Daily Fix – Models Pose for Pics, IFC’s Last Kicks, Oprah Gets in the Mix

Today on Autostraddle: Green & Riese will tackle the love! and loss! and life! and lesbians! in the Young Adult Fiction section, because reading is auto-fundamental. Stef recaps Lady GaGa’s NYC concert and later this evening Carly is, per ushe, your Tuesday Televisionary (TK).

Too easy, Miss California. Just too. fucking. easy. And down you go with your nude photos, ten toy soldiers all in a row. I can’t wait to see what Gallagher’s got up her Wal-Mart blazered sleeve. (@popcrunch)

Oh! Look! Miss California has a statement! “”I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos.” Huh. So what you’re saying is, to each his own? (@ohnotheydidnt)

Everyone — you can let down your guards now. Tear down those emotional walls! It’s time to trust people again. Confirmed: Hipster Grifter in Custody. (@ Gawker)

Focus on the Family is not going to like this one bit: Children’s book features lesbian mums and sperm donors (@ Heraldsun)

Lady GaGa and Kelly Clarkson perform in Boston (@ohnotheydidnt)

Which Tween Star is a Lesbian Because She Dances With Girls? I Know! PINK JUNIOR! (@Gawker)

I don’t want anyone to get Annoyed, but this — the latest tape to be released on the Interrogation Tapes website — is probably the best video I’ve ever seen. It stars Ilene FUNkin’ Chaiken, executive producer of Everything Awesome in the Whole World. It’s called “Last Word #2” which is unlikely, I suspect this woman will never stop talking. In this episode she skirts responsibility for several of her self-induced traumas. I turn you over to the Master of the Universe, let us bow to her Greatness and praise her:

I want to save your life by stalking you: Okay someone needs to decide if cupcakes are trendy, or life-threatening. No more fucking around. I’d be emotionally eating too if I had Full Metal Jacket following me around town. Also, you’re beautiful! (@ Feministing.com)

Margaret Cho talks about Drop Dead Diva, Guitarded, comedy hero Al Yankovic and more! (@cnn)

Nancylee Myatt (who we met last year at the NewNowNext Awards and she told us she wrote 3Way so Maeve Quindan would move in with her) writer and producer of  South of Nowhere and 3Way is interviewed by Jill Bennett, and by that we mean they get drunk together! (@shewired)

Yup, Oprah’s Tackling Gay Marriage:


How You Like Us Now?

Last Week we ended at 33.

Supreme Court won’t yet see ‘Don’t Ask’ case (@ Washington Blade) -10

Obama nominates lesbian as HHS official (@ Washington Blade) +20

I love it when the religious people stand up for the gays. Really, it’s right up there with heartwarming videos of old ladies getting married in Massachusetts and “Seasons of Love” on my top ten gay soft spots list: Clergy to lobby on Hill for gay rights (@Washington Times) +5

Douchebag of the day complains to newspaper about their non-objective reporting for example they did not point out that GLAAD has an “AGENDA!” You know, that thing were they want to stop defamation, inequality and discrimination. Bad glaad, bad! (@Kennebec Journal)  -3

Iowa Guard will still oust married gays (@ Des Moines Register) -5

Log Cabin Republican co-sponsors same sex marriage bill. (@NY Daily News) This is a good thing, right? +5

Attention professional victims a.k.a bloggers! Prepare to misquote R-MN Michelle Bachman! Really dude? There’s no need to misquote this complete world-class asshat. See for yourself: (-5)

Total: 45


alex-iconfrom Alex: Hey look! It’s paint that makes your wall into a dry-erase board! I think I’m way too excited about this. (from Effektive, who is an amazing designer by the way. Check out his stuff while you’re meandering.)

crystal-iconfrom Crystal: Work became a lot more fun since being shown the Jack Kerouac Electronic Poetry Kit. I just wrote a masterpiece Louis Armstrong and meticulous self-indulgence. The site also has poetry kits from Plath, Burroughs, Ginsberg etc, and even Morrisey.


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  1. Great. Now I’m traumatized. By Ilene’s feet. I don’t need to see anybody’s feet, especially not Ilene’s.

    Also, yes, Ilene you are responsibile for all my grief. And what do you mean, you can’t see into the future? Saying things like that might destroy my theology/Ileneology!

