Fan Fiction Friday: 15 Multi-Fandom Love Stories Featuring Queer Women of Color

I’ve received a handful of emails asking if I could do a round-up of fan fictions that all feature queer women of color, so I’ve spent the last few weeks exploring fandoms we’ve already covered looking for new/hidden gems, and I found quite a few! Below you’ll find Soso, Poussey, Emily Fields, Amanita, Lena Adams Foster, Luisa Alver, and the best Santana Lopez series I’ve ever read! (It’s 250,000 words; it’ll take you the whole weekend.)

I also have found an extra special treat for you: Someone pieced together Suzanne’s Time Hump Chronicles from Orange is the New Black.

somewhere else by asifcaves

Pairing: Brook Soso/Poussey Washington, Orange Is the New Black
Plot: A romantic drabble set after the season three finale.
Length: 950 words

The lake is warm like bath water. There’s a smell of sulfur in the air, but you’re not inclined to mind much. The sun has never seemed this bright, and it bakes you languid and serene, floating boneless in the water’s embrace.

A body brushes yours, then a hand, an arm. You glance over and there’s Soso, a look on her face to match yours.

You take her hand, because you feel like sharing this moment. You feel like sharing lots of things. Her fingers wrap around yours and she fits like a glove.

That night, Soso creeps into your bed and wedges herself between you and the brick wall. She’s so warm you can barely keep yourself from pressing up against her. You blink at her; she’s breathing heavy like she’s been running a long time.

She puts a slender hand on your cheek and kisses you soft and tender, like there’s a well of love inside her she’s desperate to share. You scoot close, tangling your legs together.

You kiss and kiss and kiss, and your mouth feels like it’s melting into hers, her tongue slides over yours and her lips are the softest things you’ve touched in a long time.

I Need Something by gunnoisesfool

Pairing: Brook Soso/Poussey Washington, Orange Is the New Black
Plot: A slow-burning multi-chapter fic that takes place in the last two episodes of season three.
Length: 14,300 words

“Your girl has guts” Watson laughed, “She is nuts but damn… Cindy is gonna love this shit.” Poussey snorted, not really caring that Soso just won Janae’s approval, keeping her focus on the tiny girl as they reached the library. “He is the one that told me to go on meds” Soso said bluntly, “He said it was to help me…” Janae helped get Soso to sit down in the back corner, almost ironically the same table that Poussey was at when she found her. “To help you?” Poussey gave the girl a questioning look before she grabbed some books, pretending that they were actually doing some sort of job. “I was depressed… No one likes me” Soso said softly, “It was… Getting to be too much.” Janae raised an eyebrow at Poussey, backing away a bit and giving her a look like if it was cool for her to leave.

Poussey just waved her off, knowing that serious conversations weren’t completely Watson’s thing, especially something like this. “Hey” She nudged Soso, sitting on the table next to her, making the girl have to look up, “First off, we like you…. Man, you just told that guy what all of us wanted to say to him and walked away without anything happen. That shit was dope.” She laughed before sitting down in the chair next to Brook, her face becoming more serious. “But… I get the whole too much thing you know? That is kind of why I went to Norma… Needed something” Poussey shrugged, looking down at her hands a bit awkwardly. “Norma made me feel better” Brook said simply, “For a short time… Before they banished me.”

“I’m sorry” Poussey blurted out, “I didn’t… If I noticed…” Soso just stared at her, making Poussey feel even worse. It wasn’t her that kicked Brook out but she didn’t do a whole lot to actually defend her. “Don’t be sorry” Soso just shook her head, “It wasn’t you….” It was Leanne but that went unsaid between the both of them. Figuring that it helped the last time she did it, Poussey looked around, knowing they were alone and then grabbed Soso’s hand. “But I get it. The need for something temporary to feel good here” She started talking, slowly, making sure that doesn’t say the wrong thing, “And… You deserved that feeling too.” Instead, she was treated awfully and Poussey squeezed her hand before letting go. It took her awhile but now she was going to do the right thing.

