The Basics



About Me


Benevolence. Humbleness. Impartiality. That's what I aim for anyway.


Chorizo and egg breakfast taquitos. Sriracha. Girls that smell nice. Not in that order.

Are You Out To Your....

Member(s) of Immediate Family, Close Friends, School/Work, It's Complicated, Other

What I Like

Favorite Queer Books

I don’t seek out too many books in the queer genre, but I am totes open to suggestions.

Favorite Movies

I will watching anything with Parker Posey in it. I mean anything.

Favorite Documentaries

Documentaries make me mad. After watching The Cove I was ready to punch the first Japanese fisherman I saw in the face.

Favorite TV Shows

Weeds, Glee, 30 Rock, Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia, and Archer. With that said I try not to get involved in too many shows because I’m afraid I’ll turn into a hermit and be even less personable.

Favorite Music

Coco Rosie, Gregory & The Hawk, Ghostland Observatory, The Sounds, MSI, First Aid Kid, Lady Gaga, The Veronicas, Poe, Imogen Heap #insert other shit here.

Basically if you’re not blaring country we could get along.

Favorite Sandwich

Ones with chips on them. It's all about texture.

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle

Your mom. Just kidding – I'm sure she's a respectable woman with higher standards.