In the Future, Every Hot Girl Will Play Gay for 15 Minutes

gg-threesomePLAYING GAY: The Advocate discusses how for hot “seemingly harmless” girls, playing gay has become par for the course — and by “playing gay” they mean “flirting with gay ideas for a little while and then returning safely to heterohood.” They note that “the most surprising part of Tequila’s wedding announcement, Gaga’s girl moment, Gossip Girl’s ménage, and Rihanna’s admission, is how unsurprising all the lesbian flirtation seems these days. What used to be alluring and headline grabbing now seems sort of old hat. It’s got an almost lazy casualness to it.” True enough.

Clearly straights can’t have all the fun, speculating all day about those who those girls from The Hills or Tiger Woods or the British guy from Twilight is shacking up with, as The Advocate asserts, “Not that we don’t want to see Rihanna and Megan Fox make out … But to really get our attention, maybe some of these celebrities should go all the way by coming out. See, the problem isn’t that we want LESS “gay for 15 minutes” girls on our screens, we just want more of the other kind of visibility — visibility which embraces actual homosexuals AND the hotness/beauty of gender role subversion (in all its forms & sexualities!) rather than clinging fiercely to sanitized, traditional images of sexual expression. carmenelec

To that end, The Advocate makes this important point we’ve made before and fully agree with —

“It has been argued that depictions of lesbian sexuality are more “digestible” to mainstream media because straight men love to look at it. But I wonder what would happen if Rihanna were to come out as a lesbian and french kiss, say, Melissa Etheridge onstage [rather than the more “digestable” Megan Fox, who Rihanna recently told the press she would love to hook up with]. You get the sense CBS would blur that too.”

They also quote Kera Bolonik (the original Lezberado, before Autostraddle’s Riese). To this end … eh, no, we don’t agree. You can steal our sexy. We like it, and it looks good on you. Kera also passionately hated Jenny though, so obvs we don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things:

In the Celebrity Industrial Complex, being identified as gay is still a liability, but playing with it can be a buzz booster. “It lends you street cred, lends you some of that sexy, or at least you’re hoping it’ll rub off on you,” says Kera Bolonik, writer and author of The L Word: Welcome to Our Planet. “But, people, get your own sexy! Stop trying to steal everyone else’s hard-earned sexy!”

jane-lynch-lea-michelleGLEE: Cute photos of Lea Michelle and Jane Lynch celebrating Golden Globe nods with the cast of Glee. The show received four Golden Globes nominations, including Best Television Series. Check out Entertainment Weekly’s look at who got snubbed for a GG award this year. (@toronto sun) (@popwatch)

GAY PIMP: Our friend Gay Pimp Johnny McGovern’s new song & new video for “Bossy Bottom”! (@queerty)

ANYONE BUT ME: New Teevee looks at Anyone But Me‘s venue switch: Strike is run by writers, whereas Blip has actual offices and executives and tech people. We had a meeting with them and they said, ‘Oh, you’re just the kind of show we would like to have, and if we don’t show you the love you can call us and complain.’” (@newteevee)

MICHELLE MY BELLE: I’m not entirely sure when it came up, but according to a few headlines, this is hot news:Actress Michelle Rodriguez has long fought off rumors she is a lesbian, and although she admits her love life is complicated, she won’t be revealing the details any time soon. She says, “If I wanted to tell people what I do with my vagina, I’d have made a sex video a long time ago. Largely, people don’t know the whole story about anything.” (@houston chronicle)

Kristanna & Michelle - 2007

Kristanna & Michelle - 2007

Another source reports: Actress Michelle Rodriguez is a big fan of Angelina Jolie. “I like Angelina Jolie because of her ability to harness masculine and feminine energy into one. There are certain people who are so sexual that it doesn’t matter how old they get, they’re still sexual. Angie, at 50, will still be sexual.” Hmm. Maybe she should take a cue from her heroine and be open about her (bi?)sexuality! But that’s fine. We got your back, Michelle. And I think those rumors probs started because your ex-girlfriend is Kristanna Loken. Just saying. (@starpulse)

PRECIOUS: Precious has been getting a lot of media attention because it’s the best movie that came out this year (I haven’t seen any movies this year per ushe, but I trust Oprah, and it’s about educators trying to impact change in the f*cked up socioeconomically-segregated  U.S. public school system which is my favorite topic to discuss passionately (READ SAVAGE INEQUALITIES) besides media visibility for homos), but ya know what hasn’t gotten enough attention? Sapphire, who wrote the book “Push” that Precious is based on, identifies as a lesbian: “The teacher IS Sapphire. She really did this work for a living and she came out as a lesbian to her students, which plays a scene in the book.” (@lezbehonest)

In Angry Women, Sapphire states: “I do [define myself as a lesbian]. I don’t run from that. I embrace that definition of myself — even though I have loved men and maybe will again. I don’t define myself as bisexual or heterosexual; I’m jut a lesbian.” (@riese’sbookshelf)

AUSSIE: Australia’s samesame has made their list of the 25 Most Influential Australian Gays & Lesbians of the Year. Somehow our music editor Crystal is not on this list, perhaps next year. Ruby Rose and Sia make the cut.

