Into the A+ Advice Box #37: D I V O R C E

Welcome to the 37th edition of Into the A+ Advice Box, in which we answer all the queer and lesbian advice questions from A+ members who submitted their queries into our A+ ask box! Here, we answer your questions in a space just for A+ members, safe from the general public. (No guarantees regarding your ex, however.)

Today, we're talking about dating, this summer of 2021 even! Have tips you want to share? We hope you will in the comments!

This is a THEMED A+ Advice Box, and the theme is DIVORCE! The next theme will be FASHION, so get your fashion, styling, shoe, hair, etc. questions ready for the team, and don't forget to submit them via the A+ Priority Contact Box by Monday July 5th, 2021! Thank you!

So, let's dig in!

My divorce was finalized 365 days ago, today is my one year divorce-iversary. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I'd say I'm still pretty buried under all the rubble. Over the past year and some change, I've done an obnoxious amount of soul searching...

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