friends?”
Shane: “I don’t care. I really don’t. It’s between you and me.”
And now it’s between you and me and everyone we know …




(LFMAO Moment #19)

And the rest of this show — cheesy as it may be (and possibly about ten seconds too long — it’s like the “laugh! laugh! everyone laugh like you just got tickled!” thing) — is just lovely. The “L word” today is “lovely.” You know I’m a sucker for a musical ending. When I first watched this ep with Meryl, I thought this scene was too long & cheesy. But I’ve come around and now I think it’s amazing, it makes my eyes water. That might be ’cause this is the last episod of the show in my mind, or perhaps I’ve spent too long indoors without human contact.

The song that plays at the end is called ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting” and it’s by Sharleen Spiteri.








This is a very simple dance, just think “Sun flower reaching to the sun!
Think I love Jesus! Think Amber Waves of Grain!”

I’ll be back next week to begin recapping what Ilene has referred to as “a miniseries” in which she’ll have a chance to “tell the story” of what happens when one of your friends is murdered and a trans guy gets pregnant. Though you may think the likelihood of either of these stories being relevant to your life is slim to none, think again!
It’s just none!
The Round-Up:
Lesbian Sexy Moments – 2 this episode, 6 overall
Lesbian Squabbles – 2 this episode, 16 total
Quote of the Week? – [still deciding. input?]

On a Scale of 1 to 10: Dancing!

zomg, when this shit is over, I’m gonna statistically analyze this and find out who’s been sexy the most and who’s fought the most. I predict Bette will top the fighting list, and Shane will top the sexy list and be super-low on the fighting list. Alice is a strong contender for either category.

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  1. I haven’t seen the whole episode yet, but omg your shirt is amazing and could be from the same company that made the period firework skirt. Alsooooooo first!!

  2. oh hi! Wow I think it took me 45 min and 69 seconds to read this recap, and I want it back dis video wuz dum lol!

    JK! I love this/you.
    I saved all my LOLz moments in a TextEdit file. Just in case you wanna know what a mostly-clueless person who went to Fashion School thinks is funny when they read your recaps.

    I’d like to point out my favorite typo of yours of all times:
    She’s the one who made it pubic on a giant screen!

  3. another amazing recap. I just watched this episode and your recaps just make it so much funnier. Any chance of going back to recap seasons one and two?

  4. Quote of the week suggestion…

    “EWWWWWW…they’re kissing.”

    or it might have been,

    “They’re kissing, EWWWWWW!”

  5. Before I read/comment about the recap, I just want to point two things [forgive me if you mention them, again, I haven’t read yet]:

    1. Shane had an appointment with ERIC MABIUS? I wonder what he’ll think of Shenny..
    2. BIG LOL when Shane and Alice are at The Planet and Shane is eating yogurt and says, “‘Better than I expected’ good.” I feel like I’ve seen something like this somewhere before.

    Now onto my comments for the recap!

    – I wish the season finale could end with dancing too. =/

    – Turns out you did mention Eric Mabius. Knew I could count on you!

    – Mia’s Canadian accent. “Ooouut!!” [I don’t really know how to spell in Canadian. I’m from America where we obvs don’t speak foreign languages. o_O]

    – Wow, not only did you also note the yogurt thing [which I kind of expected] BUT we linked to the same youtube vid. I have a lot of feelings about yogurt, most of which have been explained by Sarah Haskins.

    – So the end of the episode kind of reminds me of the final scene in the season finale of Queer as Folk.. but only because of all the dancing in a club that’s owned by a main character.

    This episode/recap was full of epic lol [or, excuse me, LMFAO].

    Quote of the Week suggestion: I’d like to second Alexi’s suggestion [via twitter] of Bette’s nonstop laughter.

  6. I can’t work out why Alice’s impression of Shane was so bad while Leisha Hailey’s impression of Kate Moennig is really good, WTF?

  7. What’s funny is while Alice came back from the dark side for me this week, Jenny officially crossed over to it. I get that she’s everyone the least favorite, but she’s actually been my fave from the start. I could pretty much sympathize with her from season 1-5 (even the whole nouveau riche diva thing).

