The Basics




Washington, D.C.

About Me

About Me

On any given day, I want Rachel Maddow to marry me, adopt me or hire me.



Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet, Queer Friends to Make Out With, Business Contacts

Relationship Status

In a Relationship


vodka, food, Jersey Shore, Jewish guilt

What I Like

Favorite Books

Strangers on a Train, The Namesake, Push by Sapphire, Harry Potter, Wasted, Crime and Punishment

Favorite Movies

Inglorious Basterds, The Godfather Parts I&II, Some Like it Hot, Milk, Pulp Fiction

Favorite Documentaries

8: The Mormon Proposition, Gonzo, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Waiting for Superman

Favorite TV Shows

Glee, The Office, 30 Rock, Daria, True Blood, Entourage, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Barefoot Contessa

Favorite Music


Favorite Sandwich

St. Louis Bread Co. (Panera to you non-natives) Turkey Artichoke Panini

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle


Favorite Quotes

Who is wise? (S)he who learns from others.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

Favorite Thing on

Awesome people.

Favorite Writers

Augusten Burroughs, David Sedaris, Elie Weisel, Chelsea Handler, Marya Hornbacher, J.K. Rowling, Tina Fey