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New York, NY

About Me

About Me

It’s not a clash, living young and fast.

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Lesbian, Femme


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Queer Friends in my Area

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What I Like

Favorite Books

The Illustrated Man, A Star Called Henry, Lolita, Wicked, A History of Time, Story of the Eye, The Butcher Boy, The Odyssey, Ender’s Game, Fingersmith, The Anthologist, The Canon, Science and the Akashic Field, The Price of Salt, The Zombie Survival Guide, A History of Sexuality

Favorite Movies

Another Earth, A Room with a View, My Summer of Love, Heavenly Creatures, Some Like it Hot, Heathers, 28 Days Later, Interview with a Vampire, Let the Right One In, Drop Dead Gorgeous, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Show Me Love, Fantasia, Domino, Edward Scissor Hands, Zombieland, Best in Show, Donnie Darko

Favorite Music

Mirah, St. Vincent, The XX, J. S. Bach, Starfucker, Nina Simone, Passion Pit, Tchaikovsky, Spoon, Fleetwood Mac, Midlake, The National, The Drums, The Walkmen, Ra Ra Riot, Clifton Chenier, Broken Bells, Caribou, Chet Baker, Best Coast, Cat Power, Louis Armstrong, Ravi Shankar, Peggy Lee, Billy Holiday, Fats Walker, The Knife, Ben Kweller, The David Mayfield Parade, K.D. Lang, The Fleet Foxes, The Avett Brothers, Fall on Your Sword, Django Reinhardt, Vampire Weekend, Nat King Cole, Fischerspooner, Debussey, Pheonix

Favorite Sandwich

Grilled chicken on brioche– Sauteed onions, crumbled blue cheese, chipotle mayo. Bliss.

Favorite Quotes

No, Gary, I will not take you to the fucking farmer’s market.