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Chris Belcher Talked With the A+ Book Club About Academia, Memory and More!

On Tuesday, July 26th at 5pm PST, the A+ Read a Fucking Book Club met for our inaugural session on a super mini pop-up Discord Server. Chris Belcher, author of Pretty Baby: A Memoir, joined us for a Q&A that was honestly, just really fucking riveting, okay?

Thank you to everyone who came out and especially to the folks who asked such smart and engaging questions.  And if you're hoping we'll announce the next A+ Book Club book and meet soon...stay tuned!

Nicole: So in terms of how things are going tonight, I think people are still joining us, so it would be great if we could wait a couple minutes, but in the meantime I want to introduce Chris!

Chris Belcher is the author of Pretty Baby: A Memoir, which is our first ever A+ R...

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