Google Tweets with Real Time Search, Retro Mario Back With the Wii

google-twitterGOOGLE GETS ITS REAL TIME SEARCH ON: To keep up with the Joneses, Google is adding a real time search feature. Currently there is a little bit of lag time while search results from social networking sites are filtered through the search engine, but soon no more. Keyword-relevant nonsense from Twitter, MySpace and Facebook will now be accessible through a normal Google search in real time.

Google said that over the next few days its users would begin seeing brand-new tweets, blog items, news articles and social networking updates in results for certain topical searches.

Terrifyingly, the New York Times notes that the real time search feature may be  “most useful for breaking news events like earthquakes.” Um…we were thinking more along the lines of celeb gossip. Er.


marioThere’s a new Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo Wii, and it isn’t golf, or fishing or any other new age bullshit. IT’S A 2-D SIDESCROLLING PLATFORM GAME in the grand tradition of Super Mario Bros 1-3, and Super Mario World.  2D is the new 3D, bitches! New Super Mario Bros looks AWESOME and please can I come over and play on your Wii?

NAT GEO ANNOUNCES 2009 PHOTO WINNERS: The National Geographic photo contest always produces a bunch of gorgeous images, and these are no exception. Check them out, make them your new desktop wallpaper, you know.

Caprica, the new prequel series to Battlestar Galactica debuting on Syfy in January just busted out some new spoiler pics. Maybe I’m dumb but I don’t see that many spoilers in here, but there are some sweet Tauron tats. Caprica’s got a totally different style than BSG, but from the pilot it looks to be pretty amazing.

GOOGLE WAVE LETS ANY OL’ RIFF-RAFF IN: Yeah, we remember when Wave was exclusive too. It was so much cooler before we actually had it. Sigh, seems like everyone and their Aunt Sue is waving at me, these days.

AVATAR SPORTS WORST LOGO EVER?: Graphic designers the world over collectively gag at the sight of the logo for the new crazyspacewar film, Avatar.


SCIENCE IS STILL LIKE WTF ABOUT GAY ANIMALS: Moar gay animals! Science puzzles over why us gays haven’t been evolutionarily axed by now. But here we are. Take that, science!

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  1. I can only assume that whoever decided to channel Papyrus for Avatar’s logo is the kind of person who puts up notices in their office written in Comic Sans. There are two kinds of people in this world- people who would use Papyrus and Comic Sans… and people who recognize that this practice is gag-worthy and practically criminal.

  2. super mario is the reason i want a Wii. have you walked past the nintendo store at rockefeller center lately? all their windows look like a super mario screenshot. i really want them to let me have a koopa troopa when the promotion is over.

    • omg that sounds amazing. though it would take an act of god to make me go there at this time of year. can we please please find someone with a wii and play this asap?

      • it’s near my office, i might have to swing by an inquire about stealing their display, haha. at the very least i’ll take a picture for you. i need this game! (i used to have a Wii but it moved out)

  3. i want a wii. but it is a money sucker. i love video games! can we talk more about video games? can intern x start a column called xbox or something equally witty/cheesy?

  4. Can’t wait to get the New Mario game … just waiting on the funds to come through!

    Re Avatar: There is so much hype around this movie and yet, I’m really NOT excited about it. It looks cheesy and the blue creatures are cartoonish. But I guess I’ll withhold final judgment for when it’s actually out in theaters because maybe it will all be so so amazing on the big screen. At first I thought the Avatar font was an attempt to confuse viewers by choosing a similar font to the cartoon’s font. I also feel cheated that M. Night Shyamalan did the Last Airbender movie (a.k.a. the REAL Avatar story) and James Cameron made this other original Avatar story. I fear M. Night will change the story and throw in some of his seen-from-miles-away twists.

  5. A friend and I have been trying to beat super Mario 3 on my SNES recently, but since it’s so old, the game will delete itself occasionally. Definately considering making an upgrade. Upgrading by about 20 years.


  6. taylor! slade will be receiving the new SMB for xmas and I AM SO EXCITEDDD. it’s up to 4 players, you guys!

    also re: papyrus — i made the most beautiful, mature party invitations w/ that font. #ilovethe90s

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