Pop Culture Fix: Brittney and Cherelle Griner Are the Super Bowl MVPs of Our Heart

Hey! Will you be my Valentine? Me and my wife both ordered Sherri’s Berries for V-Day and now we’ve got enough to chocolate covered strawberries to share! I also offer you the gift of a Monday Pop Culture Fix!

+ A beautiful sight at the Super Bowl last night, Brittney and Cherelle Griner! BG also attended the WM Phoenix Open golf tournament this weekend. According to the AP, “Griner was part of a crowd of about 200,000 fans at the tournament, watching the action from the stadium 16th hole.” She’s still recovering from her wrongful detainment in Russia, so she’s not attending Team USA training camp with other WNBA stars right now, but she’s on everyone’s minds and in their hearts. She’s been texting with Phoenix Mercury teammate Diana Taurasi, who recently told reporters: “I’m not a person who lives in a fake world of optimism. I lived in Russia for 10 years; I knew how serious it was. I thought it would be a long time before I saw my friend again. Every single day (she was gone), we suffered. Not until I saw her did I believe it. Just to see her smile was emotional for everyone.” Finally, me and Diana Taurasi agree on something!

+ Netflix pulled the plug on Neil Patrick Harris’ gay comedy, Uncoupled, but Showtime has picked it up.

+ Bella Ramsey is hyped about The Last of Us’ lesbian storyline. On the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, they told listeners: “I’m really excited, to be honest, for the Ellie/Dina story. I’ve watched a cut together, someone’s made a phenomenal — I don’t know how they do it — like an amazing edit of just the gameplay, like Ellie and Dina’s love story. So I’m excited to play that out.”

+ Sarah Michelle Gellar says her Cruel Intentions kiss with Selma Blair was like “a live performance” because there were 250 people on set watching that day.

+ Rebecca Black says queer people stood up for her during vicious “Friday” bullying. (Also her new album is full of bops!)

+ Tig Notaro roasts herself over hilarious Wheel of Fortune flub.

+ Samantha Paige Rosen over at Slate says that if you don’t remember Friday Night Lights being queer, it’s time to watch it again!

+ Everything Cate Blanchett has said about lesbians during this endless Tár press tour is making my side eye her more and more! Which I do not want to do! But now she’s upset that people want to label their sexuality and gender — even though she, a cis straight woman never thinks about labels — but truly, she thinks it’s an inexplicable “obsession.” So much so that people who talk about it sound like Peanuts parents to her. Just mwah mwah wah wah mwah. Her main problem seems to be that this “obsession” with labels might keep her from getting the roles she wants to play, such as Carol Aird and Lydia Tar. Also she thinks maybe Scarlett Johansson was the only one who could have played the role of a trans man in Rub & Tug? Cate, please.

+ It’s been kind of weird to see Courtney Vandersloot’s tour around NYC for her Liberty signing without her wife and former teammate Allie Qyigley by her side — so it made me smile to see them attending Sloot’s jersey retirement and Gonzaga together over the weekend!

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  1. People keep telling y’all that Cate Blanchett is not the progressive y’all think she is but because she’s played queer a few times her fans tend to overlook the various problematic shit she has said and done over the years. From her tone deaf takes on representation to her defense of know abusers.Frankly I’m getting tired of cis straight women playing us that this point.

    • We’re nothing but a label to her. Our history, our struggles, our solidarity, our survival. She boils all of that down to just us wanting to “label” ourselves (at great inconvenience to her ofc). Zero understanding of what makes this a community, what makes it important to US that we see each other so as to support each other. Part of me wants to say as a cishet white woman, she had no idea about any of our community beyond reading a script, but then again another part of me doesn’t want to give her that excuse because she doesn’t deserve that. (Also I read in the lead up to her current movie about how she takes these queer roles and uses her own reputation to build them into career defining critically acclaimed roles, only to AndyDroppingWoody meme the community once our usefulness for awards runs out and that has STÜCK with me.)

      And I swear if I hear another celebrity “in my day” Bowie… Like this one cis white male was quite enough queerness for everyone’s lifetime, thank you very much!

  2. Not surprised that Cate wanted to chime in on topics that don’t concern her. And of course those opinions are trash, she’s a cis gendered white woman. Who thinks that because she played gay a couple of times her opinions matter

  3. I’m with Cate, and you can all attack me for it. It won’t make me less than the lesbian I’ve been for decades. I’m sure that Ms. Blanchett is sick of being asked if she’s a lesbian. Don’t forget, Highsmith, author of the Price of Salt, the source for Carol, was an alcoholic bitch. Or are we not allowed to say bad things about historical lesbian figures? The film Carol is about many things. So is Tár. Seriously, should only gay people play gay people? Should gay people not be able to play straight people? And is it a sin that Lydia Tár, a lesbian, is a bitch?

    • No one is saying you can’t criticise lesbians. But people who aren’t LGBT never have to worry about being rejected for who they are, never have to fight for their right to be who they are. Who is asking her if she is a lesbian? And why should that bother her? I don’t think you have to be gay to play gay and I also don’t think people complaining about straight actors playing gay consider the fact that many people still can’t be openly LGBT. People still get told to stay closeted so they can play lead (inevitably straight) roles in big films. Do you think trans roles should be taken by people who aren’t trans, even though trans actors get so little opportunity? Not to mention the idea that trans people are “pretending” and all that BS. Of cours being LGBT isn’t all someone is but it is an important part of who they are and people go through so much heartache because of not being accepted. The fact that the US is better in many ways shows you how bad most of the world is to be LGBT in, as the US is getting worse.

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