  2. Whaaat!!? I want to know who killed Jenny. Maybe if Jenny liked cupcakes we could let her get stalked.

    • Maybe if Ilene liked cupcakes we could let her get stalked by me and then I would subsequently change her life. Like I could take all her money and use it to fund autostraddle. write that down, best idea i’ve had all day.

  3. Michelle Bachmann is such an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota. Most of us know she is a whackjob but she keeps getting elected!

  4. nothing like hearing an elected politician bitch about the size of government.
    “I Want to Save Your Life” makes me so so mad!! i’m going to eat 9 bagel bites to express my anger & outrage that ridiculous shows like this ever make it past the meeting room.
    Miss Cali is full of the lolz, isn’t she? i’m going to invite her over for a passion party. she’s probs just a hoot after a glass of wine.
    i’m not watching Ilene b/c suzzzanna said there’d be feet.

    • I just watched an episode of “I Want To Save Your Life” on WE and quickly realized it’s a reality show. People that end up on the show send tapes to the so-called Diet Detective asking for help and although he does have an unorthodox way of springing up on them when he does offer help, it’s usually with the cooperation of family/friends and not as creepy as the promo. It’s nothing to write home about in terms of reality shows but it isn’t as bad as I expected it to be. (The episode I watched had a happy ending by the way.) That said, the focus being almost exclusively on overweight woman is disconcerting, not to mention the cheesy/questionable tactics he employs at times.

      • well whoever pitched that as the promo idea. clearly was on drugs or has some secret fantasies they need to work out

      • on one hand, i’m glad the women were consenting to this craziness, but on the other, it makes me sad that women feel like they need ‘help’ b/c they’re fat. there’s nothing wrong w/ being fat! it’s another body type! like being short or flat-chested [hello! hi!]. she probably cried a lot, hm? i just wish there was a show that told women, “you have a large ass! but who the hell cares? let’s go try on sunglasses and talk about books!” i mean, focus on the important things, people.
        you know?
        anywhooo, thanks for watching and reporting back! it’s like having a street team! ka-chow!

  5. eughhh i had to stop after like 40 seconds of ilene.

    i hadn’t even thought about how ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ would work with same-sex marriage. it seems like repealing it is going to have to come up soon with at least 2 other states getting closer to marriage equality.

  6. i have so many thoughts and feelings about this daily fix. 1) miss california nude pics are almost as good as catching her toe tapping or doing meth with prostitutes. 2) i will not watch an l word movie that has no jenny. love her or hate her–jenny is the glue of that show. crazy glue…but glue nonetheless. 3) aaaand i’m really tired of crazy republican women who wear pepto bismol pink and can’t read off a sheet of paper.

  7. Ilene, Ilene Ilene – really?? You didn’t know the future of how your crappy storyline about Killing OFF Dana would suck and make people angry ? DUH!
    But even if you DID know? Probably you’d STILL do it to piss people off!
    So basically you are going with the Farm premise that didn’t get picked up that Alice killed Jenny? Ha! Nice try….show didn’t get picked up, so obviously the idea sucked….
    Even the “WRITERS” didn’t want to do a “Who Killed Jenny?” storyline without an answer and you STILL DID it anyway? See? That just shows me that you, Ilene (NOT a writer), don’t listen to people and did what you wanted anyway – you didn’t even listen to people you “hired” to do a good job? – The WRITERS!!! Jeez!
    You wanted to do a season ending that had an over-arching storyline that “tied all the stories together” YET YET = you didn’t want to answer any questions and left loose ends? That’s like planning for a night of sex without any forethought or safe sex protection Ilene – I feel, as an L Word viewer, that I had unsafe sex and have been phucked over!!!

  8. Now I’m pregnant with Max’s baby – that’s how I feel ILENE _ PHYUUUUUCCCK!

  9. Oh Ilene…I feel like I’m watching the Peanuts. All I got was:

    Wah wah wah. The L Word Movie? Wah wah Alice in jail? Wah. I’m crazy. Wah.

    I don’t have words for Miss Cali and Bachman. (Though, I did enjoy her use of orgy and smorgasbord) Really…really?

  10. ugh did she just imply that alice killed jenny? Wtf no. Alice wouldn’t do that.
    I am kinda sad the farm didn’t get picked up… i wanted to see alice on tv again..

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