You Smiled (Oh And Then the Spell Was Cast) by ohcosima

Pairing: Brook Soso/Poussey Washington, Orange Is the New Black
Plot: Poussey and Soso on the outside!
Length: 2,600 words

Yesterday night Poussey had come back from work with a couple of new books and a bottle of red wine, and they had dinner using the largest box they could find as a table. They sat on the ground and shared pizza and fries, while Poussey told her about the people who frequented the bookstore she worked at.

“There was this little girl with a pile of books this high, I thought she was gonna faint or something, so I go up to her to help her and she just says like, ‘I got this, don’t worry’. I’m telling you, it hurt to watch. So I took some anyway and that’s how we were both gonna knock over some other dude with a really weird mustache. We’re about to kill him, for real.” She shoves some fries in her mouth, laughing good-heartedly.

Brook listened to her with the hugest grin on her face, imagining Poussey struggling to carry a giant pile of books. “How was your day?” Poussey asked with an interested expression.

Brook smiled shyly, still not used to her girlfriend’s genuine displays of care even after months have passed since they have made their relationship official. “I’ve been at Berdie’s today.” She was barely able to contain the excitement in her voice, as she was about to tell her something possibly life-changing.

“You have? What did she tell you?” Poussey replied, a wide grin spreading on her face.

(tell me) what you want me to say by ReginaSwan

Pairing: Luisa Alver/Rose Solano, Jane the Virgin
Plot: Rose meets and makes out with Luisa after trying hard to be straight for too long.
Length: 5,575 words

She tries to be seductive and mysterious, but you can easily see through it and the pretense falls after a few minutes in. She laughs too loud and talks about silly things and you don’t remember the last time you had such an easy and fun conversation. You realized that she’s also incredibly smart, so you talk about being a drug lord, calling it “a promising law career”, because you actually want to impress this woman. Two hours go by and you’re grabbing a taxi together and heading back to your hotel.

There’s a big party going on inside and the pool area is closed, but you sneak in together, giggling like teenagers, and sit beside each other with your feet in the water. You don’t think you’ve ever been this fascinated with a person before and you don’t understand how can you feel so strongly draw to someone you literally just met. This was absolutely not what you were expecting to happen tonight and when you tell her that she smiles. “You never know when the lightning is gonna strike and you think maybe she feels it all too.

You finally kiss and it’s all kinds of incredible, and you tell yourself that it’s just because this is the first woman you’ve kissed after months with a man, and has nothing to do with this beautiful woman that charmed you the moment you sat next to her.

You don’t believe it for even a second.

Hermana by Mary Reed (Mary_Reed)

Pairing: Amanita/Nomi Marks, Sense 8
Plot: Nita and Noomi go on their first date.
Length: 1,600 words

“Nita dear you’re going to be late for your date!”

“I know I know!” came the exasperated response. Purple dreads flipped through the air as Amanita threw yet another outfit on her bed in exasperation. The pile was rapidly reaching the ceiling as her closet became emptier and emptier. She appreciated her mother’s presence and support, but few things could calm her frazzled nerves at this point.

Nothing about the last two weeks had gone according to plan. That first day Nita had flitted through one gay bar after another, her typical Saturday night ritual, expecting to perhaps pick up some cute little thing with no strings attached for the evening. Instead, she found a shy hacktivist with wavy blonde hair and enough baggage to take down an elephant. Her initial hesitation after realizing that Nomi had not always looked the way she did now faded after the third drink, when Nomi’s inhibitions were lowered enough to allow that twinkle in her eye to shine through and blind Amanita. The wild child of a hippie mother, Nita had never spent more than fifteen minutes at a time on a computer and was wholly uninterested in them. That night she spent an hour and a half listening to Nomi ramble on about recursive algorithms without taking a breath. She wondered idly how much trouble she was in with this one.

