It’s Autostraddle’s 9th Birthday: Ask Us Anything!

Happy Birthday, Autostraddle!

Thank you, readers and friends, for supporting independent queer media! Your subscription fees help fund important work and we're so grateful for every single dollar and Facebook share and retweet and like. This is an Ask-Us-Anything/Advice-a-thon, where 20+ members of our staff will be on hand for eight hours to answer all of your questions. All of your questions?? Yes, all of them! Even the weird ones. (Especially the weird ones.)

Here's how it works:

You comment with your questions, your advice needs, your stuff and things.

We, the editors writers and illustrators of Autostraddle, reply to your comment with our answers, our advice, our responses.

Personal questions about us, professional questions about this work, life advice for yourself or a friend, pop quizzes, settling a bet, etc. It's a flawless plan NOTHING CAN GO WRONG HERE. If you want a particular person to answer your particular Q, simply type their names at the beginning of your comment....

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