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7 Comfy, Queer Things I Can’t Wait to Snuggle Up in This Fall

Lesbian cliché alert: When it comes to clothing, comfort is my primary concern. This kind of thinking has its drawbacks, though — like my recent realization that I’m still wearing the same beloved, moth-eaten shirts I jumped out of the closet in 10+ years ago! It’s become clear that I need some new duds, so I found a bunch of everyday items for clueless queers like me who want to feel confident, look cute, and most importantly, be comfy.

Crewneck Crushin’

1. Tacos & Tequila Shirt 2. Fri-yay Shirt 3. Leave Me Alone Shirt 4. Ramen Sweatshirt
Nothing screams coziness like a good crewneck sweatshirt, but the truth is that they can be pretty boring. Not the case with the graphic shirts above — which in addition to being warm and practical, could be good conversation starters for you and that side-shaved barista who makes you all shy and goofy.


1. Bi Bi Bi Tee 2. Queers for Fears Tee 2. Gay AF Tee 4. Gal Pal Tee
There’s nothing quite like wearing your queerness on your sleeve — or in this case, across your chest. If your barista isn’t into tacos or ramen, these tees should spell it out for her that you have ~something else in common~. Then again, maybe don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like tacos or ramen.

All. The. Plaid!

1. Ava& Viv Plaid Shirt 2. AEO Plaid Shirt 3. Noisy May Plaid Shirt 4. Torrid Plaid Shirt

Or perhaps you’d like a slightly subtler way to ping a few gaydars. Plaid isn’t just for fall; it’s a lifestyle.

Dashing Denim

1. Levi’s Trucker Jacket 2. Lucky Plus Jacket 3. Levi’s Plus Jacket 4. ASOS Girlfriend Jacket

I know denim jackets are a style staple and all, but it’s deceptively hard to find ones that aren’t either too short/fitted, or massively oversized! Luckily, the ones above are perfectly basic and boi-ish. A-you’re welcome.

Still Not Over Overalls

1. Ripped Black Overalls (straight sizes here, plus here) 2. Classic Blue Overalls

You know what the cool thing is about overalls? They’re like pants, without the necessity of a snug waistband. Perfect for futzing around in the garden, wearing to your knitting circle, or rocking at your barista’s next open mic, since you’ve considered her freckles and decided to overlook that whole taco thing.

Sock It to Em’

1. Smarty Cats Socks 2. Shark Socks 3. Library Card Socks 4. Pokeball Socks

Socks are an underrated form of self expression. Who can resist showing their love for cats or Pokémon through cute accessories, especially when they keep your feet all toasty, too?

Sneakers for Soft Butches

1. Asics Tiger Sneakers 2. Dr. Martens Telkes Sneakers 3. Chuck Taylors 4. Vans Old Skool Sneakers

Oh, sneakers! From slip-ons to high tops, I love them all. Stick with the classics this season, or try futch florals on for size.

That’s my roundup of super comfy additions to my autumn wardrobe! Fellow comfort-queers, what’s your plan for keeping it sexy and snuggly this fall?

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Emily Browne

I am freelance writer livin' and workin' outta Berlin. I am very into pop culture, trashy TV and queer women, and I am always thrilled when those three things come together. You can find me on Twitter @emrbrowne!

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  1. Well, that’s pretty much my wardrobe. I’m glad the 90’s is over because everybody was wearing plaid flannel and it just made things confusing.

    • Ugh, try living in the PNW. Every other girl up here wears flannel and cargo shorts, carries her keys on a carabiner, drives a Subaru, and goes home each night to her two cats…and boyfriend.

  2. It’s still too hot out here in SoCal for sweaters; but, a nice jacket would work as it goes well with pins, & patches to show off my queerness.

  3. I love a sweatshirt with thumb holes in the sleeves. Usually they are sold as like, post-workout gear but I don’t care, it’s so cozy and I love it.

  4. omg for once I am living in the northern hemisphere and can enjoy these seasonal pieces, what a joy

  5. Can’t wait until it finally dips below 60 degrees in Central PA so I can wear this stuff. The other day I stubbornly wore a crewneck, jeans and boots (“Because it’s fall, dammit!”) and regretted it when I was a gross sweaty mess in the afternoon.

  6. i always find the coolest sneakers (and other shoes) at thrift stores, usually unworn — i think people buy shoes online and then realize they just don’t fit quite right and don’t feel like shipping them back. but i’ve got very cool burgundy velvet knockoff docs and leather motorcycle boots and gray ralph lauren sneakers and a pair of pale blue adidas and today i’m wearing the most peak fall sneakers ever, a pair of mustard yellow/dark orange-y suede high-tops with fuzzy lining. i’m also wearing khaki green men’s dungarees and a denim jacket. it’s very fall and i’m effing pumped for the best season of the year.

  7. Library card socks??? *clicks* NO OUT OF STOCK NOOOO

    I wanted to share these socks:


    A) They are called the Charlie, and are going to Candy Mountain.
    B) The rainbows are on the bottom of my feet, so no one will see them unless I’d like them to.

    They, and a belt buckle in the shape of a red converse shoe (the same pair I wear) were my souvenirs from a recent trip.

    Okay real talk though I now own 6 button up shirts from Old Navy. 5 of them are plaid flannel, the other is denim. I have been wearing them to school almost every single day.

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