Nomi had stumbled drunkenly to a cab and Nita had scribbled her number on the girl’s arm in sharpie with clumsy hands. Nita went home alone, slept hard in her empty bed feeling happier than she had in a long time.

let me be (your favourite star on the best night) by socallmedaisy

Pairing: Amanita/Nomi Marks, Sense 8
Plot: Amantia just wants to understand the connection Nomi has with the other Sensates.
Length: 5,600 words

The bar is too loud and too dark, but Nomi’s hand is warm on her hip, and Amanita leans into her side as they wait for the woman serving drinks to notice them, her fingers creeping under the thin material of the top Nomi wears and into the small of Nomi’s back.

“Come on,” she mutters under her breath, when the bartender’s eyes sweep up and down the woman next to them like they’re invisible before she leans over the bar to ask what she wants. “Hey, we were here first!”

The bartender ignores her, and Nomi’s hand tightens on her hip, like a warning.

“You could always make out with me,” Nomi murmurs into her ear in this way that makes Amanita smirk in response, “that’d get her attention.”

Nomi’s lips brush against the shell of her ear, and she shivers. “Hold that thought, honey,” she says and tries to lean over the bar, “until after we get a fucking drink.” She says the last part louder, as the bartender comes back with the woman’s drinks and takes her money.

“You gotta wait just like everyone else, sweetie,” the bartender says as she goes to make change, and Amanita bites back the fuck you she wants to spit after her.

Nomi gives her a look, and she huffs out a breath, not wanting this to ruin their night.

It’s the first time they’ve actually been out of the apartment since all the stuff with Riley and the three sleepless nights Nomi had spent hunched over her computer sending sightings of Riley and Will to various police stations around the world, muttering to herself as she’d arranged cars and trains to get them the hell out of dodge.

Not Yet by Helena_of_the_Woods

Pairing: Amanita/Nomi Marks, Sense 8
Plot: A sexy morning time drabble.
Length: 1,000 words

Nomi hummed softly as she woke up to the feeling of someone rubbing her back, feeling herself arch contentedly underneath her girlfriend’s fingers. The sun was shining lazily through the window, she could hear the coffee maker gurgling, Will had successfully saved Riley from Whispers (and vice versa), and everything was right and perfect in the world. Nomi probably couldn’t have imagined a better morning, all things considered.

Well, there was just one thing…

“Wake up, Sunshine,” Amanita whispered, hands moving up to rub Nomi’s shoulders as she planted a kiss on Nomi’s cheek. “I’m getting breakfast ready.” Nomi let out a small groan as she stretched to wake up the rest of her body.

“If you hadn’t said that, I would be trying to convince to get back in bed with me.” Nomi said as she sat upright to face her girlfriend. She looked Amanita up and down flirtatiously, “In fact, I might try that after breakfast.”

Amanita giggled, “I bet you will,” she said as she moved off the bed and towards their kitchen, a slight sway to her hips. Nomi smiled the same dopey, in-love smile she knew stretched across her face whenever Amanita did things like this, whether those things be making breakfast or helping her hack into BPO’s servers. Nomi rolled out of bed and did her best to fix her hair while walking into the kitchen, though she was sure she was only making it worse.

Eureka by valleyforgedown

Pairing: Emily/Paige, Pretty Little Liars
Plot: A sweet multi-chapter Paily AU starting with them meeting when they’re just little kids.
Length: 49,000 words

“Paigey, how many times do I need to tell you to slow down and actually chew your food? We could take an x-ray right now and probably find a whole chunk of bacon in your tummy, not even chewed up!” He couldn’t help but guffaw at his daughter’s constant energy. Last year for Christmas, he and Liz snuck a pack of Energizer batteries in Paige’s stocking. After they explained the joke to her through tears of laughter, Paige had scrunched up her nose and retorted, “I don’t need these. They need me!” More laughter ensued after that.

Finally able to breathe, Paige giggled and washed everything down with juice. “I’m done! When’s Em gonna get here?”

