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    Hello new friends. I too am a queer in this damn fine city. Which apparently is sinking. Am I the only person who thinks that whoever the civil engineer was who thought it was a great idea to build an underground tunnel underneath canal street (an area below sea level next to the river) should be taken to the site of the former Tulane engineering school and made an example of? Just me? I’ll let myself out.

    • Ooh give them a crooked T square or a decalibrated level tool then make them try to create something that requires straight and even lines until they lose their mind.
      That would be an auto-da-fé worthy of an engineer.

      • I’m not sure the engineer in this matter would fall for that. He (because let’s be honest 1960’s NOLA) clearly was not the type who strived to perfection in his work. Likely he’d look at the crooked lines, shrug, accept a bribe, and tell people it was a civic success.

        Although it’s a fun idea if I ever decide to get back at my friends who went into engineering.

        • Eh I do not know that aspect of 60’s NOLA that well, but there are people I could ask. But if it stands well then strappado position with an uneven therefore wobbly surface to that’s difficult to stand on. Like 5 year old fence board on 2 unevenly sanded cinderblocks or something.

          I wonder if that guy was maybe from like the East Coast or something and didn’t know how to deal with our environment because the 50’s to the 60’s was when people started to build slab houses en mass like the rest of America was at the time.
          And his ineptitude was like the Spanish failing to nixtamalize corn.

        • I got curious and 4 names are connected to that tunnel in one way or another:

          Chep Morrison, he advocated for more highway modernization but we can’t exactly directly blame him for the idiocy of the tunnel.

          Robert Moses who was hired by the Louisiana Highway Department and did city planning in New York, New York.

          Nathaniel Curtis and Arthur Davis of the firm Curtis and Davis

          Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act halted construction of Riverfront Expressway and then it’s like no one thought hey 700 foot tunnel obviously a danger to the street above let’s fill this thang in, prevent future damage.

          Curtis and Davis were both born in New Orleans and graduated from Tulane. WTF was going through their heads?

          Normal rules don’t apply because modernist aesthetics are too cool for rules?
          New torture: Make your friends who went into engineering do a seance and ask one of those chuckleheads what they were thinking.