Interview With My Ex-One-Night-Stand: Fiona

Welcome to Interviews With My Ex-Girlfriend Ex-One-Night Stand, in which Autostraddle writers get back in touch with their ex-girlfriends ex-one-night stands to ask them Five Simple Questions:  (these questions are specific to one-night stands!) why did we end up sleeping together at all, did anything about our sexual encounter surprise you, what do you think the soundtrack to our sexual encounter should've been, why did we stop sleeping together and would you invite me to your wedding (why/why not)?

An interview with Fiona, my very first one-night stand and now dear friend.

Maddie: Are you ready? I'm starting recording.
Fiona: I'm just gonna get some water and a mandarin orange.
Maddie: Ok. We have that on the record.
Fiona: Ok, you should transcribe that, so everybody knows. I have no food in the house because I moved in yesterday, but I bought some mandarin oranges.
Maddie: Good. Ok, are you ready? Do you have your water? Do you have your orange?
Fiona: I have my wate...

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