“Ten minutes. Hurry and go-”

Paige flew up the stairs, missing the rest Nick had said. Unable to take the stairs two at a time (yet), she scrambled up on all fours, channeling her inner dog. Once in the bathroom, she set her Scooby-Doo timer for three minutes and proceeded to brush her teeth until it went off. Tossing the toothbrush carelessly into the cup holder, she raked her brush through her hair, taking care to make sure her bangs were in order. They were new, something she insisted on over the summer. They were cut low, brushing her eyebrows. Her hair had a slight wave to it, which gave the overall look a messy feel. Oh well. Satisfied with her work, Paige settled on her bed, Pumbaa in her lap. She waited, listening carefully for the sound of a car engine. This lasted two minutes before she jumped up and stood by the window facing the street. Where was her mom? Emily

Gravity by OfEndlessWonder

Pairing: Emily/Alison, Pretty Little Liars
Plot: Slow burn Emison!
Length: 82,000 words

She waits for Alison in her room.

She knows where the spare key is, had snuck into the house earlier that evening and just… waited. It had gotten dark around her, the sun setting and dusk settling in, but she hadn’t moved from the centre of the blonde’s bed, where still she sits cross-legged with the photos spread out around her, her evidence of Alison’s betrayal.

She can’t stop herself from looking at them, and it feels like a stab to the heart each and every time she does, and she hates it, hates that she’s jealous because she has no right, she has no claim to Alison DiLaurentis and she clearly never had, and she probably never will.

And yet she can’t stop the pain that floods her chest every time her eyes land on the picture in-front of her, the one where Noel’s hands are on Alison’s waist, and Alison’s are on his shoulders, and they’re kissing.

She remembers seeing it for the first time, pulling it out of that damn envelope and she hates A most of all, in all of this, for orchestrating her finding them, for knowing that seeing them would hurt her far worse than anything else A had ever done to her in the past.

When the front door finally, finally opens she starts to regret coming over here in the first place – she’s avoided Ali since she’d left this room the other night, had skipped two days of school with Hanna before Spencer had quite literally dragged the two of them out of the house that morning, and she’d done well at being everywhere that Ali wasn’t, with Hanna’s (unquestioning) help.

And then she’d found the pictures, and she’d been so… mad. Hot, seething fury that had slid through her veins and made her hands shake, because how dare Alison have kissed her back, how dare she let Emily believe that a single thing had changed, when she was off making out with Noel Kahn when Emily wasn’t looking?

Grey Magic by leonhart_17

Pairing: Callie/Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy
Plot: Calzona Harry Potter AU!
Length: 37,000 words

It was barely one in the afternoon on the third day of September, the cold still crisp in the air, and Arizona Robbins lost her breath beneath a fist in her gut. Her swinging retaliation blow was caught by a strong hand before it could land, arms pulling her away from the scuffle. Alex Karev, her best friend and fellow Slytherin, was visible only by the green fringed tail of his scarf beneath a pile of black and red, flashes of gold.

Drawn unwillingly out of the fight, Arizona’s hand reached for her wand. The same hand stopped her and she turned a furious glare on her older brother Tim. “Stop,” he ordered brusquely, two fingers in her face in the way that always made him look like their father.

“But Alex -” He grunted from under the dogpile and Arizona tried to lunge forward again, foiled by Tim’s grip on the back of her robes.

“Let me,” he denied her, wading into the fracas himself. He freed Alex but caught a fist to the teeth for his trouble.

The Head Boy spitting out a mouthful of blood stopped the fight as quickly and completely as though he’d cast a spell. The rustle of dried, crunchy leaves against the stones of the courtyard was the only sound and Tim let the moment stretch and grow taut before he broke it. “Ten points from Gryffindor and Slytherin,” he announced, firm glare keeping anyone from protesting. “Anyone that needs healing go. But there’s no excuse for being late to your next class, so hurry up.”

Arizona and Alex, both bruised and bleeding, exchanged wordless looks and started toward the Astronomy Tower together. Tim caught up in two long strides. “We’re fine,” Arizona groused, sending a look over her shoulder at him even as she wiped a busted lip on the sleeve of her robes. “We don’t need an escort.”

