Editor’s Notes: On AAPI Heritage Month 2021

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The last time I did anything remotely like this was fifteen years ago, when I edited my high school's literary journal. And then I graduated, set my sights on other pursuits and stopped writing.

But, now, I've found my way back.

Fifteen years ago, I had deeply disconnected myself from being Asian. By that point, I had long stopped watching Bollywood movies, hated eating Indian food and never told anyone I was obsessed with anime. The notion that I might actually be queer was beyond anything I could possibly imagine. So, I can't help but smile, albeit a little sadly, that what's pulled me back into this world of writing and editing is my desire to make sure that the stories of queer and trans Asians and Pacific Islanders are tol...

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Himani is a dabbler of a writer. Her work includes reviews of media centering Asian stories, news and politics, advice and the occasional personal essay. A stickler for privacy, the best way to reach her is by email: himani[at]autostraddle[dot]com.

Himani has written 33 articles for us.