    The scene where Jenny bitched out Alice was unbearable. If spoilers are any indication, I’m probably going to like her less as the season unfurls. Which sucks, because there was such potential there.

  8. I really wasn’t going to leave a comment just because I usually don’t, but, man, the yogurt gets you everytime. I watched Vashti’s video, exited this window, and literally the next thing in my RSS queue is about substituting yogurt for ‘lower fat baking goods.’

    See – it really does do everything!!

  9. i read this recap before i watched the show and most of the time, i thought you were just making things up. e.g. eric mabius and what alice’s screenplay was about. then i watched the show and realized those things were real and not you being funny. how am i supposed to take this show seriously [or whatever] if i can confuse humor with what is actually happening? this isn’t conveying what i’m trying to say very well; i sound like i’m talking shit on you when really i’m hating on ilene and lolrotflomg at your recap.

    why does shane say “i have to go find a liquor store”? these girls drink like they’re getting paid for it; how could she not know where to buy beer? cultural note: here in pennsylvania, you can’t buy beer and liquor from the same store.

  10. Great point – ‘LMAO’ should
    be the way the series ends.

    Shane was doing Eric Mobius’s hair?…LOL
    cuz they produce ‘Ugly Betty’ in NYC now!

    Q of the Week? [input?]

    How about Alice’s reply from when
    Shane says “(J’s) not gonna get weird…”
    Didn’t Alice say something like:
    “um.. Good Luck With That..”?

  11. Hate to nitpick but the reason the whole “ransom letter” scene didn’t make any sense to you is because you misinterpreted what was occuring.

    The letter that was faxed to Tina’s boss was actually from the photography company that possessed the negative of “The Girls”.

    It was a letter, alledgedly signed by Tina or someone purporting to be Tina, requesting that the negative be released to her.

    There was no ransom letter of any kind in this scene. Tina’s boss was presenting this fax to Tina to accuse her of being the one who acquired the film negative from the photography company.

    To which Tina replied that it was indeed her signature on the paper but she didn’t write it.

    Hope this cleared things up for you. The rest of your recap was hilarious, great work girl.

  12. I am soooo happy you mentioned the Yoplait-esque scene. All I could think about when I was watching it was how it was possibly the greatest, funniest reference in the history of the show … And then that it couldn’t possibly have been on purpose because nobody working on the show any more is that witty. Then I thought it would make sense if Angela Robinson directed the episode, or something.

    Then I realized Angela directed it.

    So I was distracted by delicious Shenny in the beginning of the episode, sue me …

    I also wish this were really the finale.

  13. Oh, and are they like mic’ing the sheets in every scene now? Watching this show with headphones on isn’t a good idea. Shit is loud.

    My verification word is ‘fiesse’. Is that even a word?

  14. i think i always enumerate my comments so they can be random and disconnected. so yeah.. that’s what i’ll do (again).

    1 – didn’t even notice the yogurt scene’s similarity to leisha’s commercials – but that’s hilarious, well done.

    2 – whenever i’m quoted i feel proud, and then i feel silly for feeling proud. yay team me!

    3 – conjecture can’t be a spoiler, right? if i really don’t know how it’ll end? i do like kelka’s idea that it’s just a jenny dream/storyline. but when alice talked about her screenplay, i think she said the words ‘murder mystery’ which made me think that jenny doesn’t really die. alice just writes that she does, and it’s her screenplay/story we see acted out.

    whatevs. don’t care. this was entertaining, eventho carly’s supporting the wrong team.

  15. Riese, I love you! I can’t believe I didn’t discover your recaps until this season. My favorite part in the whole episode was Bette laughing and laughing and laughing. I’m glad IC is letting JB do something other than being “alpha.” Alice is back!!!!!!!! Please say it ain’t so. Is really the best of the remaining episodes? I just need one mega Tibette sex scene, can you hook me up with some info? Anyways, my vote for favorite line has to be MK’s overly enunciated, “Hi, Bette.” That had me LMFAO!

  16. Um, I love this episode.

    I want to frame it any hang it on my wall.