“That’s debatable,” Tim countered with a laugh. “It’s the second day of school and you’re already getting into fights. Do you two want to get banned from Quidditch before the season even starts?”

Life in Technicolor Book 1 by leonhart_17

Pairing: Callie/Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy
Plot: Set in the world of Seattle Grace, but in a timeline where everything didn’t go so wrong for Callie and Arizona.
Length: 70,000 words

Arizona Robbins knew before she opened her eyes that she was naked. And by the feel of the cushions underneath her, naked on her couch. What the… Fuzzy memories started floating to the surface, a few snapping back into sharp focus when she opened her eyes to find a stunning (from behind at least) and equally naked woman on the floor beside her sofa. Olive skin over curves that were to die for, all topped off with seemingly endless waves of dark hair. And from what she was able to remember, freaking dynamite in bed. Not that they’d actually made it to the bed, judging by the state of her living room. Pillows were scattered around the floor as well as clothes and a few knick-knacks they’d managed to knock to the ground, books and candles and her mother’s favorite lamp that she was glad to see wasn’t broken.

A look at the clock over the mantle had her shooting up and looking for her clothes. She was late. And on her first day as an attending. Shit, shit, shit. Another look at the truly luscious ass that belonged to the woman on the floor and she had to pause, take a moment. Being late was completely worth it. And last night, more of it coming back to her as the haze of the hangover waned and the headache started to set in, had been the perfect way to celebrate her promotion. Tequila had sure as hell done her a favor the night before.

Just as she found her shirt and pulled it over her shoulders, her mystery woman stirred, sitting up and stretching. And behold, her front was even better than her back. She smiled sleepily as she stretched, looking around for her clothing, one hand tousling her hair.

“Hey.” Her voice was husky and positively the sexiest thing Arizona had ever heard. Except for that voice calling her name the night before. The memory of that was going to keep her distracted all day.

“Hey…” Arizona smiled, finding the Latina’s shirt on the back of the couch and tossing it to her. “Um…” She could remember exactly how this woman tasted, but her name was escaping her at the moment.

“Callie,” the brunette provided, a completely charming smile on her lips.

That triggered a memory and Arizona grinned, buttoning up her shirt. “Calliope.”

The Beach, a Boat, and a Bottle of Rum by fembuck

Pairing: Eleanor Guthrie/Max, Black Sails
Plot: Eleanor is having a bad day, but Max is determined to cheer her up.
Length: 6,000 words

Raising her glass to her lips, Eleanor tossed the rest of the amber liquid back and then poured herself around round, her mind once again turning to her fucking father and the endless stream of fucking lies that flowed from his fucking mouth. Richard Guthrie was, had been, and always would be an unreliable fucking fuck. Eleanor knew this, and yet she still wanted to believe, she still let herself believe him every goddamn time. It was pathetic, absolutely pathetic. She disgusted herself. She was no better than the ridiculous beardless boys who believed Noonan’s whores when they told them that they had never seen bigger or had better. She was…

“You keep glaring at that drink so hard and the Royal Navy will think you have forsaken her for another.”

The space beside Eleanor filled with colour as Max’s musical voice drifted towards her ears, and despite her terrible mood, Eleanor felt her lips begin to curve into a smile as Max settled on the stool beside her.

“Oh, the British have nothing to fear,” Eleanor breathed out, swiveling around on her stool so that she was facing Max. “I’ve got a big heart,” she grinned. “There’s more than enough space to loathe two things at once. Depending on the size of Flint’s shipment when he deigns to grace our shores again, there might even be room for a third.”

“Always looking at the glass as half full, you,” Max replied softly, her voice equal parts sarcastic and chiding as she glanced over at Eleanor.

Wondrous Love by fembuck

Pairing: Eleanor Guthrie/Max, Black Sails
Plot: Eleanor and Max are business acquaintances but could be so much more.
Length: 19,000 words

The silence that descended over the room once Eleanor had entered and Max had pulled the doors shut was a tense one. At one time, when Max’s room had been home to her, Eleanor would have gone over to the bed and sat herself on it without a thought. But now she felt an interloper in the space and was unsure what to do with herself, so, she stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, watching Max with furtive longing as Max bent down to open the bottom drawer of her dresser.

