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About Me

About Me

I’m a pansexual, monogamous, libertarian female, loving and loathing the greater NW. Loving the time spent and loathing the time I’m not in India or Argentina or saving the elephants or rehabilitating victims of trafficking or petting a dog. I like books to read and forests to smell and hike through. I’m an avid wine drinker, am highly gluten sensitive and still describe in detail how much I crave pancakes with rich syrup, and my bed is an unwelcome lump of rock. I work full time and love my job. I have been told I am an effortless optimist with natural cynicism, followed by many other contradictions. I paint my toe nails and keep my hair long. I believe writing and reading the written word are the most powerful skill points the human race possesses. Also, matcha green tea.

Check All That Apply

Bisexual, Pansexual, Femme


I believe in the power of belief and am enthralled by the debates that follow

Relationship Status

Domestically Partnered, It's Complicated, Pining

What I Like

Favorite Books

Ugh, every one ever. Currently coming off a sci if binge and into a 16th century England era escapade. Always enjoy A Song of Fire and Ice, Phillipa Gregory, Markus Zusak, Anne Rice, Christopher Moore, knitting crocheting handbooks, animals and biology texts and human development articles.