GET IN HERE: A+ #StaycationSpectacular Livestream and Open Thread!

Oh, hi! It's Saturday, March 14, which means we've arrived at the Autostraddle International Staycation Spectacular!

All around the world, people are hanging out inside, taking a spa day in their own bathtub, and/or eating cheese plates on the veranda. I'm going on a picnic in my living room! People are bringing pie! But that's tonight, and right now I'm right here, sitting in bed, ready to hang out, dude. 

With you!

Welcome to the A+ Staycation Spectacular Livestream and Open Thread. Me and a bunch of the greats – Rachel, Stef, Kaitlyn, KaeLyn, Carolyn, Robin, Maddie, and special guests like our pets and friends! – are gonna spend a few hours of the day staycationing with you! And then you're gonna comment right down there and tell us how great your morning and evenings are going, and also what you put on that cheese plate! Okay? Okay.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: You sharing the link to this post will make me so very happy! Use the #StaycationSpectacular hasht...

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