“I thought we’d finished that off,” Eleanor commented when Max stood up and turned around, making visible to Eleanor what she had retrieved from the dresser drawer.

Max held two glasses, and a bottle of Calvados that Eleanor had given to her year ago after liberating it from a secret stash her father had left behind when he moved to Harbour Island.

“Almost, but not quite,” Max replied with a small smile as she took at sat at her table. She then turned to look at Eleanor and waved her wrist at the chair opposite her, inviting Eleanor to sit down. “We started it together. We can retire it together tonight,” Max breathed out as Eleanor joined her.

Max set the glasses down and the room became quiet again as Eleanor watched her pour.

“What did you want to say?” Max slid one of the glasses over to Eleanor.

Eleanor gazed at her contemplatively, and then she picked up her glass and swiftly downed two-thirds of it.

Max took a small sip of hers and kept her gaze firmly on Eleanor.

“Not long ago, you bade me speak and I did not,” Eleanor began, placing her glass down. “This silence has been a constant failing of mine, before our parting and since.”

Just Passing Through by shipofpromises

Pairing: Stef/Lena, The Fosters
Plot: A Fosters prequel!
Length: 13,000 words

Lena was seriously deflated. A red flush filled her skin. Stef had to place her in the back of her squad car “Civilians can’t ride up front.” she had told her. Lena slouched down as far as she could, so nobody in her neighbourhood would see her.

“Is this the one?” Stef asked, stopping outside the small yellow house.

“Yeah, c’mon let’s get inside. You think you can fit through a window?” Lena asked jumping out of the cop car.

“What?!” Stef exclaimed, jumping out and chasing after her up the drive.

“Well how else are we going to get inside? I’ve got no keys!”

“Oh my god… do you not have a boyfriend or something to do this kind of stuff?” Stef asked, as they walked around toward the back of the house.

“Erm no… no boyfriend.” Lena stopped in her tracks. “No… girlfriend more like.” she cringed inside, she didn’t know why she was telling Stef all this. She almost felt like it was her turn to spill the beans, after all Stef had been more than forth coming about her own “situation” when they had done the tour of the school last week.

Stef looked at her strangely.

“I’m so sorry, I probably… I don’t know why I told you that…” Lena stuttered.

“How could anyone that looks like this” Stef gestured up and down at Lena “be single!” she smiled.

Lena was relieved. She was even more relieved when they found an open window.

Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed by thememoriesfire

Pairing: Santana and Brittany, and Santana and Rachel, but ultimately just really, really good Santana. Glee
Plot: A multi-story series that follows Santana from her junior year of high school out into the real world.
Length: 248,000 words

So, she dumps Sam. It’s not like that wasn’t going to happen anyway; she mostly just started dating him to piss Quinn off, and since that’s having about zero effect there’s no point. He might be on the football team, but the football team is plain up nothing without the Cheerios, so Santana can’t figure out any more reasons to put up with Sam.

She makes sure to do it somewhere public, tosses in as many insults about his face and technique as she possibly can, and then adds that she’d rather go back to screwing Puck, at which point Sam just looks too shocked to even say anything.

On a scale of one to success, she’s always been awesome at getting rid of fodder. This is no different, which is why it’s so fucking insane that Quinn comes to find her in the girls’ bathroom about fifteen minutes later.

“I know we’re not friends,” she says, and Santana just rolls her eyes – it’s not even worthy a ‘duh’, and besides, she doesn’t want to start reapplying her lipstick, “but someone has to ask. What the hell is going on with you?”

Santana presses her lips together twice, then blots them with tissue and finally bins the tissue before turning to Quinn. “What part of ‘we’re not friends’ is overcrowding your puny brain, exactly?”

