Every Disney Princess Ranked In Order Of Lesbianism

A well-known secret is that Disney Princesses, as a whole, are all pretty gay. Other than a few who are really dedicated to their man (I’m talking to you, Ariel, giving up your voice for a fuckboy), Disney princesses are all hard working badass women and girls, who, if not for the patriarchy would take over the world. That describes 70% of the lesbians I know. I did some investigative journalism and gathered all the official Disney Princesses, some unofficial Dinsey Princesses, princess-like characters from any Fox movies that Disney may have recently purchased, and just a few villains (who are only villains because of THE PATRIARCHY), and I’ve compiled them all in a list for you, which I will now present without commentary.

Please accept my offerings, and if you disagree, as the youth say, don’t @ me.

27. Ariel—The Little Mermaid

26. Giselle—Enchanted

25. Snow White— Snow White

24. Attina, Alana, Adella, Acquata, Arista, Adrina (Ariel’s sisters)—The Little Mermaid

23. Rapunzel—Tangled

22. Anna—Frozen

21. Cinderella—Cinderella

20. Belle—Beauty and the Beast

19. Aurora—Sleeping Beauty

18. Princess Sofia—Sofia the First

17. Princess Elena—Elena of Avalor

16. Maleficent—Sleeping Beauty

15. General Leia—Star Wars

14. Shuri—Black Panther

13. Esmerelda—The Hunchback of Notre Dame

12. Tiana—The Princess and the Frog

11. Nala—The Lion King

10. Megara—Hercules

9. Jasmine—Aladdin

8. Pocahantas—Pocahontas

7. Empress Kida—Atlantis

6. Ursula—The Little Mermaid

5. Princess Anastasia—Anastasia

4. Princess Merida—Brave

3. Princess Elsa—Frozen

2. Chief Moana—Moana

1. Fa Mulan—Mulan

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