Books and Art and T Shirts, Together As One. You’re Welcome.

Ali’s Team Pick:

Ever want the entire text of a book on a tee shirt? How about on a poster? Me too! This is a thing I want!

Litographs will provide us with this dream realized by putting the entire text of our favorite classics on beautiful screen printed tee shirts and posters and then selling them to us. They’re not just going to throw some words on there, either. They’re going to print them in beautiful designs that truly represent the heart of the story. One of my favorite books in all the world is Alice in Wonderland. Their print of this work is breath taking.

Alice in Wonderland, via litographs

See all the tiny, tiny words in there? I can’t even believe it. And in order to expand their line, they’ve got a Kickstarter going with rewards like a litographs tee shirt of your choice for $30, or one of the screen printed posters for $50. Remain unconvinced? Take a look at their Kickstarter video below to see the wonderful craftsmanship going into each piece (the way they print the tee shirts makes my brain explode.) Each tee shirt and print is unique. And don’t forget to vote on their fifth and as yet undecided tee shirt design! Leaves of Grass and the Kama Sutra are both on the table.

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  1. OMGosh… I just got an update that said because of the extra money they made, they’re going to work with indie authors to turn their books into lithographs. That means any lesbian authors among our ranks can turn their work into posters and maybe tees! There’s even a new tier added to the rewards!

    (I usually don’t double post, but this seemed worth it. Sorry if that was tacky.)

  2. Okay so I saw this on buzzfeed the other day and thought it was super cool, but didn’t bother to watch the video.

    But i saw the thumbnail on this page, and holy shit guys, this is one of my closest friend from high school/college’s boyfriend!!! And she’s the first girl I made out with, so you know, she’s pretty great, and I just finally met him like a month and a half and he’s a pretty cool dude and super super smart.

    Everyone should go support this NOW. 1) because seriously, it’s a freaking brilliant idea executed beautifully and 2) because Danny is awesome. So yea. So much money of mine is headed that way now.

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