“Sam’s a nice guy,” Quinn says. She hesitates for a moment and then adds, “He’s not for me, but I don’t really see what would be wrong with him for you.”

Santana sighs and says, “Look, I don’t even want to be talking to you, but if you’re going to stand here to tell me that Fishlips was going to be the love of my life, I think we should probably be asking if you’re okay instead.”

There’s a little bit of old Quinn in the way that she straightens and says, blithely, “Please. Nobody’s talking about love. I just don’t understand why you’d get rid of…”

Santana loses her patience when Quinn just stares at her – it’s like Sam’s guppy expression is infecting the rest of the Glee club or something. “Get rid of what? Just another piece of high school meat whose name I won’t even remember by the time I’m like, twenty two?”

Quinn somehow doesn’t flinch when she finishes her sentence. “No. I don’t see why you’d get rid of the perfect beard.”

Why can’t I find any Suzanne Warren/Maureen fic, y’all?

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  1. I was thinking to myself earlier today, “Gee, self, I hope its fan fiction Friday! I need some new reading material for the quiet weekend I have planned”.


    I was not one of the people asking for a queer women of color-centric FFF, but how did that never occur to me before now? I’m ecstatic! My first, second, and third TV crushes. In one place. Eeeeek!

  2. Semi-related, But what if someone wrote a fic where Poussey got out, meets and promptly falls in love with Santana, who was singing at a Cabaret bar in New York. The two first bond over being sadly/tragically broken hearted in by their best friends. Eventually, they get together, move to Seattle where Santana starts hanging out with a queer Latina brunch circle. Through that circle, she meets an older, big sister/mentor figure in Callie Torres.

    The three of them become the center of a new queer women of color version of the L Word- Just talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, f*cking, crying, drinking, kissing, thinking, and dreaming all over the place. Yes? Yes?

    BONUS: In one chapter, they take a trip to San Francisco for Pride and run into Amanita from sense8.

  3. Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed was the reason I started reading Glee fanfiction, and the first fic in the series is still my favourite fanfiction of all time. I have so many Santana Lopez Feelings and I am still sad that TMF stopped writing. Excited to dig into the rest of these, because I don’t think I’ve read any of them.

  4. I am so here for Poussey/Soso as a couple! I hope they are a big storyline next season!

    Jeez, that is the first Paily thing I’ve seen in awhile Heather. I miss them so much! :'(

  5. So i may have spent six hours on a train today refreshing to AS homepage hoping for this to be posted. Alas I arrived sans ladyfic. Fortunately I shall do the return trip on Sunday with awesome words to keep me entertained. Heather you are fantastic. That you collate these is just the cherry on your cakeperson.

  6. Poussey/Soso was such a pleasant surprise at the end of the season. I can’t wait to get started reading fic about them.

  7. oh my god, Heather, BLESS YOU WITH THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND SHINING AO3 LOGOS for including Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed!!! and I saw on Facebook that you said it’s the best Santana fic you’ve ever read–I totally agree with you. it’s really one of my favorite series of all time in any fandom and I reread it fairly often, so seeing it recced here made my heart grow three sizes.


  8. Oh Amanita my beautiful little MPDG trope subverter slash adorable mushroom, I salute you and your fantastic hair.

  9. Calzona Hogwarts AU! I know what I’m reading this weekend.

    Also pretty excited about that Fosters prequel.

  10. Ok. So, maybe this makes me old? Why are so many fan fictions written in the second person? Is this a thing? For me it’s very awkward to read. In grammar school when we were learning grammar, we were definitely encouraged to only use 3rd and 1st person. Can someone enlighten me? Am I just being old/an asshole/an old asshole?

    • I don’t think there are that many fics written in second person? Especially longer fics because it’s a hard style to pull off for a one-shot, much less a multi-chapter fic. It’s normally done to evoke something in the reader that you wouldn’t get from third or first person, though, so there is a reason for it.

      A lot of fic writers do prefer present tense. I can’t say why exactly, but I do know for me that it feels more in the moment and alive than past tense tends to.

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