    It's one of only 2 or 3 episodes I've ever wanted to watch more than once. Usually I'm fast-forwarding through the boring parts/switching windows when I'm doing the music or the quotes and I don't really miss not seeing what's on the screen, but this time I wanted to watch all of it because it was so funny and sexy!

    ps: I officially heart Shenny. :)

    pps: how fucking sexy is Shane??? And how hot/cute did she look in that hat?

    ppps: I thought Mia & Kate would be awkward having to do love scenes together since they're such good friends, but I actually found these scenes the most realistic of theirs yet. I think poor Kate and Mia are used to having sex scenes with actors they've just met, so maybe knowing each other for so long was a plus in this case.

  17. Some things from mememe:

    1. Dude, you’re making me sound like I don’t know my tv quotes. The Yoplait thing is “it’s burning this dress good.”

    2. Best part of this: “Hot or Not: If Carly would stop yelling about how Shane needs to brush her teeth before they start making out, it cold be quite steamy … it is.” Because, true.

    3. Also that Third Eye Blind song is called “Jumper,” natch.

    4. How did I know that it was not a ransom note and I was fully talking over that entire scene? Maybe I killed Jenny?

    5. Anonymous up near the top, best comment evarrr.

    6. Asher – what team am I supporting? I’m so confused.

    7. Angela Robinson strikes again! She should be the one in charge all of the time. If she was, then the atrocities of next week would never have been written.

    8. wordver = “katedia” which is only 1 letter away from being “katemia” which is kinda eerie.

  18. oh girl…i’m still LMFAO

    my feelings on bette and jenny being the main characters. i heard/read/saw somewhere sometime that jenny and bette are/were the characters are based on the creator, writer, producer of showtime’s hit series…that’s what she said. i mean…that’s totally true…throughout all seasons. ilene is fucking hot…just like bette PLUS ilene is the most entertaining tv character ever…just like jenny.
    done and DONE.

  19. Thanks everyone for all your comments!

    I feel like the bette laughing thing might be the best quote of the week. but now it's already up on l word online, so my motivation to fix it has decreased significantly.

    Jenny's been one of my faves from the start too, needless to say I'm not excited about her "story" this season … and i feel they're pitting her against Alice on purpose to make everyone hate her. It's not fair to the characters or to the fans, in my opinion.

    laura – I know, that confused me too, like first of all, I'm prettttty sure Shane knows where the liquor store is. Also in California, you can buy beer or liquor anywhere you want, like the grocery store, as far as I know. It's like that in Michigan too, you can get vodka at CVS. In New York you can only get liquor at liqour stores, but you can get beer & wine at grocery stores, corner delis, etc.

    Michael – That's not a nitpick, that's a serious correction. You're right, I think we were gabbing over it the first time, and then from there on out I just didn't want to watch it so I fast-forwarded. Just wait 'til next week when I fast-forward through everything.

    Yay Angela Robinson!
    Yay for everyone who LOL'ed!
    Yay for this being the fake season finale!
    yay for Yoplait!

    Asher – I also liked Kelka's idea too 'cause I feel like it would make a strong comment on like, how actually not-easy it is for Jenny to actually go out there and make that life, and that she might have really just stayed with Tim. But I don't think Ilene is that clever.

    I've only seen part of 604 ('cause I left the room for a lot of it), so I don't have any spoilers for anyone. I've always been super insane about being spoiler-free, and I'm still trying to be … kinda.

    Slicey – I think you're right about Kate & Mia. I'm surprised that some people don't get this.

    Also did anyone else hear that DJ Carlytron killed Jenny and ran away in a burning wedding dress?

    dani – it may have been here that you read that about ilene/jenny/bette — i'd read an interview where she said jenny was like a young her and Bette was a grown-up Ilene.

  20. I so loved this episode, I laughed my ass off, but I guess that was the idea…Leisha and Mia: genius as always.

    Also, Jamie…Damn! I want a hug from her too :D

    Finally, I love Sharleen Spiteri, mostly because she’s scottish (I have a fetish leave me alone), and also because she’s cute and a great singer :D

  21. asher – ohh ok. i forgot i was wearing that shirt. i only have that shirt cause i think it’s funny. i’m not really a fan :)

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