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Chicago, IL

About Me

About Me

Currently serving in the US Navy, still in training for another year or so because my job is so technical.
Before the Military, I was training to be a firefighter, but I had no money to enroll into the academy so off to the Navy I went. I worked many different jobs; from waiting tables, a call center customer service rep, supplement guru, to being that gamer girl that worked at the video game store.(… Not in that order of course.) I’m a jack of all trades, so I’m pretty competent in anything I do.
I like to work out, a lot. I’m very into muscle building and nutrition, I could talk about that shit all day. I also like reading about the human brain/anatomy and how things work or came to be. I find it fascinating.
Other things I enjoy… Fixing broken stuff, picking up new useful skills, bettering myself everyday, motivating people, going out on adventures with my friends, laughing a lot.

I’m new to all this, like completely oblivious. Be kind, patient, and correct me when I’m wrong.



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