Kate McKinnon, Super Funny Queer Comedian, Wins American Comedy Award

Kate McKinnon, a Saturday Night Live featured player since 2012, won the American Comedy Award for Best Supporting Actress, TV at a ceremony Thursday night.


via Zimbio

via Zimbio

Before she was on SNL, she was a star of Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show. McKinnon is SNL‘s first openly lesbian cast member (Danitra Vance, also the first African American woman to be a repertory player on the show, wasn’t out during her run) and only third LGBT cast member ever. Last year she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy for her work on SNL, but did not win.

She’s largely known for her skill at celebrity impressions, whether it’s a perky and mischievous Ellen DeGeneres, a defiantly confident Billy Jean King headed to the Sochi Olympics or a smoldering hot Justin Bieber. She, along with Aidy Bryant, is also the co-creator and one half of “Dyke and Fats,” probably the funniest thing SNL has done in years.

Other awards went to Amy Poehler for Best Actress in a TV Show (Parks and Recreation), Melissa McCarthy for Best Actress in a Film (The Heat), Katie Dippold for Best Screenplay (The Heat) and Maria Bamford for Best Club Comic.

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    Kate McKinnon is a GODDESS. I just really love all the women of SNL right now.

    Also, how the hell did I miss Dyke & Fats?? brb saving this to watch when I get home.

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    Thank you for validating my feelings re: the smouldering hotness of her Bieber impersonation. It was messing with my head a little, given how young and off-putting I think the real one is.

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    She is actually the funniest person on the show, in my (totally unbiased) opinion. I think it’s awesome that she won. Well done Kate!!!

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    Um. Has she ever referred to herself as ‘queer’? Because I’ve seen her use ‘lesbian’ and ‘gay’ and ‘dyke’ but not anything else and I think it’s good to not label people with things they don’t identify as (especially since ‘queer’ is still a hurtful word to some lgbtq people).

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