DAVID HYDE PIERCE: Joy has David Hyde Pierce on the show, they talk about coming out and he says it hasn’t had any negative affect on his career. (@queerty)

NINE: NINE premiered last night, and everyone looked smokin’ hot. Here’s evidence:


LADY GAGA: If Lady Gaga had a Christmas Album, it would look like this:

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  1. LMAO actually Gaga has a Christmas song/album well more so a few tracks and its comedy smh these are some of the lyrics:

    Light me up put me on top lets falalala
    Ho ho ho (Ra pa pam pam) under the mistletoe (Ra pa pam pam)
    Yes everybody knows (Ra pa pam pam)
    We will take off our clothes (Ra pa pam pam)
    Yes if you want us to we will you

    Here here here (Ra pa pam pam)
    The best time of the year (Ra pa pam pam)
    Take off my stocking’s we’re
    I’m spreading Christmas cheer
    And i’f you want us to we will, you

    LMAO and thats an actual song she made smh, I love Gaga as an entertainer but sometimes I have to question her lol

  2. Crystal is the most influential gay Australian I know. She’s also the only Australian I know, but if I knew more I’m sure she would still be at the top of my list.

    I love that you sourced @riese’sbookshelf. Nice.

  3. – Straight women saying they would make out with so and so or thinks so and so is hot IS lame, nowadays. I feel it is way to garner attention for their interview because if you say something like that it automatically becomes the headline or breakout. And have you noticed they almost always say someone who is also really famous?

    -Michelle Rodriguez.. Honey.. if it ain’t no its yes. Are you a lesbian? If someone asks me that I would say no and be on with the conversation. Now if I was a lesbian (bi) and didn;t want people to know you give the vague, smart ass answers. So by not admitting, you are totally admitting. Celebrities are so dumb sometimes.

    -Precious was pretty good, but I didn’t think it was great. I knew it was a shoe-in for nominations based on the release date and the fact it’s a drama based on real events. (sidenote: The teacher in the movie, Paula patton, is SO pretty) I have not seen all of the nominated movies, but I will, cause that’s what I do, so that I can better determine who deserves what.

    -Sapphires comment confuses me, but then again it really isn’t for me to understand. As long as she gets it…

    • I always feel that way too, “if it ain’t no it’s yes” … but i guess for people in the outside world, they don’t know anything about it. I’ve said things about people who are known to be gay and been challenged by non-media-world hets who are like “no they aren’t, have they said so?” but like, if she DID say so, than everyone would know.

      Regardless, I think she did accidentally come out in Curve or something two years ago and then took it back.

  4. I still have to look into Anyone But Me. I’m shaking my fist at finals week.

    Bahaha @ the “just saying” on the Michelle R. tip.

    Um, before I say this, let’s hide all of your sharp objects, k? Alright, cools. I did a workshop at Urban World ( which is where I started my poetry career (haha) where Sapphire herself stepped in as the instructor for the day. She’s a really cool lady, might I say. I then read Push after that workshop and the story itself is beyond powerful, I didn’t like the book that much. I’m an avid reader, and I’m picky about my lit. I think it was the way it was written, if you’ve ever read it you’d understand what I mean. It’s written in broken English, and I’m sure she did it to get the point and the feel across, it’s totally effective in that way. And she has her poetic license to write however she wants, you know? But I’m such a stickler for English that it made not enjoy the book. I also recently saw Precious, and it was good, but it didn’t wow me like I expected. And I didn’t like how fast the ending seemed to come. I didn’t hate it. In fact I’d watch it again, but I wasn’t knocked off my feet. Mo’nique did a HELLUVA performance in it though, especially in the last scene. And I also enjoyed the director’s choices, which I’m sure would be odd to some people. (I have a shpieling problem, yes?)

    P.S. is Sapphire saying she may once be bi? Ummmm, alrighty. Lol (@riese’sbookshelf).

    Yay, Sia!

    Okay, off to take this Global Emergence of Society final. yay.

  5. Oh, Kristanna & Michelle… we hardly knew ye. Was there internet in 2007? How was there not more Lindsay/Sam-esque coverage of these two during that heyday?

  6. On the topic of 15 minutes of gay for straight girls:
    I was at a party last year consisting mostly of people I know, where I was the only queer girl (I’m pretty sure at least) but all the other girls were having lots of drunken casual makeouts.
    I don’t like making out with my straight girl friends, so I wasn’t in on that. This guy I didn’t know pretty much told me he liked that I wasn’t sucking face with the other girls to impress the guys.

    Queer girl wins the man.

  7. come on everyone knows that michelle rodriguez is a flamming homosexual..[as well as KStew(i hope)] its gaydar goes haywire everytime i see her/them… and i trust my gaydar…its my best ability…among other things…

    Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard are pretty much the perfect women. Sop obviously I love movies where they sing and wear little/tight clothing.

  9. On the topic of Michelle Rodriguez, all I have to say is I just saw Avatar(awesome movie btw!), and you know, she looks really good with aviators on. Just sayin. And also, she looks really good beating up stupid people. I’m just sayin =p

    • she’s hot..she looks good doing a lot of things..except when she’s denying she’s gay…even then she’s hot…i’d do her…
      too much info? yeah i thought so too

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